fixed : need to reinstall an app from the Mac AppStore

Question :

I used to use Microsoft’s SkyDrive without any problems in recent months. Recently Microsoft has changed the name of the app and the service to OneDrive, so I have ‘upgraded’ the app from the Mac AppStore, and it has run okay, but with various connection problems (maybe because I renamed the SkyDrive folder to the new OneDrive folder, so I didn’t have to move or duplicate files and pictures).

But that’s least of my worries. When I try to startup the OneDrive app now, I get an error message, indicating that I need to reinstall the OneDrive app. As this app is downloaded from the Mac AppStore, I looked up OneDrive in there, and it indicated “INSTALLED”, but there’s no option to reinstall…

How do I reinstall this app ?

Answer :

The solution is rather simple, but you might not consider it ‘obvious’ or ‘well documented’ in OSX :

– open the “Applications Folder”

– find the corrupted app you need to reinstall and drag it to the Trash

– open the “(Mac) App Store”-app, and find the app you need to reinstall

– when you’ve found it, you will see that it now indicates “INSTALL”, so just (re)install as usual

…that’s it

Enjoy !

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fixed : Adobe Application Manager hangs during updates

Question :

Running one of my Adobe applications (Photoshop), I was checking for updates from within the application. I found the “Updates…” option under “Help”, and when I clicked it, the Adobe Application Manager application started up and informed me that there were some updates available, so I indicated to update right away.

The update process started right away, with downloading the updates. But then, after a while, I noticed that there was no progression in the progress bar and the estimated update time was about 4 hours… nothing seemed to be happening… the application seemed to hang…

What can I do ?

Answer :

For some reason the Adobe Application Manger app seems to hang quite often. This might for instance occur if the screensaver starts because there’s ‘no human activity’ during the upgrade process…

The solution is rather simple, and basically comes down to just quitting and restarting the Adobe Application Manager app. Here’s how to :

– if the Adobe Application Manager hangs, press the CMD + ALT + ESC key-combo on your keyboard to bring up the “Force Quit”-window

– then try to quit each open app using the built-in regular Quit-option (CMD + Q key-combo), and force quit any app that will not quit normally using the “Force Quit”-window

– preferably you should now startup Disk Utility and run the “Repair Disk Permissions” action on your internal Hard Drive

-then go to Applications –> Utilities –> Adobe Application Manager –> core –> Adobe  Application Manager

– double-click to run the app and try to upgrade again

– when the upgrade hangs again, just ‘Force Quit’ the Adobe Application Manager again and restart it to try again

– finally you will get a message that the upgrade has succeeded

That’s it !

Enjoy !


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fixed : replace corrupted icon in ABBYY FineReader

Question :

I have the ORC Scan-to-Document converter software ABBYY FineReader. It works great, but there’s just one really annoying thing : the desktop icon is fine in smaller sizes, but whenever it needs to display in bigger sizes, it gets all scrambled up…

What is wrong ?

Answer :

The icon that is connected to your application seems to have corrupted images for the bigger (newer) icon sizes.

I haven’t been able to find big sized (512×512 and 1024×1024) icons for you, but these PNG-files will help you to quickly create new icons for ABBYY FineReader that will look good at most sizes :

ABBYY FineReader Express 8 (icon 175x175) for ABBYY FineReader Express 8

ABBYY Finereader 9 (icon 256x256) for ABBYY FineReader 9

ABBYY FineReader 11 (icon 256x256) for ABBYY FineReader 11

ABBYY FineReader OCR Pro 12 (icon 175x175) for ABBYY FineReader OCR Pro 12

Here’s how to convert these into icons :

– download the icon you need (just drag&drop from this website to your Desktop)

– double-click the PNG-file on your Desktop (it will open in Preview)

– press the CMD + A key-combo on your keyboard to select the image

– press the CMD + C key-combo to copy the image

– select the “ABBYY FineReader”-app in your “Applications”-folder

– press the CMD + I key-combo to open the “Get Info”-window

– select the icon (a blue corona will appear around the icon)

– press the CMD + V key-icon to paste the image into the app-icon

– press the CMD + ALT + ESC key-combo to open the “Force Quit”-window

– select “Finder” from the list and click the “Relaunch”-button

– then close the Force Quit and Get Info windows

…that’s it

enjoy !


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