fixed : edited photo is send before I can add text message

Question :

Most of the time when I’m using WhatsApp, I can add a line of text to the photo I am sending, but sometimes the photo is send right away, and I didn’t get the time (or option) to add any text to it… so I need to typ the accompanying text in a new message…

Come to think of it… I might have the same problem in SMS / iMessage on my iPhone… but I don’t use it that often, so I can’t really tell…

Is this normal ? Can I do something about it ?


Answer :

Yes… you can do something about this… and yes, this is supposed to work this way… it’s just that you are overlooking the difference between the “Send” and “Done” buttons because it’s un-intuitive to most of us…

The problem you are describing only occurs when you pick (or make) a photo that you edit (in size or rotation or something) before you send it… in the Editing window, you will see 2 buttons : “Done” (bottom left) and “Send” (bottom right). Now you will be tempted into clicking “Send” hoping you can add a little text before you send the message out… but “Send” actually means “send straight away, without additional text”, while “Done” means “the photo is ready to be sent out”, meaning the edited photo will be placed inside the message draft, where you can add additional text.

So, next time you are sending an edited photo, click the “Done” button (instead of the “Send” button) and you will be able to typ an additional text.

Even though the layout is slightly different, this is main solution the same for both WhatsApp and SMS/iMessage : just click the “Done” button, not the “Send” button.

That’s it !

enjoy šŸ˜‰


fixed : how to activate animoji in iMessage ?

Question :

I just upgraded to a new iPhone that should be able to do animoji, but when I start up iMessage and click on the ‘new message’ icon to start a new conversation, the AppStore-icon stays greyed-out, and when I click it the toolbar with the Monkey-button (the animoji-button) doesn’t appear…

How can I activate animoji in iMessage ?


Answer :

You might encounter this problem especially if you just upgraded from an older iPhone to a new iPhone X, XS or XR.

To solve this problem, do this :

  • on your iPhone, open the Settings app
  • then go to Messages
  • make sure that ‘Send as SMS’ is switched OFF
  • then swipe-up to exit the Settings app
  • open the iMessage app
  • click on the ‘new message’ -icon (top right ; the pen&paper-icon)
  • type any addressee in the ‘To:’-field
  • now the extra toolbar with the Monkey-button (animoji-button) will appear
  • clear the ‘To:’-field so you won’t accidentally send a message to someone
  • swipe-up to exit the iMessage app
  • open the Settings app
  • go to Messages
  • switch ‘Send as SMS’ back ON if you want
  • exit the Settings app
  • …and from now on, you will have the animojiĀ available in iMessage

that’s it !

enjoy šŸ˜‰

fixed : SMS (iMessage) not delivered from iOS 7 iPhone to iOS 6 iPhone

Question :

Lately, some of my friends have complained to me that they did not receive my recent SMS-es at all…

…I was completely sure I had send them, and when I look inside the Messages-app, they’re properly listed as a blue SMS (= an iMessage).

Any idea what could be wrong ? …and how to fix this ?

Answer :

There seems to be a problem/bug/incompatibility between iOS 7 and iOS 6 when sending iMessages from iOS 7 to people who have not yet upgraded to iOS 7 and are still on iOS 6.

FYI : in iOS 7 and iOS 6, the Messages-app auto-detects if you’re sending a text message to an iPhone or not :

– if your text message turns Blue, it has been sent as an FREE Apple iMessage

– if your text message turns Green, it has been sent as a ‘good-old’ (payed) SMS

Fixing this problem/bug/incompatibility is rather simple, even though it’s really annoying…

But the real problem for you-as-a-user is that it’s really hard to tell on forehand if your ‘SMS’ (iMessage) will be delivered or not…

The only thing you can do ‘as an iOS 7 user’ is this :

– in Messages-app, select the recipient and type a text message as you normally would

– when it turns Green, just send it out (it will be send as a regular SMS)

– when it turns Blue, and you’re not 100% sure the recipient is using iOS 7, hold your finger on the text until a few extra options appear, then choose “Send as text message”… now your text message will turn Green and be send (as a regular SMS)

– when it turns Blue, and you’re 100% sure the recipient is using iOS 7, just send it out (it will be send as a FREE Apple iMessage)

…and when you’re not sure if this did go okay after you’ve send the text message : see if there is a red circle with a white exclamation mark next to your (Blue) text message…

…if there is, click on it and choose the option “Send as text message”

…and if you get any complaints from people that they didn’t receive your SMS since you’ve upgraded to iOS 7, select the text message again, hold your finger on it a little longer and select “Send as text message” from the options that appear.

Good Luck !

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fixed : switching the language of the spelling check in iOS5, iOS6, iOS7, iOS8, iOS9, iOS10, iOS11 & iOS12

Question :

Is it possible to (quickly) switch the language of the spelling check while I’m writing a message on my iPhone ?

Answer :

Yes !

It’s really simple :

1- make sure you have installed multiple languages / multiple keyboards on your iPhone or iPad : Go to Settings –> General –> Keyboard –> (International) Keyboards –> Add New Keyboard…

…and select your desired languages from the list (then exit the Settings-app)

2- you have now installed not only the keyboard for each language, but also the spelling check… and it’s now available in any text or message you type (including SMS)

3- to switch the language of the spelling check, just tap on the globe-key next to the space-bar : when tap it, the space-bar will (only for a quick second) display the name of the keyboard you’re using… but… the language of the active keyboard layout is also the language of the active spelling check…


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fixed : add Emoji emoticons to your iOS keyboard

Question :

How do I add ‘picture’ emoticons (like smileys šŸ˜‰ ) to my iPhone and iPad texts and messages ?

Answer :

In iOS 5 and above, Apple has added a ‘picture language’ called “Emoji” which includes smileys, smiley-esques and mini clip-art like flags, fireworks, balloons, thumbs-up, etc.

Best of all : it’s FREE !

Activating Emoji on your iPhone/iPad Ā is simple :

1- make sure you are running the latest version of iOS (at least iOS 5 or newer)

2- Go to Settings –>General –> Keyboard –> International Keyboards –> Add New Keyboard…

3- choose “Emoji” from the list and exit the Settings-app

Done !

To use the Emoji-smileys in your texts and messages :

Whenever the keyboard appears, you will see a globe-key next to the left of the space-bar. If you tap the globe-key, you will get the emoticons-‘keyboard’. This is more like tabbed pages of emotions than a regular keyboard ; the tabs from left to right are :

globe-tab : return to a standard keyboard (so more of a key than a tab actually…)

clock-tab : here you can find all emoticons you’ve recently used

smiley-tab : the real emotions ; all smileys, faces, heart, hand signs, etc.

flower-tab : plants & animals

bell-tab : seasonal (like X-mas & Halloween), Ā party, communication tech, sports, clothing and food & drinks

car-tab : travel, transportation & flags

punctuation-tab : signs, zodiac signs, clock-times & trademarks

backspace-tab : ‘backward delete’-key to delete mistyped emoticons (so not an actual tab, but a key also)

Note that the Emoji-keyboard layout is not a regular keyboard layout, which means it does not include a space-bar or a return-key ; to use those you will have to (temporarily) switch back to your regular keyboard using the globe-key

FYI : this feature is not available for iOS4 ; if you are on a iPhone 3G and can not upgrade to iOS you should either stick with using text-based emoticons or buy, download & install one of the Emoji-apps that are available in the App Store.