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18 thoughts on “

  1. Nice site!

    SFOTT (Sixty-Four on Thirty-Two) is an easier and cleaner way to install Mt.Lion or Mavericks onto an unsupported Macintosh if you can upgrade the video card to one that’s supported for Mt.Lion or Mavericks. If you’re stuck with an unsupported video card, MLPostFactor is best. See:

    On SANE for OS X, some scanners that are “fully supported” in SANE don’t seem to have the correct backends in SANE for OS X. I’ve written Mathias about this oversight, but so far, no fix. As an example, the hpaio backend that supports over 600 different models of HP All-In-One printer/scanners with “Good” support is completely missing from SANE for OS X. See:

    • @Kris Tilford :

      Thanks for your feedback ! (both issues)

      SFOTT seems like a really interesting alternative to MLPostFactor
      from what I’m reading, there are a few pros and cons :
      + installation seems a little easier than using MLPostFactor
      + this seems to allow standard OSX-upgrades to any OSX 10.9.x version (which MLPostFactor doesn’t support)
      + this doesn’t seem to require to reserve 8GB of the internal HD for a boot/install-partition
      – this seems to be like beta-software for now, as it has not been thoroughly tested and debugged
      – this re-introduces the “WiFi: No Hardware Found” error (the fix for that can be found here)
      – this doesn’t work on Macs with Mavericks-incompatible Video-cards (but I couldn’t yet find any additional info on which videocards or Macs that would concern)

      Regarding the SANE-for-OSX issue : thanks for the info, I wasn’t aware of that, but it seems to shed some light on problems reported with SANE-for-OSX
      Let’s hope Mattias Ellert updates this fix soon.

      Thanks !

  2. Thank you so much for helping me set up the wireless operation of my new Samsung CLP-365W colour laser printer! Following your step-by-step guideline my printer (a Christmas present from my wife) now operates wirelessly from all our laptops and tablets, both iOS and Android. I don’t think I would have managed it without you, and I’ve donated £5 as a small token of my appreciation. Happy New Year!

    • @Stephen Sheffield :

      Thank you so much !

      Thank you for your enthusiastic feedback and your donation !

      Good to hear you’ve got the CLP-365W set up, it’s a great printer (your wife made a great choice), but the original Samsung install-instructions are leading nowhere…

      Happy New Year to you !
      Enjoy !

  3. Greetings to you! I came upon your site as I researched the Samsung Optical SmartHub SE-208BW before ultimately deciding to purchase one. I was looking for a way to play my somewhat sizable DVD collection on my newly-purchased iPad Air without having to rip the DVDs to a wireless hard drive. I live in the U.S. and ordered the Samsung SE-208BW from the U.K.; it has not arrived yet.

    This leads me to my question. I will need a way to provide power for the unit. I cannot find any information about what type of adapter the unit requires or if it can handle the wattage shift with a simple plug adapter.

    What would you recommend? Thank you in advance for any assistance you can give.


    • @Timothy :

      Greetings to you too 😉

      Baring in mind that the Samsung SE-208BW is an extremely weird product as it can function as an external USB-DVD-reader/burner, a mobile WiFi-hub and a wireless DVD-player for instance, but oddly not in any combination of those modi…
      …I put a huge effort in finding and testing the right cable to use it in my car, and finally found that even though I had created a ‘working solution’, I ended up preferring entirely different hardware to provide me the same solution, but far more conveniently…

      Anyway : the answer to your question :
      …after elaborate search and testing, I’ve found a ‘real’ car adapter solution for the SmartHub ; you should create a car-adapter yourself consisting of these three parts :

      1- a USB to 5V DC Barrel H power cable like this one :

      USB to 5V DC Barrel H power cable

      2- a USB Y-connection cable (2x USB-male to 1x USB-female) like this one :

      USB Y-connection cable

      3- a 5V 4.2A dual-USB car adapter ; at this moment, there are only very few products like this :

      5V 4.2A dual-USB car adapter

      If you join these 3 parts together into one, you’ll have exactly the car adapter you need for the Samsung Optical SmartHub SE-208BW.

      But if you only need a wall-adapter (you would need a 220V/230V-to-5V4A power-converter/adapter with a ‘Barrel H’-connector, or a 5V 4A USB-adapter and the ‘Barrel H’-USB cable, but that will probably be a nightmare to get…), you should just wait and see what’s in the box, as it will probably be a power-adapter with switchable plugs for US, UK and EU use…

      Good Luck !
      Enjoy !

