fixed : delete hacked Pokémon GO (TuTu-hack) from iPhone

Question :

My children have downloaded and installed a hacked version of Pokémon GO on their iPhone using the TuTuHelper-hack.

Now we want to uninstall, but that doesn’t seem to work when we do it the standard way (by deleting the app-icon by pressing on it until the X-badge appears and then clicking that)… What can we do ?

Answer :

TuTuHelper was installed as a developer trail-app using a developer certificate. The hacked version of Pokémon GO was installed subsequently as another developer trail-app using another developer certificate.

You shouldn’t install developer certificates from any developer that you can’t 100% trust, as you are granting that developer permission to access your iPhone’s (or iPad’s) data… and worst case scenario is that that is far more than you’ve bargained for…

To uninstall both of them, do this :

  • on your iPhone, go to Settings –> General –> Profiles & Devices –> CompanyApps
  • there, click on “Wuxi Suntech Power Co.,…” and in the next screen, click on “Delete app” to delete “TuTu Helper”
  • Note : if you do not see the “Delete App” option appearing, you have to temporarily lift the ban on deleting apps you have set in Settings –> General –> Restrictions and try again
  • next, click on “Jin Brand Co., Ltd.” and in the next screen, click on “Delete app” to delete “Pokémon GO” (the hacked version)
  • if you want to make sure your children will not reinstall hacked apps like that again, go to Settings –> General –> Restrictions and set a ban there on “Installing apps” (and preferably on “Deleting apps” also)
  • then restart the iPhone by pressing the physical Home-Button (front) and ON/OFF-Button (top or right) simultaneously until the screen goes completely black and the Apple logo reappears

That’s is !

enjoy 😉