Old School Mac [6] : using a GSM as a mobile internet modem for OSX


After an extremely long trail & error period, I’ve finally figured out how to use my T-mobile Motorola SLVR L7 as a mobile internet modem for my Mac :

Step 1 :

  • call the T-Mobile Helpdesk, and have them send you the message which auto-installs the T-Zones GPRS settings needed on your SLVR L7 (they will call it an SMS, but it will appear on your phone as a ‘Browser Msg’)

…make sure you have pen and paper ready to write down the PIN-code you will need to install the settings-message

Step 2 :

  • download (and install !!) the Motorola 3G and/or Motorola GPRS scripts you can find on Ross Barkman’s page :


…and buy Ross a virtual beer to thank him…

Step 3 :

  • connect your SLVR L7 to your Mac using a mini-USB-to-USB-cable

Step 4 :

  • in System Prefs / Network / Network Port Configs activate the new port “Motorola Phone (L7)”, and configure it :

Under the PPP-tab :

  • Service Provider : … [anything you like, e.g. “internet using GSM”]
  • Account Name : tmobile
  • Password : tmobile
  • Tel. Number : internet
  • Alt. Number : [none]
  • Save Password : On

Under the PPP / PPP Options-tab :

  • all Session Options : … [whatever you like]
  • all Advanced Options : Off [if you wish you can leave Verbose Logging on, but do turn off all other options]

Under the TCP/IP-tab :

  • Configure IPv4 : Using PPP
  • leave everything else blank

Under the Proxies-tab :

  • leave everything blank

Under the Modem-tab :

  • Modem : Motorola 3G CID1 (“Motorola 3G CID2”, “Motorola GPRS CID1 57k” and “Motorola GPRS CID1 57k +CGQREQ” will also work, and maybe some others too…)
  • Error Correction & Compression : Off
  • Wait For Dail Tone : Off
  • Dailing : Tone
  • Sound : Off
  • Modem Status in Menu Bar : On

…and don’t forget to click “Apply Now”

Step 4 :

  • click on the modem-icon in the menu-bar (the telephone-horn with the adshed line next to it)
  • first click “Show time connected” and “Show status while connecting” in the pull down menu
  • then click “Connect”, and your GPRS-connection is being established…

As a check you should see “GPRS Active” in your SLVR’s screen.

…and to disconnect go to the modem-icon in the menu-bar and select “Disconnect”

Note : the above solution should work for all new Motorola GSMs :

  • RAZR V3i
  • RAZR V3x
  • SLVR L2
  • SLVR L6
  • SLVR L7
  • PEBL U6

…and it will probably also work for the previous Motorola GSMs :

  • RAZR V3
  • ROKR E1

the original post(s) can be found here :


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