fixed : how to the center text inside a table in macOS

Question :

I have placed a table in one of my notes in macOS I have managed to expand the table by adding some rows and columns, and I have put text in any cell I wanted to,   but… all text is automatically lined out to the left, and I want it centered inside the cell…

How do I do that ?


Answer :

Contrary to what you might expect, text layout tools in can’t be found in the taskbar of the Notes-window (you may have noticed that the “Aa”-button will even be greyed-out once you start editing text with a table). The text layout tools are in the screen’s upper control bar :

to center any text (not just text in a table’s cell) in, do this :

  • select the text (or the cell the text is in)
  • then press the [CMD]+[SHIFT] +[ \ ] key combo on your keyboard
  • or go to : upper taskbar (the one that has Apple-icon, Notes, File, Edit, Format, View, Window, Help) –> Format –> Text –> Center

That’s it !

enjoy 😉


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