fixed : search inside a WhatsApp chat

Question :

I have been using WhatsApp for a long time now, and I have some group chats that have an enormous amount of text messages. Now, I want to look up some info someone has posted a few months ago. I have narrowed down the group chats that that specific text message could be in, but even after having scrolled and even read through loads of messages, I can’t find the info I am looking for…

Isn’t there any way to search inside chats in WhatsApp ?


Answer :

Yes, you can search inside WhatsApp messages.

To do so, do this :

  • in WhatsApp, go out of any group chat you might be in
  • in the main Chats screen, swipe down from the top
  • now a search bar appears just below the word Chats
  • typ the text you are looking for inside the searchbar
  • …and all chat messages containing that text will be shown

That’s it !

enjoy đŸ˜‰


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