  4. Beste Macmanus,

    Ik heb een time capsule met een corrupt back-up bestand; niet meer leesbaar. Op Macmanus vind ik een oplossing, maar ik ben onvoldoende thuis in deze computer materie om daar zelf mee aan de slag te gaan. Is hiervoor een oplossing denkbaar? Is er een bedrijf dat me daarmee kan helpen of kan ik daar ook bij Macmanus terecht???

    Alvast hartelijke dank voor je reactie!!

    Groeten Arjan Buchholz

    • @Arjan Buchholz-Coppens :

      Sorry for the delayed reply

      We used to help people out on-site with these kinds of problems, we stopped doing so because clients want “guarantee” and “no cure, no pay” even if they’re so desperate they think and say that that’s not what they’re after… they won’t pay for failure… and in these type of situations the chances on success should never be estimated higher than 50%

      solution 1 : get at ease with the fact that your essential data is on your Mac, what’s on your TimeCapsule shouldn’t be more than a recovery-backup… so, just erase the TimeCapsule’s drive and start with a entirely new TimeMachine-backup of your Mac

      solution 2 : if you still have warranty or AppleCare on either your Mac or your TimeCapsule, go to an official genuine Apple Store and ask them to try and fix it for you

      solution 3 : find someone who’s tech-savvy and has time to spare to try it for you for free (but remember to stay polite even if they screw up)

      solution 4 : try it yourself… at this moment your data is lost (you can’t get to it, so you have nothing)… take a deep breath and do it, things can only get better from this perspective…

      solution 5 : if you have money to burn, get ready to pay truckloads of gold to a datarecovery-pro and still lose your data

      Good Luck 😉

  5. Hi :)!

    I have a scanner, Canoscan 8600F that hasn’t been functioning for a long time, due to lack of updated driver for Mac OS later versions. My OS version now is 10.10. I tried to instal Sane apps you recommended for another person with another Canoscan model, but that did unfortunately not work for me. Do you have any advice that can solve my problem? Thank you for helping! It’s sad for me, but also for the environment, that good, working equipment is trashed because of lack of drivers. So, your help is also important for the environment :)!

    • @relasjoner :

      sorry to hear it doesn’t work for you yet…

      did you read to the bottom of the post and see that at Note #9 it is mentioned that you might have to reinstall the ?

      good luck 😉

  6. Thank you so much! I was stuck in not knowing how to recover my 6 page essay that was in 2011 auto recovery, your guidance let me to it and I will forever be grateful!!

  7. I need help. I’ve downloaded, restarted, installed and can’t get the scanner to work. My Mom has just died, I need to get her government ID to the funeral director and I cannot deal with this download hassle. My scanner was working just fine the last 3 scans, and then I made the mistake of accidentally hitting the “Do you want to operate the scanner with TWAIN.” What a stupid mistake. I cannot do this!!!! I want to speak with a human being who can help me fix this!!!!! NOW! Please…. Anne

    • @Anne :

      Condolences on your mother’s passing away.
      As I do not know the exact specifics of your situation, it’s rather hard to help you,
      but hopefully one of these suggestions will help :

      1) EPSON HELP TOPIC : When I start Epson Scan, I see the message The scanner is assigned to ImageCapture. Do you want to use the scanner with TWAIN?. What should I do?

      2) shine a lamp over your document and make a photo (using your iPhone/iPad/smartphone or even your Mac’s build-in iSight-webcam) instead of a scan ; even though it’s not optimal quality, a photo will do in most instances

      Good Luck 😉

  8. KDSR81BT JVC CD car stereo manual needed for reset button WMA MP3 WAV AAC only says protecting needs service. I would like to get proceedure on how to make stereo work correctly. Cannot find pinhole to reset face on JVC CD player. Online guidelines are not for this model. Contact through email ASAP

    • @Fabian :

      Thanks for your feedback !

      Maybe this will help :
      – go to Applications –> Utilities –> AirPort Utility
      – run the AirPort Utility app
      – in the window that opens, click on your TimeCapsule’s icon (or on your AirPort BaseStation’s icon)
      – in the panel that opens, click the Edit-button
      – when the pulldown-window opens (with the Base Station, Internet, Wireless, Network and Disks tabs), leave it open
      – then go to the top menu-bar of your screen, make sure that it says ‘AirPort Utility’, and go to Base Station (again : in the top-menu bar, not in the pulldown-menu that’s open in the middle of your screen)
      – from the pulldown-list, click on ‘Show Passwords’ (the top listed option)
      – now a pulldown-window opens over the one that was open in the middle of your screen
      – in the on-screen info, you can now see the password of your WiFi, of your Guest-WiFi, of your Base Station and of your Disk
      – note that the ‘Disk Password’ is the encryption password of your TimeCapsule, hence the password of your .sparcebundle-file

      Hope this helps
      Good Luck !

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