fixed : QD520 IP-cam power adapter missing – which specs ?

Question :

I bought myself a very good-value-for-money IP-cam that is called the QD520, only to find out no power adapter was included in the packaging. What are the specs of the official power adapter and where can I get one ?


Answer :

The QD520 IP-cam is sold under various brand names, including :

  • Escam QD520
  • Vigica QD520
  • Crenova QD520
  • RioRand QD520
  • iCatch IT-MC7101E
  • iCatch IA-MC7101E


The specs of the original adapter for this QD520 IP-cam are :

  • AC/DC adapter
  • model : SP-888
  • input : 100-240V AC 50/60Hz 0.3A
  • output : 12V DC 1A
  • tip : 5.5mm outside / 2.1mm inside
  • polarity : center positive ( minus = corona / plus = tip )


These adapters are available here :

QD520 power adapter US-version @

QD520 power adapter UK-version @

QD520 power adapter EU-version @


Good Luck !

enjoy 😉

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