tip : make your own iPhone ringtones with QuickTime 7 Pro

How to create an iPhone ringtone with Quicktime 7 Pro

With Quicktime 7 Pro you can transform any audio file into an iPhone ringtone – for free.

  • Open Quicktime 7 Pro and load an audio file that you want to convert (AAC or mp3)
  • Adjust the sliders to mark the part of the song that you want to use with the left and right locater in the time bar. NOTE : The length cannot be longer than 30 seconds (29 seconds max)
  • Go to the Edit menu and trim the file to the marked length
  • Go to the File menu and select “Export”
  • Change the export format preset to “iPhone”, that will export to a file with the .m4v file extension
  • Manually change the file extension to .m4r ; when asked “Are you sure…?” click “Use .m4r” (the the text in the file icon will now change from “MPEG 4” to “Ring” or the entire icon will change into a black square music icon)
  • Drag the .m4r-file onto your iTunes music library (check under “Ringtones” to see if it’s been imported)
  • Sync your iPhone to get the new ringtone on your iPhone (make sure you’ve selected “Sync Ringtones” before syncing)
  • Then on your iPhone change the ringtone to your self made ringtone