transfer old iOS apps to old iPhone

Question :

I am currently using iOS12 and I encountered some apps that no longer run in iOS12. Now, I want to transfer all obsolete iOS-apps I have on my iPhone to an old iPhone that can’t run iOS12.

How do I do that ?


Answer :

The first step if you want to move apps from one iPhone/iPad to another iPad/iPhone, without using iTunes : start by backing up your obsolete apps to your Mac (or PC). Instructions can be found here.

Then, make sure you have an older iPhone/iPad that’s running iOS10 (or iOS9) ; the best would be a device that cannot run a newer version of iOS. Here’s a list of iOS-devices and the newest version of iOS they can run :

  • iOS-devices that can run iOS8 but not iOS9 (or tvOS9) : AppleTV 3
  • iOS-devices that can run iOS 9 but not iOS10 : iPhone 4s, iPod Touch 5, iPad 2, iPad 3 & iPad Mini 1
  • iOS-devices that can run iOS10 but not iOS11 : iPhone 5, iPhone 5c & iPad 4

Then, start transferring :

  • connect your ‘old’ iOS10 iPhone/iPad to your Mac using the usb-charging-cable.
  • then start the iMazing 2 software on your Mac
  • click on your ‘old’ iPhone/iPad’s icon in the list on the left
  • from the pulldown list, select Apps
  • from the bottom menu, click on “Copy to Device”
  • in the window that opens, select the folder that you have used to backup your (obsolete) iOS apps
  • select the apps you want to transfer and click “Select”
  • if you want to transfer any additional apps, repeat the process
  • when you have transferred all apps needed you can disconnect your iPhone/iPad from your Mac
  • now, find the transferred apps on your old iPhone/iPad and try if the app still runs on that iPhone

That’s it !

enjoy 😉


fixed : how to backup incompatible iOS apps ?

Question :

I have iOS12 running on my iPhone and I found that some the apps I have installed are no longer able to run on iOS12. I would like to delete these apps to save space on my iPhone, but I also want to make sure I have backup versions of all of them, because I might want to reinstall them in the future and Apple doesn’t guarantee that you will always be able to re-download all previous purchases (Apple will delete them from the AppStore when Apple judges the apps obsolete or inappropriate due to new regulations, even if I have payed to purchase them in the past).

How can I backup my incompatible apps ?


Answer :

Technically, one would be able to backup all iPhone/iPad apps to iCloud wirelessly, or to iTunes on your Mac (or PC), but then you risk the app being deleted by Apple at any moment in the future, without warning and without compensation.

So, I would recommend using additional backup-/filetransfer-software on your Mac (or PC) to do so…at this moment iMazing 2 is a good option, but there are various alternatives around.

You can get iMazing 2 here. (the trial version is FREE)

And there currently is a discount version of iMazing 2 available here.

Here’s how to backup incompatible iOS apps :

  • on your iPhone/iPad go to Settings > General > About > Applications > Incompatible apps
  • make screen dumps (by pressing menu button & NO/OFF-button simultaneously) of the list of incompatible apps ; make multiple screen dumps if the list is very long
  • connect the iPhone/iPad to your Mac using a USB-cable
  • start the iMazing 2 app on your Mac (or use similar software)
  • click on your iPhone/iPad’s icon in the list on the left
  • from the pulldown list, select Apps
  • in the overview of installed iOS apps that shows up in the main screen, select the app that was listed first in the list of incompatible apps
  • then click the “Copy to Mac”-button
  • you will get a warning, telling you to make a full backup of your device ; do that first
  • when that’s finished, make sure that the first incompatible app is selected, then click “Copy to Mac” again
  • when asked where to save, select your desired save location and create a new folder and call it “incompatible apps iOS12” or something alike
  • then click OK 
  • when done, select the second incompatible app and click “Copy to Mac”
  • save to the same “incompatible apps iOS12” folder
  • when asked, choose “Extract from current backup”
  • then repeat the saving process for all incompatible apps
  • when done, check if all incompatible apps you need are in the “incompatible apps iOS12” folder
  • if you missed one, back it up also
  • when done, select the first incompatible app again and click “Delete”
  • repeat that for all incompatible apps
  • in doing so, you will free up lots of valuable drive space on your iPhone/iPad

That’s it !

enjoy 😉

fixed : quickly create a printable grayscale picture from a color photo using

Question :

I often have color pictures (like photos) that I would like to print in grayscale, but I don’t have a grayscale printer.

