fixed : Ethernet cable connection on USB-C only MacBook Pro

Question :

I just bought a new MacBook Pro that has USB-C only (and WiFi & Bluetooth), nothing else… I would like to hook it up to an Ethernet-cable since I’ve heard that’s better than WiFi when playing games like Fortnite…

How do I do that ?


Answer :

To connect your MacBook to Ethernet using a UTP-cable, you need to have an adapter. You could use an USB-to-Ethernet-connector that you might have laying around and connect it to your MacBook using a cheap USB-to-USB-C-connector that you can get at a supermarket or discount-shop… but I would advise against that : all cheap USB-to-USB-C-connectors are USB2-only (because they are mainly for connecting USB-mouses and keyboards to modern computers)… and a lot of USB-to-Ethernet-connectors are 10/100-Ethernet compatible and USB2-only… but even if you have a USB3-to-Gigabit-Ethernet, the end result will be just USB2…

To get the best out of your MacBook, you should get a USB-C-to-Ethernet-connector that is Thunderbolt 3 compatible, like this one :

Thunderbolt 3 USB-C to Gigabit Ethernet connector (buy on Amazon US) (buy on Amazon UK) (buy on Amazon DE)


enjoy 😉



fixed : AppleTV keeps getting new IP address continuously

Question :

I am using the IP Scanner (and LANscan) software to check my network performance whenever I encounter network problems. I have found that my AppleTV keeps getting multiple IP addresses from my router using DHCP…

What is going on and how can I fix this ?


Answer :

The most probable cause of your problem is that you are connection over WiFi and the AppleTV is positioned somewhere where WiFi-reception isn’t optimal, and where multiple base stations are giving an equally strong WiFi-signal, which is causing the AppleTV to constantly switch from a connection to the one WiFi-base station to the other and back again.

There is a slight chance that you have this problem when connecting over Ethernet LAN-cable also… in that case you might have some interference or data-loss on the cable which usually isn’t problematic, but still is sub-optimal…

The best and easiest way to fix this is to give the AppleTV a fixed IP-address.

To do so, do this (in tvOS 7.4 – for other versions of tvOS the actual screens may differ) :

  • unplug the AC-power cable from your AppleTV
  • restart your router (or unplug it from power for 30 seconds)
  • plug the AC-power cable back into your AppleTV
  • turn on your TV (the one that’s connected to your AppleTV)
  • turn on your AppleTV
  • goto Settings (the app that has a Sprocket/Gear-icon)
  • in the Settings-window, click on General
  • in the General-window, click on Network
  • in the Network-window, click on WiFi (or Ethernet if you use it)
  • in the WiFi-window (or Ethernet-window), click on Configure IP
  • in the ConfigureIP-window, make a photo of all settings or write them down (because this exact info is what you are going to enter manually), then click on Manual
  • in the IP-configuration window, roll the dials until the IP is set, then click OK
  • in the Subnetmask-configuration window, roll the dials until the Subnetmask is set, then click OK
  • in the Router-configuration window, roll the dials until the Router IP is set, then click OK
  • in the DNS-configuration window, roll the dials until the DNS is set (or use, then click OK
  • then wait for the setting so be accepted while the wheel spins
  • then exit, exit, exit until you’re back on the Home screen

That’s it !

Note : if you want to be completely sure that your AppleTV has accepted all settings, you can unplug and replug your AppleTV from power, but that is not as important as it used to be in older versions of tvOS – and you need to check afterwards in Settings to be completely sure

enjoy 😉

fixed : EyeTV won’t run in macOS Catalina

Question :

I’ve been using EyeTV for many years as my favorite TV-watching software, but since I recently upgrade to macOS 10.15 Catalina, the EyeTV software will no longer run…

What can I do ?


Answer :

The EyeTV version you have is version 3.5 or older, which is a 32bit application. Unfortunately macOS 10.15 Catalina is the first macOS that only supports 64bit applications.


Geniatech (who took over EyeTV from Elgato) has released the 64bit version of EyeTV for macOS 10.15 Catalina. It’s simply called EyeTV 4 and is available now from the Geniatech website :

eyetv 4 (64-bit) macOS

NOTE : If you had previously installed the EyeTV 4 Beta (64bit) version, you should probably be best off with uninstalling that version first using the EyeTV Reporter (64-BIT) before you install the new EyeTV 4



Geniatech (who took over EyeTV from Elgato) has run into a lot of delay while reprogramming EyeTV as a 64bit application, but they now have EyeTV 4 in Public Beta, so anyone is invited to test :

Geniatech EyeTV 4 Public Beta preview

This preview software will not work beyond November 30th 2019 !!

