tip : official fix for iMacs with WiFi-problems since 10.7.3 update

Apple has just released a special fix for iMacs that have WiFi-connection-problems each time they ‘fall asleep’, since the OSX 10.7.3 update (but… it’s a iMac-only fix…) :


There is no accompanying info with it, so it is unknown if this update fixes the “no hardware installed”-error also…

…and is still remains unclear what the actual cause of this problem was…


2 thoughts on “tip : official fix for iMacs with WiFi-problems since 10.7.3 update

  1. While I’ve not had dropped wifi signal since the patch went in, I HAVE had the wonderful realization that my page-load has slowed by 20-fold. I’ve had faster internet over dialup than I do, now.

    Gimme the old, this isn’t “fixed”!

    • Thanks for your comment gyffes,
      The “patch” you mean is the official fix by Apple – right ?
      You are the first to notice any huge (or maybe even “any”) drop in internet-speed, I’ve heard of anywhere.
      I’m interested if there’s anyone else having the same problem.

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