fixed : copy Conditional Formatting to other cells in Numbers 2.2 (iWork ’09)

Question :

I’m using iWork’09, and when using Numbers I want to color the cells according to the value that’s in it. So for instance if the number in the cell is smaller than 10, I would like the cell’s background color to be yellow, if it’s in between 10 and 20 I would like it to be orange, and when it’s over 20 I would like it to be red.

I figured out how to do that using Conditional Formatting, and I even found out that I can select a complete row or column of cells to set their Conditional Formatting all at once, but… I’ve now created an entirely new column, and I want to copy the ‘old’ Conditional Formatting to those ‘new’ cells also…

How do I do that ?


Answer :

The answer is actually very straight forward, but it’s just that the naming for this may be a little confusing in Numbers… what you are looking for is ‘Copy Style’…

To set Conditional Formatting to a range of cells, just select them all, and go to Format –> Show Conditional Format Rules ; there you can set a formatting rule for each background color you would like to appear.

Then, to copy those Conditional Format Rules to other/new cells, select one of the cells that already has the Conditional Format Rules applied, and go to Format –> Copy Style

Then, select the (new) cells you want to give those same Conditional Format Rules to also, and go to Format –> Paste Style

That’s it… it really is that simple…



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