fixed : get the embedded video from my Opendisc-enhanced audio-CD into iTunes

Question : I just got a new audio-CD that I imported into iTunes, but this CD also has extra video-content on it when you put it in your Mac (or PC). The system used for this is called Opendisc®. Though it seems impossible, is there a way to rip this video of the CD and into iTunes on my Mac ?

Answer : Yes, and you don’t even have to rip or hack for it.

1- download HideSwitch :

2- install HideSwitch and run it – in the small window that appears, click the “Show All Files” button, now your Finder will refresh, and you will be able to see all so called ‘hidden files’ on your Mac

[ CAUTION : do NOT touch or mess with any greyed files (= normally hidden files) when you’re in “Hidden Files Viewable” mode ! …as it will very probably cause you software problems that can only be restored doing a complete system reinstall ! ]

3- put the Opendisc-enhanced audio-CD into your Mac – on your Desktop it will be visible twice : once as a regular audio-CD which has the name of the actual CD, and once as a (greyish) CD named “Opendisc”

4- when you double-click on the “Opendisc”-icon, a folder wind will open, in there go to the (greyed out) folder called “CDEXTRA”, inside that one go to the (greyed out) folder called “OPENDISC”, on to the folder called “MEDIA” – in there you will find a file called “” (yes, that’s a regular QuickTime-movie) – drag that file called “” to your Desktop

5- go back to the HideSwitch window and press the “Default” button, wait for the Finder to refresh and close HideSwitch

6- download and install Miro Video Converter (for free) either from the Mac App Store or from the developer’s website :

7- run Miro Video Converter and drag the file called “” onto the red window – select “Apple Universal” from the drop down menu and put a check mark in front of “Send to iTunes” – then click on the “Convert!” button

8- after the conversion is done, open iTunes and in the video section the converted video can be found as “” – now adjust that name to whatever you want it to be

9- to clean up you can now drag both the “” and “” files from the Desktop into the Trash and empty the trash

Done !

Enjoy !


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