fixed : get rid of Virus Infection warnings in

Question :
For some reason, my is flooding with red warning messages like “Your iPhone is infected”, “Virus detected”, “Critical Warning”, “Your iPhone is in danger” etc.

Is this true ?
Where did this come from ?
How can I get rid of these ?

Answer :

It is not a virus infection. These are not real iOS Error Messages. These are Calendar Events. You have recently clicked on some unreliable internet link that has subscribed you to an external event calendar…

To get rid of these, do this :

  • on your iPhone, open the
  • in the window that opens you will see your current appointments, and in the bottom-bar three buttons : “Today”, “Calendars” and “Inbox”
  • click on the “Calendars” button (bottom center)
  • in the pull-up screen that appears, you will see all Calendar-feeds that you have active
  • scroll down to the “Subscribed” chapter
  • if you have just one entry there, click on the coloured circle in front of it to remove the white checkmark
  • if you have more than one entry in the “Subscribed” chapter, click on the coloured circle in front of the top/first one to remove the white checkmark
  • then, click “Done” (top-right) to see if the error messages are gone
  • if they are, proceed – if not, redo the above step until the error messages have gone from your calendar
  • when you see that the error messages have disappeared from the regular Calendar view, click on the “Calendars” button (bottom center) again
  • then, in the pull-up screen that appears, scroll down to the “Subscribed” chapter again and click on the Info-button (encircled i-letter) that is at the right side of the name of the Calendar that you have previously unchecked (to make the error messages disappear)
  • in the “Edit Calendar” page that opens, scroll down completely and click on “Delete Calendar” (in red – completely at the bottom)
  • now, the pesky calendar subscription will be gone

That’s it !

enjoy ūüėČ


fix/tip : how to handle spam iCloud Calendar event invitations ?

Question :

Lately, I received some spam event invitations in Calendar and in my notifications, both on my iPhone/iPad and on my Mac. What can I do to get rid of them ?


Answer :

This is a very new and very annoying kind of spam that especially targets iCloud. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t have a proper solution for this problem yet.

While we are waiting for Apple to come up with a solution (let’s hope it will be¬†an “only contacts can send Calendar event invitations” option or a White List or Black List option), there are some things you can do to minimise the annoyance :

BEWARE : do NOT react to the invitation by clicking either “Maybe”, “Decline” nor “Accept” as each of those will send a notification to the sender ! doing so acknowledges to the sender that your iCloud account is active and will therefore trigger more and more spam Calendar invitations for you !¬†

Apart from disabling iCloud Calendar event invitations altogether (which you can do on the website), the best option for now is this :

  • in Calendar-app on your Mac, go to File –> New Calendar
  • there you can create a new calendar¬†;¬†you’ll see it appear in your list of calendars and¬†name it something like “Spam” (or “Trash” or something alike)
  • then look up the spam Calendar entry in your Calendar and right-click on it
  • in the popup-list that appears, select Calendar¬†–> Spam
  • now it will be in your Spam calendar
  • in the list of calendars (on the left) you can now uncheck the Spam calendar to hide this spam event from view
  • now, right-click on the “Spam” name in the list of calendars (on the left)
  • in the popup-list that appears, click on “Get Info”
  • in the pulldown-window that appears, put a checkmark at “Ignore alerts” and click “OK”
  • note : even though it’s annoying, learn to live (for now) with the fact that the spam event invitation will still be listed in your list of Calendar event invitations… if you accidentally clicked on it, click outside the popup-window to close it, do¬†NOT¬†click “Maybe”, “Decline” or “Accept” ! …and yes, the number-badge on your event inbox is annoying and confusing…
  • then, if you see a notification popup floating above your Desktop top right, click on “Close”, to make it go away… do NOT click “Accept” !
  • then, on your iPhone (and/or iPad), open the Calendar-app and click on “Calendars” (bottom middle, between “Today” and “Inbox”)
  • in the Calendars screen that opens, under ICLOUD, find your spam calendar (listed as “Spam” or whatever you named it)
  • first, uncheck the checkmark in front of it (to make the spam calendar invisible)
  • then click on the “i” (info) icon behind it
  • in the Edit Calendar screen that opens, scroll down, and make sure that at NOTIFICATIONS, the switch at “Event Alerts” is OFF
  • then click “Done” to save and exit and click “Done” again to also exit the next screen

