fixed : can’t edit cells in Numbers

Question :

I made an extensive table in Numbers yesterday and saved when I was ready for the day. Today I want to work on it again, and it opens without a problem, but I can’t edit any cells… I can’t click in any cell, I can’t type anything inside it and the 1-2-3 numbering of the rows and the A-B-C ‘numbering’ of the columns doesn’t appear either…

The only thing I can edit are three cells at the top of the page…

What is wrong ?


Answer :

The solution might be rather simple :  probably, you have accidentally entered the Printing Preview mode.

You can see you are in Printing Preview mode when there are 2 buttons visible at the bottom the Editing pane on the right : “Done” and “Print…”

If so, just click on the “Done”-button to leave the Printing Preview mode and go back to the main Editing screen.

That’s it !

enjoy 😉


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