What is the simplest way to do so ?


Answer :

Having a color printer is great, and the easiest way to print grayscale pictures is to just select the grayscale-option before printing :

  • open the picture (ussually a .jpg) in
  • in the top-bar, go to File and select Print from the pulldown list ; or press the [CMD]+[P] key-combo on your keyboard
  • in the pulldown window that opens, click on Preview and select Graphics from the pulldown menu
  • then, at Color Mode, select “Grayscale” (instead of “Color”)
  • then click the Print-button and see what comes out of your printer
  • Note that if you would make a PDF now, that it’s not going to be a grayscale picture…

Sometimes this will do just fine, but often that isn’t enough, and you will need to do a few extra steps to get an acceptable result out of your printer :

  • open the picture (usually a .jpg) in
  • click on the “Show Markup toolbar”-button (the circle with the pen-point in it, just left of the Search-bar top-right)
  • first, crop the image if needed :
    • then, click on the DashedSquare-icon (top-left) and select the “Rectangular Selection” option
    • on the picture, select the area you want to use (click the top-left of the envisioned area, than botom-right) and the selection area will be displayed
    • if you need to, adjust the selection area by dragging it’s edges
    • then, in the top-bar, go to Tools and select Crop from the pulldown list ; or type the [CMD]+[K] key-combo on your keyboard
    • now the picture will be croped to the smaller ‘selection only’ size
  • then, in the top-bar, go to Tools and select Adjust Color from the pulldown list ; or type the [CMD]+[ALT]+[C] key combo on your keyboard
  • in the AdjusColor-window that opens there is a ‘histogram’ (a picture with red/green/blue (a.k.a. RGB) graphs) with an AutoLevels-button, a list of 9 sliders and a ResetAll-button below it
  • attached to the base of the histogram, there are 3 slider-pointers (a.k.a. histogram-sliders)
  • set the middle histogram-slider lower (a little to the left)
  • then set the right histogram-slider lower (a little to the left)
  • then set the Exposure-slider higher (a little to the right)
  • set the Contrast-slider higher (a little to the right)
  • set the Sepia-slider in the middle
  • set the Sharpness-slider higher (a little to the right)
  • see if the (color) picture’s look is now clearer …if not go back and adjust the sliders until it is a brighter picture with more detail
  • then, in the top-bar, go to File and select Print from the pulldown list ; or press the [CMD]+[P] key-combo on your keyboard
  • in the pulldown window that opens, click on Preview and select Graphics from the pulldown menu
  • then, at Color Mode, select “Grayscale” (instead of “Color”)
  • then click the Print-button

that’s it !

Note : if you would make a PDF now, that it’s going to be a color-picture, not a grayscale picture… if you need a grayscale picture digitally, you will need to use Photoshop  or something similar…

Important extra note : once the picture is a PDF, you can no longer adjust the colors

enjoy 😉


fixed : need to close Google Doc to prevent further adjustments

Question :

We have been working on an online Google Doc with several people and since we have reached the final version, I want to prevent anyone from making adjustments to the final version.

How do I do that ?


Answer :

If you want to close a Google Doc (or Google Sheet or Google Slide) to prevent additional editing, you should change the sharing setting of the Google Doc (or Google Sheet or Google Slide). Here’s how to :

  • go to and login
  • find the Google Doc (or Google Sheet or Google Slide) that you want to close ; select it from the list of documents
  • open the document
  • click the SHARE-button (the blue button, top-right)
  • then adjust the sharing from “anyone with the link can edit” to “anyone with the link can view” (or “anyone with a link can comment” if you still want people to be able to comment without actually editing the document)
  • Note : if you click the white Advanced-button, you will also get the options to “Prevent editors from changing access and adding new people” or “Disable options to download, print, and copy for commenters and viewers”
  • then, click the blue Done-button to fix your new sharing-setting
  • to check if your document’s sharing-setting is correct, hover your mouse-pointer over the blue SHARE-button and you will see the current sharing-setting

…that’s it !

