fixed : installing macOS 10.15 Catalina on an unsupported Mac

Question :

I would like to get all Macs in my network on macOS 10.15 Catalina. I have some older models (like a MacBook Pro 13″ Late 2011, a white MacBook 13″ Late 2008 and a Mac mini Mid 2007) that are officially unsupported.

Is there any option to get macOS 10.15 Catalina running on unsupported Macs ?


Answer :

Yes, there is.

It is possible to install macOS 10.15 Catalina on various officially unsupported Macs using the Catalina Patcher by :

But before you do so, make sure that you :

  1. do not do this on your primary Mac !! as this is unsupported by Apple, do not do this on any Mac that is vital to you for your work or study !! using this software is not entirely hassle-free, only do this on Macs that are your secondary computer !!
  2. have a 16GB USB-stick that you can reformat for this
  3. have a stable internet connection (preferably an Ethernet-cable network connection to an internet modem with a high-speed internet connection)
  4. read this post : fixed : installer error 16GB USB-stick not large enough for 10GB Catalina Patcher
  5. and read this post : fixed : “Convert to APFS” option greyed out in Disk Utility (in Catalina Patcher)
  6. read the additional info on
  7. follow the instruction video by
  8. see if your Mac is listed as a ‘Catalina Patcher supported’ Mac before you even consider doing this

Shortlist of ‘Catalina Patcher supported’ Macs (see for in-depth specs) :

  • any Mac released since 2009 ( iMac / Mac mini / Mac Pro / Xserve / MacBook / MacBook Air / MacBook Pro)
  • all desktop-Macs released in 2008 ( iMac / Mac Pro / Xserve )
  • most laptop-Macs released in 2008 :
    • all MacBook Pro models 2008 and newer
    • any aluminum-MacBook
    • nearly every MacBook Air ( any MacBook Air, except the ‘1st Generation’ / ‘Early 2008’ )
    • only the last generation white-MacBook ( Early 2009 )

…so, in your case :

  • yes, this Catalina Patcher can be used on a Late 2011 MacBook Pro
  • no, this Catalina Patcher cannot be used on a white-MacBook 13″ Late 2008, only on newer white-MacBook models
  • no, this Catalina Patcher cannot be used on a Mid 2007 Mac mini, only on newer Mac mini models

That’s it !

enjoy 😉



2 thoughts on “fixed : installing macOS 10.15 Catalina on an unsupported Mac

  1. The solutions offered here for fixing the greyed out problem seem to be for installing Catalina directly from Apple rather than by means of dosdude1’s Patcher. The links above are not solutions to the problem of the greyed Erase option in Utilities. The format must be changed in Utilities within the Patcher (that is where the greyed out problem is) before installing OS Catalina. We need a solution from someone who is familiar with both Mac and with the Catalina Patcher.

    • @Lora :

      Thanks for the feedback !
      Sorry to hear you can’t get this to work for you…
      Are you sure your Mac is in the list of supported Macs ? Which Mac are you trying to install this on ?
      Did you also try to contact DosDude on this ?
      DosDude would be my first choice to reach out to if you are trying to contact ‘someone who is familiar with both Mac and with the Catalina Patcher’…

      Please report back if you find a solution, so it can be included here.
      Thanks & Good Luck !

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