fixed : why am I typing a TM-sign instead of a Euro-sign ?

Question :

Today, I had to type some text that included some financial figures, but for some reason I got a TM-sign on screen every time I typed the Euro-sign by pressing the key-combo [ALT]+[2].

I’ve never had this before.

What is wrong ?


Answer :

How you got this problem is unclear, but the solution is simple.

Have a look at the top menu bar (of the Finder), is there a US-flag next to the current time ?

If so, your keyboard is set to US-layout and in US-keyboardlayout the [ALT]+[2] key-combo will give the TM-sign (Trademark-sign) on screen.

To change that, do this :

  • click on the US-flag in the top menu bar (of the Finder)
  • in the pulldown menu, click on “Open Keyboard Preferences…”
  • in the window that opens, make sure the “Input sources”-tab is selected, then click on de + (Plus-sign) bottom left
  • from the list in the pulldown window that opens, choose “British” (UK-flag)
  • then click “Add”
  • back in the previous window, click on “(UK-flag) British” at the left to select it
  • then close the Preferences window by clicking the red button top left
  • then in the top menu bar (of the Finder) make sure there is a UK-flag
  • if there still is a US-flag, click on it and select the UK-flag from the pulldown menu

…then try typing the [ALT]+[2] key-combo in a text and see if it works

…that’s it ! enjoy 😉

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4 thoughts on “fixed : why am I typing a TM-sign instead of a Euro-sign ?

  1. I have a Union Jack on the top of Finder, but it still types TM when I type Alt+ command+ shift, as well as Alt+shift. I get TM with both of the input

    • @keith :

      Thanks for the feedback.
      Sorry to hear this doesn’t work for you yet.
      I’ve had a quick look for you, and from what I’m seeing, you probably have chosen “British – PC” instead of “British” (a.k.a. “British – Mac”), so try to change that first.
      Else, change the keyboard-layout to “Irish” or any other country within the Euro-zone that has a QWERTY-keyboard-layout (e.g. “Dutch”, but not “German” or “French”, because those have QUERTZ and AZERTY respectively).

      > click on the flag-icon in the top menu bar
      > select “Open Keyboard Prefecences” from the pulldown menu
      > from the Keyboard window that opens, make sure the “Input Sources” tab is selected
      > click on the plus-sign bottom-left
      > select “English” from the list on the left
      > select “British” or “Irish” (do not choose “British – PC”, “Australian”, “Canadian English”, “U.S.” nor “U.S. International – PC” !!)
      > look at the onscreen keyboard on the right, press the ALT-key on your keyboard (hardware) and make sure the “2” changes into a “€” and not “TM” when you press the ALT-key
      > then click the “Add” button

      Hope this helps – enjoy !

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