BEWARE ! : MAC Defender = malware ! don’t install ! remove it !

Since some of you might not know… just a quick note to inform you :

Your Mac is not completely immune to viruses and malware (and never has been). The  weakest link in the security chain of Mac-protection is often the user himself…

A program called “MAC Defender” claims to be your best protection, but do not install it ! If you really need a reliable virus-protection app for you Mac, go only with the renowned ones like Sophos, Kasperski, Norton, ClamXav or VirusBarrier (downloads available via, or from their respective brand’s websites).

MAC Defender is a fake AntiVirus-app ! It’s a trojan horse intended for phishing your valuable data, passwords and credit card info.

Apple has put info on how to avoid or remove MAC Defender online here :

…but still : best remedy is not to install it at all !


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