fixed : get the embedded video from my Opendisc-enhanced audio-CD into iTunes

Question : I just got a new audio-CD that I imported into iTunes, but this CD also has extra video-content on it when you put it in your Mac (or PC). The system used for this is called Opendisc®. Though it seems impossible, is there a way to rip this video of the CD and into iTunes on my Mac ?

Answer : Yes, and you don’t even have to rip or hack for it.

1- download HideSwitch :

2- install HideSwitch and run it – in the small window that appears, click the “Show All Files” button, now your Finder will refresh, and you will be able to see all so called ‘hidden files’ on your Mac

[ CAUTION : do NOT touch or mess with any greyed files (= normally hidden files) when you’re in “Hidden Files Viewable” mode ! …as it will very probably cause you software problems that can only be restored doing a complete system reinstall ! ]

3- put the Opendisc-enhanced audio-CD into your Mac – on your Desktop it will be visible twice : once as a regular audio-CD which has the name of the actual CD, and once as a (greyish) CD named “Opendisc”

4- when you double-click on the “Opendisc”-icon, a folder wind will open, in there go to the (greyed out) folder called “CDEXTRA”, inside that one go to the (greyed out) folder called “OPENDISC”, on to the folder called “MEDIA” – in there you will find a file called “” (yes, that’s a regular QuickTime-movie) – drag that file called “” to your Desktop

5- go back to the HideSwitch window and press the “Default” button, wait for the Finder to refresh and close HideSwitch

6- download and install Miro Video Converter (for free) either from the Mac App Store or from the developer’s website :

7- run Miro Video Converter and drag the file called “” onto the red window – select “Apple Universal” from the drop down menu and put a check mark in front of “Send to iTunes” – then click on the “Convert!” button

8- after the conversion is done, open iTunes and in the video section the converted video can be found as “” – now adjust that name to whatever you want it to be

9- to clean up you can now drag both the “” and “” files from the Desktop into the Trash and empty the trash

Done !

Enjoy !


tip : surfing the internet while in Rescue Mode

Question : My Mac’s network connection is messed up, and I need to download software to update of fix this – what can I do ?

Answer : Since OSX 10.7 Lion, there is an easy way to do this if your networking-problem is software-related, not broken hardware.*

1- restart with the ‘CMD’ + ‘R’ keys pressed (‘Rescue Mode’)

2- then use Safari (listed as ‘online help’) to go online

3- go into Safari’s preferences and change the download folder to a USB-stick or external hard drive (just make sure it has enough space to hold the file you’re going to download)

4- go to the site you need to get the download from, and download

5- restart your Mac normally and install the download from within OSX

* = in Rescue Mode you will be able to connect to the network (and the internet) both though a UTP/Ethernet-cable or WiFi/AirPort-wireless, so only if BOTH your Ethernet-hardware card AND your AirPort-hardware card are broken, this will not work…

BEWARE ! : FBI warns not to upgrade software through free-WiFi !

The FBI has reported that users of ‘out-of-home-WiFi’ (free-WiFi hotspots, hotel WiFi, etc.) have become infected with malware, while upgrading ‘a widely used software product’.

The original report states :

“Recently, there have been instances of travelers’ laptops being infected with malicious software while using hotel Internet connections. In these instances, the traveler was attempting to set up the hotel room Internet connection and was presented with a pop-up window notifying the user to update a widely used software product. If the user clicked to accept and install the update, malicious software was installed on the laptop. The pop-up window appeared to be offering a routine update to a legitimate software product for which updates are frequently available.”

Even though the software product is not mentioned by name, it is good to inform you that one of the most common software products using this type of upgrades is Adobe Flash… so watch out when upgrading Adobe Flash (and any other software upgrade that is offered) when you are not on your own private WiFi-network.

So… here are some useful guidelines regarding software updates while traveling :

1- if you can do without upgrading, don’t upgrade while traveling ; wait until you’re back home on your own trusted WiFi-network

2- if you really need to upgrade, take these precautions : when you are prompted to upgrade any software while on an ‘out-of-home-WiFi’-network, click to close the pop-up window that is urging you to upgrade. Then either use OSX’s built-in “Software Update…” feature, or open the (Mac) App Store to download your updates from there, or manually type the URL of the known software-maker and download the software update directly form their site (after having double checked that your installed version is not the latest one).

Note : in the case of of the Adobe Flash browser plugin, the software-maker’s website is

tip : planning on buying Apple stuff ?

If you’re planning on buying Apple hardware, be it an iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPod Classic, iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, MacBook Air, MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, iMac, Mac Pro or Cinema Display, you should consider checking if now is the right time to buy first.