Now if you get new spam event invitations, put them in your spam calendar to make them invisible also :

  • either [1] on your iPhone (or iPad) : look up the spam event in your calendar (not in your Inbox), it will be a greyed-out event, click on it and in the next screen (“Event Details”) at “Calendar” set it to “Spam” (or whatever you named your spam calendar)
  • or [2] on your Mac : look up the spam event in your calendar (not in your Event Inbox, nor in your Notifications), it will be a greyed-out event, right-click on it, then set Calendar to “Spam”¬†(or whatever you named your spam calendar)

If you really want to get rid of all spam events, spam event badges and spam event notifications you can also completely delete your spam calendar, by doing this :

  • either [1] on your iPhone (or iPad) : in Calendar-app, click on “Calendars” (bottom middle) and in the next screen (“Calendars”) at “Spam” click on the “i” (info) icon ; then in the next screen (“Edit Calendar”), scroll down and click on “Delete Calendar”
  • or [2] on your Mac : in Calendar-app click on “Calendars” until the list of your calendars appears at the left, then go to¬†“Spam”,¬†right-click on it and select “Delete” from the popup-list

That’s it…

However : if you only get very few¬†spam event invitations, you can delete the “Spam” calendar each time, but if you frequently get spam event invitations¬†that will cost you too much time, don’t bother doing it each and every time…

Good Luck !

Let’s hope Apple comes up with a proper solution soon ūüėČ

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BEWARE ! : these dangerous USB chargers are prohibited by Dutch authorities immediately


This spring (2016), Dutch authorities have tested 230V USB chargers for electronic devices like iPhones and iPads. And the results are alarming : of the 41 chargers tested, 10 have tested ‘high risk of fire, explosion and injury’ (most of these were cheap unbranded USB-chargers) and another 14 have tested ‘dangerous because of missing safety documentation’ (these even included USB-chargers by¬†Sony, Samsung, Huawei and Nokia). All these 24 USB-chargers have been banned from the Dutch market immediately, and selling these is now prohibited.


As you may already have purchased one of these dangerous USB-chargers, be sure to check the list below and compare with the USB-chargers within your household. If you find one, stop using it immediately !

The full list [with pictures] of USB-chargers tested can be found here (Google-translated into English) :

GREEN label = tested okay (no safety risk)

YELLOW label = dangerous because of missing documentation (safety risk)

RED label = hazardous (high safety risk)


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BEWARE ! : phone scam unknown caller call back

!! BEWARE !!

today I got an extremely short call from an unknown caller, it was hung up before I was even able to answer it…

as the phone no. displayed was in an unknown format, I was immediately hesitant to pick up or call back…

when I looked in the list of recent calls, there was a number displayed starting with “+228” and the label my iPhone automatically put on it was “Togo”… as in the country… I don’t know anyone living there…

this obviously is the sort of phone scam that has been all over the news lately : you get a phone call from an unknown phone no. which is hung up before you can answer… if you let it go, you will keep getting calls from this same number, it keeps stalking you… if you call back, you will hear a phone ringing sound as if your waiting for them to pick up, but you’re listening to a recording… and your call has already been picked up by a computer connecting you to an extremely expensive service line… by the time you decide to hang up, you will already have spend enough time on that for them to charge you an exorbitantly high phone bill… !!!!

don’t call back !!

instead, Block This Caller on your iPhone immediately, as outlined in my other post here :

so BEWARE ! and don’t let yourself be fooled or mislead by this eMail scam !

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