fixed : how to Block Caller on iPhone ?

Question :

Today I got called by someone who I don’t want to call me on my iPhone. Is there any way to block a caller on my iPhone ?


Answer :

Yes, there is.

To block a caller that just called you on your iPhone, do this :

  • click on your iPhone, click on the “Phone”-icon
  • then make sure you are in the “Recents”-tab
  • then click on the “i-in-a-circle”/”info”-icon that’s right next to the phone number (or name) you want to block
  • now make sure you don’t touch anything, but scroll down (or rather “swipe up”) towards the usually invisible bottom part of the page…
  • then, at the bottom, you will see “Block this Caller”… click on it
  • a popup will appear, there, click on “Block Contact”
  • now this caller (or rather this phone no.) won’t be able to call you any longer on your iPhone

that’s it !

enjoy 😉

Note : If you’re having second thoughts and you want to Unblock someone who you have previously blocked, just redo the same procedure as lined out above

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