When (not) to buy ?

Apple tends to refresh it’s products every once in a while. Actually, most of the time these ‘(hardware) product updates’ normally have rather predictable product cycles.

With this knowledge in mind, one can estimate when it’s a good time to buy specific Apple products, and when it’s better to wait.

MacRumors’s Buying Guide will tell you :


Every current Apple (hardware) product is listed [ at the moment of writing this, they are : iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPod Classic, iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, MacBook Air, MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, iMac, Mac Pro, Cinema Display ], and every product is accompanied by one of these advices :

Buy now! Product just updated

Buy only if you need it – Approaching the end of a cycle

Don’t buy – updates soon




2 thoughts on “When (not) to buy ?

  1. I hope I can ask a question this way. For a few months now, whenever airport is on, there is a portthru that shows in the list of devices. I don’t have a Sansumg Printer and no device at all from Samsung. What could it be ? How to find out more about this device ?

    • @Danielle Massé :

      That’s a really odd issue you are having…
      To my knowledge Portthru is only associated with Samsung wiFi-devices…

      So maybe it’s not that strange after all : could it be this Portthru in your AirPort/WiFi-list is a Samsung WiFi-device in your neighbor’s home ?

      (Logging on to the Portthru WiFi-station is an option to find out more (if only little) about it of course, but if it turns out to be someone else’s wiFi-network, you are creating a potential privacy leak and I wouldn’t advice you to do so…)


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