fixed : get newest version of Flash on PowerPC Mac

Question :

I’m browsing the internet from my G4 (or G5) Mac, and I get a message that I need to update my version of Flash. But when I go to the Adobe Flash download page, I can only download Flash for the new Intel-Macs… what can I do ?

Answer :

The latest versions of Flash for PPC-Macs (like G4 and G5 Macs) are curiously hidden on Adobe’s website… Here’s how you can download & install :

– go to the regular Flash download page :

– then click on the line Different operating system or browser?

– if you would select anything here, you would see that there’s only versions for intel-Macs here, so click on click here (from the line “If your operating system/browser combination is not displayed, click here for older versions of Adobe Flash Player.”)

– If you scroll down that page, you’ll find a table that indicates which version of Flash is the latest one that’s compatible with your G4/G5-Mac’s version of OSX. At the moment I’m writing this, the latest version for “Mac OS X 10.4+ (Power PC processor)” is Flash Player, but for some curious reason you cannot download it straight from the list…

– you have to scroll down further on the page, though an enormous list of versions, to find “(Released 11/04/2010)  Flash Player and (126 MB)”, which is just above the “Android Flash Player versions” chapter.

– then click on Flash Player and to download

– then open the download and unZIP it by double-clicking on it

– then open the folder “fp_10.1.102.64_and_9.0.289.0_archive”, and go to “Flash Player” —> “10_1r102_64” —> “flashplayer10_1r102_64_ub_mac.dmg” and double-click it

– in the window that opens, click on “Install Adobe Flash Player”, and follow the instructions to install… that’s it !

Note : judging from the fact that Adobe is now at Flash Player 11, and the latest version for G4/G5-Macs is Flash Player 10.1, one would assume that support of Flash on G4/G5-Macs is slowly, but steadily, fading…

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11 thoughts on “fixed : get newest version of Flash on PowerPC Mac

  1. Not only has support gone completely, there now seems to be no flash player to be got from anywhere for G4 non intel 10. or 10.5, so iPlayer cannot be used any more… Help Help Help

      • @Telford Moore :

        the latest version of Flash that’s available for G4 and G5 PowerPC Macs running MacOSX 10.4 and 10.5 is Flash Player

        I assumed that following the instructions detailed above anyone should be able to find it…
        …but you’re completely right that a direct link would be even easier, so here it is :

        if that link doesn’t work for you, go to this webpage :

        then press the Apple-F key combination (a.k.a. “find on webpage”) and search for :
        “Flash Player and”

      • Thanks for your comment but I found no difficulty downloading ages ago – the problem is that that Flash Player will not allow iPlayer to work any more, tho’ it did up to recently.

      • @Telford Moore :

        do you mean the BBC iPlayer ? (and not the Philips iPlayer (Color Kinetics) or the Nintendo DS iPlayer)

        I do not have any experience with that…

        Maybe this will help : iPlayer Grabber (it’s PPC-compatible, but it’s unsure if it still works…)

        And if you really want to try something else, you could try this :
        …it’s a home-tweaked PPC-redo of an Intel-version of Flash, it is said to work for Flash video on Facebook, and it just might work for other uses too…
        NOTE : Use at your own risk ! there is no guarantee that this would work ! I haven’t tested this ! the maker completely disclaims for any problems ! Use at your own risk !
        so : this info is provided ‘as is’, and if you are daring to try : BACKUP ! make sure you have a proper backup of your system (e.g. Time Machine) before you try !

      • Thanks for your knowledgeable help – I meant the BBC iPlayer – I didn’t know that there was any other iPlayer! I’ll have a go in the morning – I’ll be careful! Will let you know how I get on.

      • I tried the iPlayer-Grabber in my G4 eMac (OS X 10.5.8) but it did not work. I then tried the 2nd thingy in my G4 iBook (OS X 10.4.11) but it did not work either.

        However, I am extremely grateful to you for attempting to help me: at the very least, it forced me to back-up recent files, doubtless like many folk, I do not do that often enough, but I have the complete “lot” backed up on an external Firewire HD for if ever the whole lot goes kaput. I am sure that you understand more than the vast majority of us, the feelings of folk who are having computer problems that they can’t cope with – in my case, I shall simply have to do without being able to use the BBC iPlayer again – it is, after all, only mainly for entertainment – hence, tho’ I haven’t resolved my problem, I am extremely grateful to you.

      • — UPDATE —

        even though it is mentioned in this comment that the “Flash-twist for Facebook” could and/or should be used combined with the TenFourFox web browser, I would not recommend doing so, as the developers of TenFourFox strongly advise users not to bypass the built-in ‘no plugins’ policy for security reasons…


        @Telford Moore :

        Thank you for your kind words 😉

        There might still be 2 things you can try :

        a solution based on the previously mentioned “Flash-twist for Facebook” (which you called “the 2nd thingy”), combined with the use of the “TenForFox” web browser (an edited version of the recent Firefox browser to run on PPC Macs) :

        or google for “flash 11 on PPC Mac” and you’ll get similar solutions, maybe this is a good one :

        Note : I have distilled the above mentioned from this thread on the BBC Blog, especially from comment #76, #77 and #80 :
        …and the PPC-users commenting thereafter are reporting good results

        get down & dirty, and find out what is meant by “replacing the Flash Player.plugin within the Adobe AIR.Framework” mentioned by avarnell in this post :

        Please report back if you get it to work (or not).

        Good Luck & enjoy !

        FYI : I am not in the UK and therefore I can’t test de regular BCC iPlayer… I can only go to the BBC iPlayer YouTube channel or watch the podcasts…

      • MacManus : Success: had a go at following your latest 2 suggestions – managed to do that, but couldn’t fail to consider that mac users of very limited experience would probably not manage (I’ve used macs since 1990). However, back to the story, I followed all the instructions, but it still didn’t work: then I had a thought: had I really changed the Flash Player plugin from your earlier suggestion properly (as in ) ; so did that again – properly this time. Olé.

        Incidentally, yesterday, I tried the STVPlayer (I live in the North of Scotland transmitting area – it may be called something different outside Scotland?). It worked fine (only for STV programmes) even with “Flash Player″.

        Once again, I send my deep thanks to you. If I miss “Dr Who” on Saturday nights, I am OK again 🙂

      • @Telford Moore :

        Thank you for bringing this question up regarding the BBC iPlayer !
        I have now made a separate post of it.
        You can find it here :

        Note :
        In my case the FPforFBPPC Flash-plugin works well in Safari, so I would recommend not to bypass the ‘no plugins’ policy of TenFourFox !
        (you may however use another browser for PPC Macs that is still in active development like Camino or OmniWeb…)

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