fixed : “Convert to APFS” option greyed out in Disk Utility (in Catalina Patcher)

Question :

I am trying to install macOS 10.15 Catalina on an unsupported MacBook Pro that I have lying around. I downloaded the Catalina Patcher from and watched the instruction video. I am following the instruction video to the letter and everything seemed to work okay so far, but now I have to reformat my internal HD to APFS, using Disk Utility, I can’t do so because the “Convert to APFS” is greyed out…

What am I doing wrong ?


Answer :

Nothing maybe… is your MacBook (Pro/Air) already running macOS 10.13 High_Sierra ?

If your Mac is running macOS 10.13 High_Sierra, your disk format may already be APFS !

To check, in Disk Utility, select your internal disk in the list on the left and if in the middle, under the disk’s name, it says “APFS Volume • APFS”, your disk is already formatted as APFS… so in that case you can skip the ‘APFS formatting’ step and proceed with the next step of the instruction video…

If it doesn’t say “APFS Volume • APFS”, try the options lined out here :


That’s it !

enjoy 😉


3 thoughts on “fixed : “Convert to APFS” option greyed out in Disk Utility (in Catalina Patcher)

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  2. According to dosdude1 the format must be mac OS Extended Journaled for installation of the patcher and then changed to APFS to install macOS Catalina. I am having the same problem: can’t change format to APFS because Erase is greyed out. So we still need a solution.

    • @Lora :

      Thanks for the feedback !
      I assume you’ve checked that your format isn’t APFS already ?
      Did you try installing anyway ?
      Did you also try the solution provided by iBoySoft ? [see link in original post]
      Strange to hear that that doesn’t work for you… did you try contacting iBoySoft on this ?

      Good Luck !

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