Flashback trojan finally detected by built-in OSX malware detection

Apple introduced built-in Malware Detection in OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard (and OSX 10.7 Lion also of course). This works very good and updates automatically whenever your connected to the internet and Apple releases new malware definitions…

…this week (online) news sources were warning Mac-users that Apple still hasn’t updated for the latest expoit of Java by the Flashback trojan horse malware…

Today however the Java update was released by Apple :


As always : to install this update, just use OSX’s built-in Software update feature (find it under the Apple-icon menu in the left top corner of your screen).


BEWARE ! : MAC Defender = malware ! don’t install ! remove it !

Since some of you might not know… just a quick note to inform you :

Your Mac is not completely immune to viruses and malware (and never has been). The  weakest link in the security chain of Mac-protection is often the user himself…

A program called “MAC Defender” claims to be your best protection, but do not install it ! If you really need a reliable virus-protection app for you Mac, go only with the renowned ones like Sophos, Kasperski, Norton, ClamXav or VirusBarrier (downloads available via MacUpdate.com, or from their respective brand’s websites).

MAC Defender is a fake AntiVirus-app ! It’s a trojan horse intended for phishing your valuable data, passwords and credit card info.

Apple has put info on how to avoid or remove MAC Defender online here :


…but still : best remedy is not to install it at all !