BEWARE ! : phone scam unknown caller call back

!! BEWARE !!

today I got an extremely short call from an unknown caller, it was hung up before I was even able to answer it…

as the phone no. displayed was in an unknown format, I was immediately hesitant to pick up or call back…

when I looked in the list of recent calls, there was a number displayed starting with “+228” and the label my iPhone automatically put on it was “Togo”… as in the country… I don’t know anyone living there…

this obviously is the sort of phone scam that has been all over the news lately : you get a phone call from an unknown phone no. which is hung up before you can answer… if you let it go, you will keep getting calls from this same number, it keeps stalking you… if you call back, you will hear a phone ringing sound as if your waiting for them to pick up, but you’re listening to a recording… and your call has already been picked up by a computer connecting you to an extremely expensive service line… by the time you decide to hang up, you will already have spend enough time on that for them to charge you an exorbitantly high phone bill… !!!!

don’t call back !!

instead, Block This Caller on your iPhone immediately, as outlined in my other post here :

so BEWARE ! and don’t let yourself be fooled or mislead by this eMail scam !

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BEWARE ! : WhatsApp voicemail eMails are fake !

Lately, more and more people are being spammed with (fake) eMail messages, suggesting that there is a WhatsApp voicemail for them.

Beware : clicking on the (green) “Play” or “Listen” button will NOT enable you to listen to any newly recorded voicemail…

…this is a phishing-scam that instals malware (= malicious software) !!


Note : the fact that this malware-installer makes use of a stolen Authentication Certificate (which is still valid) makes it extremely hazardous, as that will tick your computer/mobile phone into allowing the malware to be installed

The devices that suffer from this are mainly Android-mobile phones, but jailbroken iPhones, PCs and Macs also. Any original (not-jailbroken) iPhone will only install software from the iTunes App Store, so they are secured against this kind of malware.


The subject will read something like “Incoming voicemail at [date]”, and the sender will appear to be (*) “Whats App Notifier”, and there will be a big (green) button inside the eMail  named “Listen” or “Play”…

(*) on a Mac this can easily be detected, because of 2 simple indications :

1- in the senders name it is written “Whats App”, in stead of the official “WhatsApp” (one word)

2- when clicking on the senders name in Apple, it turns blue and in yellow an eMail address will appear, which will not have “WhatsApp” in it, but will look like a regular private or business eMail-address

If you get one of these fake eMails, just mark them as SPAM and delete them a.s.a.p.

They look something like these :


Note : if you happen to click on the “Play or “Listen” button, what will happen will (slightly) depend on the version of the eMail you have encountered and the type of device you are using :

– malware will be downloaded directly onto your device

– you will be redirected to a website which will scam you into installing malware

The Malware reportedly is WinWebSec and installs Fareit and Ursnif, which are info-stealers that send your private info to internet criminals, enables them to make your computer call paid telephone numbers and send these same type of phishing eMails on your behalf to anyone in your Contacts…

And once installed, you will also be spammed with messages by a fake antivirus-software called Antivirus Security Pro to pay for getting (in-existend) infections removed form your computer…

More on this scam be found here :

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