fixed : add sound to Screen Sharing

Question :

I am using OSX’s built-in Screen Sharing option to control the Mac in our living room, when I am in another room with my MacBook – it’s great !

But sometimes I would like to listen to a video or a music track that I’m playing on my ‘living room Mac’ and Screen Sharing doesn’t support that…

What can I do ?


Answer :

There’s a simple and FREE utility that will help you out on this one : Soundfly

Just download and install Soundfly on both Macs and then run “Soundfly” on the ‘sound sending Mac’, and “Soundfly Receiver” on the ‘listening Mac’… it’s that simple…

You can download Soundfly here :

UPDATE : the latest version can be downloaded here :


Thanks to Graham Johnstone for this updated link πŸ˜‰


8 thoughts on “fixed : add sound to Screen Sharing

    • @Emache :

      Thanks for the feedback !

      sorry to hear it doesn’t work for you…

      I’ve just tried using a “Mountain Lion (OSX 10.8.4)” Mac as sender, and a “Snow Leopard (OSX 10.6.8)” Mac as the receiver, and it works completely okay as far as I can see…

      So, since I can’t replicate your problem, I can not tell you what is causing your problem, so I’m not sure on how to solve it…

      But, I have some suggestions :
      – make sure the sound volume on the Sender side is set completely to the max (but you will not hear that on the Sender side, as it is already being streamed to the other Mac)
      – make sure to check that the volume on the Receiver side is set rather loud, just to hear the sounds of the Sender Mac if anything is being sent…

      Good Luck !
      Enjoy !

  1. I installed this on two Macs, but I’m getting this message when I try to run the Soundfly app:
    Soundflower not installed. You need to have Soundflower installed in order to use Soundfly. Please reinstall from the package.

    I don’t get this message when I run the receiver.

    I can’t find where to download Soundflower. I’ve tried reinstalling from the package.

    Both Macs are OS X El Capitan.

  2. Hi! I downloaded this application to use it between my iMac and macbook pro but it seems like I can’t get this to work
    In the soundfly sender it keeps the status to “Listening” and the receiver keeps the status on “Connecting” but never, ever connects to each other
    I tried connecting to the same wi fi (I usually use a wi fi extender) but doesn’t change. Do I have to do anything about the “Bonjour name/Password” or in the “Select Host” section in the receiver?

    • @Simone :

      Thanks for the feedback.
      Sorry to hear this doesn’t work for you yet.

      It’s been a while since I installed and used Soundfly myself, so I’m not completely sure about the compatibility with the latest versions of OSX and macOS.
      You could contact the developer and see if he can help :
      jul[at]abyssoft[dot]com –> gray bar at bottom –> contact (french and english)

      Or maybe, one of these suggestions will help :
      – pressing the ALT-key on your keyboard while starting up Soundfly will give you extra settings options
      – make sure you use the version of SoundFlower that came with the Soundly installer, newer versions of SoundFlower may or may not work with SoundFly (e.g. in OSX 10.6 Soundfly appears to only work with SoundFlower 1.2.1 not with the newer SoundFlower 1.5)
      – the version you can download from is version 1.0.2 and only compatible with OSX 10.4 and newer ; the older version 1.0.1 is very hard to find, so I would suggest to contact the developer (as outlined above) if you need that one

      Hope this helps !
      Good Luck πŸ˜‰

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