enjoy 😉

fixed : Adobe Creative Cloud Application Manager hangs at “Please wait for a moment”

Question :

I just purchased a new Student&Teacher license code for Adobe Creative Cloud, and I even though I can see on the Adobe-website that the new subscription is active on my AdobeID, I cannot use any Creative Cloud application on my Mac, because when I startup Photoshop CC (or Illustrator CC or InDesign CC), the Adobe Aplication Manager app is automatically run, the Creative Cloud window opens, it flashes and then “Please wait for a moment” is displayed and the clock keeps spinning… and spinning… and spinning…

Quitting the Adobe Application Manager app and trying again give the same result, and even restarting my Mac with all apps refreshed gives the same error… the Creative Cloud window just hangs on “Please wait for a moment”…

How can I fix this ?


Answer :

The first part of the solution is to make sure that your Creative Cloud subscription is active :

  • go to the Adobe-website
  • login with your AdobeID and password
  • then click on “Manage Account”
  • then, login again using your AdobeID and password
  • then, check at “subscriptions and products” if your Creative Cloud subscription is listed

If it’s not listed, use the Redemption Code that you got after purchasing your Creative Cloud renewal to (re)activate your CC-subscription.

If your CC-subscription is active, proceed to the second part of the solution :

  • on your Mac, click on the Creative Cloud logo (that looks like a cloud in the form of the number 8 that has fallen over) in the top bar of the screen, on the right side
  • there, it will say that the Application Updater or Application Manager app itself needs to be updated
  • click on update
  • wait for the update to finish
  • then a list of all individual CC-apps with updates available is displayed
  • click on “update all”
  • wait for the update to finish

That’s it – now you can startup any Adobe app and it will properly run.

enjoy !


fixed : where to get the OSX 10.8 Mountain_Lion installer ?

Question :

I have a Mac that can be upgraded to a more recent version of OSX (or macOS), but I never did so I’m still on MacOSX 10.7 Lion.

Today I need to install an application that needs a more recent version of OSX/macOS to run, so I need to upgrade.

I can find various new versions of OSX/macOS available for free through the Mac App Store application (which I have since I had MacOSX 10.6 Snow_Leopard), but I get an error saying that those won’t run.

Where can I get an official version of OSX 10.8 Mountain_Lion (or newer) ?

Answer :

If you have either MacOSX 10.6 Snow_Leopard or MacOSX 10.7 Lion installed on your Mac, your only option to upgrade your operating system to a newer version is to upgrade to OSX 10.8 Mountain_Lion first.

Here’s how to :

  • purchase OSX 10.8 Mountain_Lion from the official Apple-website here :
  • then wait to receive 2 eMails ; one including a PDF and one that includes a password
  • open the Mac App Store application
  • go to Featured –> Quick Links –> Redeem –> Redemption Code
  • typ the 12-digit Redemption Code from PDF in your eMail
  • then, wait for the download to complete (view in Mac App Store –> Purchases)
  • then, unlock

That’s it – enjoy !

fixed : where to get an OSX driver for Griffin iMate USB to ADB adapter

Question :

I came across an old Mac gamepad that has an ADB (Apple Desktop Bus) connector and I was wondering if it would be possible to use it with my current Mac.

I also found a ‘Griffin iMate USB to ADB adapter’ that enables me to connect the gamepad to my USB-port. Unfortunately, when I connect it, only the joystick directions work, but not the buttons.

Is there anywhere I can get drivers for the Griffin iMate that would work for OSX ?


Answer :

Luckily, the WaybackMachine has a rather good backup off the original Griffin website, and most downloads still work. You can find it here :

Griffin iMate Software @WaybackMachine

This includes iMate-drivers for both MacOS9 and MacOSX (both support MacOSX Classic mode, which is MacOS9 running from inside MacOSX).

for MacOS9 driver version 2.7 and earlier versions are available

for MacOSX driver version 1.5.2 and 1.5.3beta are available

Since these are really old drivers, you will have to try if you can still run in your recent version of OSX / macOS.

If they don’t run, you might even be able to use the iMate OS X SDK (Software Development Kit) to create your own 😉

For Windows PCs there are no drivers needed, but keyboards, mice with extended functions will only be partially supported.

enjoy !