fixed : NSURLErrorDomain Error while updating through Mac App Store

Question :

When I tried to install the updates that were available in the Mac App Store today, I got a “NSURLErrorDomain”-error, and the update refused to install…

…what can I do to get the update installed anyhow ?

Answer :

This is the type of error that you might encounter when trying to upgrade a piece of Apple software in the Mac App Store on OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion.

The fix is relatively simple (ironically, this does render the use of the Mac App Store obsolete) :

Go to the Apple website, download the update you’re having problems with there, and install it manually.

That’s it.

e.g. when trying to upgrade Safari 6 to Safari 6.0.2 you might get the error message “(NSURLErrorDomain error -3001.)(102)” ; you can fix that by getting the right update here : 37g/Safari6.0.2Mountain.pkg

e.g. when trying to upgrade Mountain Lion itself to version 10.8.1 through the Mac App Store, you might get the error message “(NSURLErrorDomain error -1100.)(102)” ; you can fix that by getting the right update here :

e.g. for the manual update to OSX 10.8.5, go here :

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4 thoughts on “fixed : NSURLErrorDomain Error while updating through Mac App Store

  1. I solved this by temporarily disabling my anti-virus/malware product.

    I use Kaspersky, which is generally excellent, and performs url inspection. I still need to dig in to determine why software update checks in the AppStore app trigger an intercept by Kaspersky.

    • @dkkadow :

      Thanks for the feedback.
      Good to know that Kaspersky for Mac has this problem.

      Generally speaking, you do not need additional anti-virus or malware protection on top of the protection built into MacOSX, and since it tends to slow down performance, I would not recommend installing additional protection on Macs that are only used at home or in corporate business locations.
      However, if it’s a Mac that is being used on multiple locations, especially in ‘open/free internet’-environments and/or it’s used for visiting dubious websites or downloading services, it might be a good idea to get some additional protective software… just to be sure…
      (But even in that case it’s actual added value is doubtful..)

      To anyone looking for extra protection software, I would recommend Sophos for Mac, since Sophos is a Top5 anti-virus protection provider, and Sophos for Mac is FREE for home use :

    • @Juan Vega Martinez :

      Thank you for providing the link to the newest OSX 10.8.5 update

      I will update this in the original post also.

      It isn’t exactly clear to me if you’re also implying that the OSX 10.8.5 update will fix this error, or that you just wanted to point me to the latest update to OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion…

      …thank you either way 😉

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