MacRumors’ Buying Advice doesn’t advice you on what product to buy, just on WHEN to buy and when not to buy (which means : “hold on and wait just a little until the product gets refreshed”) :

MacRumors’ Buying Advice is based on the regularity of the product cycles of Apple hardware (not on the rumors, but current rumors on upcoming hardware are listed also …as MacRumors originally is an Apple rumor site…)

The ‘advice’ categories are :

Buy now! Product just updated

Buy only if you need it – Approaching the end of a cycle

Don’t buy – updates soon

[ for your convenience, I also included this “When (not) to buy ?” link as an extra at the (static) top of this website ]

fixed : 10.7.4 refusing to see the Atheros AR9280 (same error as in 10.7.3)

Question :

After the update to OSX 10.7.4 the “WiFi : no hardware installed” error is back on my Mac that has an Atheros AR9280 AirPort card, how can I fix this ?

Answer :

The solution is the same as in OSX 10.7.3 :

(Re)install the “Edited Atheros Kext for Lion*3″ you can download here :

Note : after downloading the file “edited-atheros-kext-for-lion3-zip.doc” you need to rename the file to “” and double-click it to unzip. To install follow the instructions as lined out in the “CAUTION ! (Read Me).txt”-file

The latest version of the .kext-installer that’s needed can be downloaded here :

or here :

KextUtility for OSX 10.8

TIP : your Atheros AR9280 AirPort card and AirPort network are automatically detected when you restart in Rescue Mode… so restart with the ‘CMD’ + ‘R’ keys pressed (‘Rescue Mode’), then use Safari (listed as ‘online help’) to go online and download both files from the links above. If you get a warning that there’s no space in your download folder (because you’re in Rescue Mode), just go into Safari’s preferences and change the download folder to a USB-stick or external hard drive. Now do a normal restart and install the old .kext file and restart afterwards. Done.

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Some background info for those interested :

What is installed by the 10.7.4 installer :

IO80211Family.kext (v4.1.2)
– including these Plugins :
AirPortAtheros21.kext (v4.3.1)
AirPortAtheros40.kext (v5.0.4)
AirPortBrcm4331.kext (v5.3)
AppleAirPortBrcm43224.kext (v5.0.1)
IO80211NetBooter.kext (v4.2)

…which gives the “no hardware installed” error yet again on systems with the Atheros AR9280 AirPort-card…

What I’ve tried and didn’t work :

1- normal restart with ‘reopen windows when logging back in’ unchecked ; still the same ‘no hardware installed’ error

2- repair disk permissions, followed by a full shut down with ‘reopen windows when logging back in’ unchecked, followed by a normal startup ; still the same ‘no hardware installed’ error

3- installing the OSX 10.7.4 Client Combo Update (from ; still the same ‘no hardware installed’ error

tip : play some Angry Birds on your Mac for free [1]

Question :

On my iPhone and iPad I can play some Angry Birds games for free by using the “Lite” (demo) version from the iTunes App Store instead of the full (paid) version… but on my Mac I can only get Angry Birds in the full (paid) version and only through the Mac App Store… why isn’t there a free (demo) version for my Mac ?

Answer :

You can play Angry Birds for free on your Mac (some levels), not only on OSX 10.6+ Intel Macs…

…even G4 & G5 PPC Macs running OSX 10.5 Leopard are eligible…

just use your web browser, and play online from Rovio’s official Angry Birds website :

Angry Birds Chrome beta (using Safari 5 you can play online, Google Chrome will give the option to play offline) :

Angry Birds FuijTV (Japanese costumes version) :

Angry Brids Wonderful Pistachios (“The Hunt For The Golden Pistachio” version)

Angry Birds Volcano (“Tyrkisk Peber” version)

Enjoy ! 😉

—— [ UPDATE ] ——————————————————————–

I found some other ones, but they’re not on Rovio’s official webpage (so please be aware of any potentially harmful links these may present to you ; even though we don’t expect any) :

Angry Birds Rio (asian online demo version)

Angry Birds (asian online demo version)

—— [ UPDATE #2 ] ——————————————————————–

There is a new Angry Birds promotional version on Rovio’s official webpage :

Angry Birds Coca-Cola (asian language version)

(you need to register and be of legal age, but as it’s in some asian language that I don’t understand, I can’t help you on this one ; please report back is you’ve figured it out…)

—— [ UPDATE #3 ] ——————————————————————–

Yet another new Angry Birds promotional version on Rovio’s official webpage :

Angry Birds Heikki (‘Finnish unite’ team-up of F1 racer Heikki Kovalainen and Angry Birds)

(registration required)

new levels will be added as the F1 season unrolls :

Upcoming levels:
Hockenheim — 11.7.2012
Budapest — 25.7.2012
Spa — 22.8.2012
Monza — 5.9.2012
Singapore — 12.9.2012
Suzuka — 26.9.2012
Yeongam — 3.10.2012
New Delhi — 17.10.2012
Yas Marina — 31.10.2012
Austin — 7.11.2012
Sao Paolo — 21.11.2012

—— [ UPDATE #4 ] ——————————————————————–

Some new links to official demos of Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Star Wars are in my follow-up post :