To get it working, do this :

  • download the software from the download-link you find in Geniatech EyeTV 4 Public Beta preview
  • open your Downloads folder and double-click on the EyeTV dmg-file
  • in the window that opens, drag the EyeTV icon over to the Applications folder
  • in the warning screen that opens, click on the “Keep Both”-button or “Replace”-button
  • then, in the Applications folder, double-click on the EyeTV icon (if you have two, choose the one that doesn’t have the traffic sign over it)
  • in the warning screen (“cannot check for malicious software”) click OK
  • then, open System Preferences
  • in the window that opens, click on “Security & Privacy”
  • in the next window, make sure the “General”-tab is selected
  • if you see the text “EyeTV was blocked from use because it is not from an identified developer” click the “Open Anyway”-botton
  • if you do not see that text, go back and try to run the EyeTV application first/again
  • after clicking “Open Anyway” a warning screen opens, where you should click OK
  • in the next window Administrator Access is needed, so typ your admin password (usually the password you use to unlock your Mac)
  • in the next window you need to give EyeTV permission to access your Documents folder, if you don’t want that click “Don’t Allow”, else click OK
  • now the “Welcome to EyeTV” window opens, click “Next”
  • in the next window (licence agreement), click “Next” (you have to… not a real option)
  • in the pop-up window, click “Agree” (again : not a real option)
  • in the next window, select your country and click “Next”
  • in the next window, make sure your TV-reception-device (usually an EyeTV USB-stick or alike – if you use a “MyGica DVB-T2 (T230C)” choose the corresponding “EyeTV T2 Hybrid”) is selected and click “Next”
  • in the next window, enter one of the 5 serial keys (activation keys) that are given on the Geniatech EyeTV 4 Public Beta preview webpage
  • in the next window, make sure you have your TV-reception-device (EyeTV USB-stick) plugged in, then click “Next”
  • in the next window, click “Next”
  • in the next window, just click “Next” (and set this up later if you need to)
  • in the next window, just click “Next” (and set this up later if you need to)
  • in the next window, if a window with a TV broadcast has already been opened in the background, just click “Next” (if not, click “Auto-tune”)
  • in the next window, click “Finish”
  • in the pop-up window that appears, typ your admin password
  • then you may get another pop-up window where you need to give EyeTV permission to access your Documents folder, if you don’t want that click “Don’t Allow”, else click OK

…that’s it ! you can now use EyeTV on macOS Catalina (until November 30th that is…)

Note : this is beta-software, so it will probably still contain a few bugs and could therefore quit unexpectedly at any moment and some features may not fully be operational – so it is advised not to use  beta-software like this for business or production purposes

fixed : error during firmware-upgrade on Time Capsule

Question :

When I ran the AirPort Utility software today, I noticed that I had a firmware upgrade waiting for my Time Capsule. So I ran the upgrade and that seemed to go okay, until I got a firmware-error…

I know that when you do a firmware upgrade on a hard disk your hard disk is usually bicked and ready for the trash… but what about a Time Capsule ?

What should I do ?


Answer :

Most of the time, for a Time Capsule the problem is not dramatic if you run into a firmware upgrade error.

Take these steps, and stop as soon as you succeed :

1- if you have multiple base stations (like Time Capsules or AirPort devices), make sure you run any firmware upgrade on your remote/satellite base stations first, before you run the firmware upgrade on the central/main base station

2-  just run the firmware upgrade again (it may just work fine next time, even without any significant change)

3- just run the firmware upgrade again (yep… just try again… sometimes that’s all it needs…)

4- pull the AC-plug from the base station, then wait 30 seconds and replug the AC… then run the upgrade again

5- pull the AC-plug from the base station, then press the reset button (the little hole – can be pressed with a ballpoint-tip or a paperclip-end) on the base station for 30 seconds… then run the firmware upgrade again (…and don’t forget you’ll have to setup your base station again afterwards)

…that’s it !

enjoy 😉



fixed : non-responsive AppleWatch when picking up phone call

Question :

I have both an iPhone and an AppleWatch. The AppleWatch is very convenient as an iPhone-microphone&speaker when receiving a call in an unexpected situation (like riding a bike or driving a car). I used to be able to pick up an incoming phone call on my AppleWatch easily, but now my AppleWatch seems unresponsive…

What could be wrong ?


Answer :

If your AppleWatch does respond to your touches in all other situations and only seems unresponsive when trying to pick up te phone, make sure that :

just quickly tap once on the green microphone-button on your watch-screen !

if you touch the button repeatedly or if you tap and hold the button, your AppleWatch will not pick up the phone call… just tap once quickly !

…and your AppleWatch will turn into a handsfree microphone&speaker

That’s it 😉