fixed : using the AppleTV on an HD-ready TV without HDMI-input


update : this solution should also work for the new 4th generation AppleTV (2015)


Question :

I just bought an AppleTV 3 and I want to connect it to my flatscreen 26″ LCD-TV, a MyCom MC2600LT (it’s actually a rebranded/white-label DT-3003X which has internationally also been sold under the Daewoo and Grundig Xentia brand, and probably more).

Even tough the TV is able to display HD-video up to 1080i and computer-display resolutions up to 1280×768 pixels at 60Hz, it does not have an HDMI input, neither a digital audio input (a.k.a. “Toslink”).

The only input options are :

– DVI digital video + 3.5mm (a.k.a. “jack”) analog audio

– VGA analog video + 3.5mm (a.k.a. “jack”) analog audio

– Component YPbPr analog video + stereo analog audio (5 plugs, a.k.a. “RCA” or “tulip”)

– S-video analog video (S-video plug) + stereo analog audio (a.k.a. “RCA” or “tulip”)

– SCART analog video + audio (SCART plug)

How do I connect my AppleTV 3 to this TV-set ?


Answer :

Even though it might seem the most obvious to connect the AppleTV’s HDMI-output to the TV’s DVI-input, since HDMI and DVI are 100% video-compatible, this comes with 2 problems :

– DVI has no audio, so you will have to connect the audio separately ; in this case that would require a DAC (digital-analog-converter) for your audio since your TV has no digital audio input

– DVI does not support HDCP-encryption as HDMI does, so any ‘copyright-protected’ HDMI content will be blocked when connected to DVI…

So… do not try to use the DVI-input, but use the Component YPbPr connection, especially since the digital-to-analog video-conversion gets rid of the HDCP-limitations for you also !

This converter cable is the most elegant option that will do the trick for you :

LogiLink HDMI to YPbPr & Audio Converter Cable (2m) []

LogiLink HDMI to YPbPr & Audio Converter Cable (2m) []

LogiLink HDMI to YPbPr & Audio Converter Cable (2m) []

…it turns out that the HDMI-output of the AppleTV 3 is supplying enough power to  power the built-in converter, so you don’t need to connect the USB-power cable.

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For anyone interested, here’s a link to the Dutch manual of the 26″ MyCom LCD-TV MC2600LT (a.k.a. DT-3003X) :

manual MyCom LCD tv


If you have an HD-Ready flatscreen TV and you want to connect an AppleTV, your best option is to use the HDMI-to-YPbPr converter-cable mentioned above.

But… in some cases these might also be interesting :

An HDMI-to-VGA&stereo converter-cable :

LogiLink HDMI to VGA & Audio Converter Cable (2m) []

LogiLink HDMI to VGA & Audio Converter Cable (2m) []

LogiLink HDMI to VGA & Audio Converter Cable (2m) []

An HDMI-to-HDMI&stereo converter-cable : [so this splits the audio from the HDMI-video signal and converts it into a separate analog stereo (2x RCA) signal, but beware that the output video signal is 720p, 1080p and 1080i only, which is problematic for most HD-ready flatscreen TVs, especially when combined with an HDMI-to-DVI converter] :

LogiLink HDMI to HDMI & Analog Audio Converter Cable (2m) []

LogiLink HDMI to HDMI & Analog Audio Converter Cable (2m) []

3 thoughts on “fixed : using the AppleTV on an HD-ready TV without HDMI-input

  1. Hi there, I checked the details on the above LogiLink HDMI to YPbPr & Audio Converter Cable (2m) I was told directly by the manufacturer Logilink this would not work when attaching a Apple TV 2 or 3 to my older TV set as it could not be HDCP compliant and therefore the signal would not be passed through , ie no picture and/or no sound. Can you confirm this abovrl solution absolutely did work for you via component video and normal stereo output when using. a non HDCP compliant TV/Monitor? I dont really want to waste £30. Thanks.

    • @Phil :

      Sorry for my late reply.
      Yes, I have tested this LogiLink-cable on a 3rd gen. AppleTV (a.k.a. AppleTV3) with the above mentioned non-HDMI non-HDCP-compliant flatscreen TV (from around 2007, so about 12 years old now) and have had no issues since.
      (actually the AppleTV3 is on an other TV since 2015, but the LogiLink cable is still being used on a daily basis to connect devices to the above mentioned TV, e.g. a Bluray-player or a Nintendo Switch gaming console)

      So the answer to your question is simply YES.

      And please note that when you order through Amazon you have the right to return the cable if it turns out not to work as intended, or even if it just doesn’t work for you. Within the EU you have this right of return on any online purchase, if you purchase as a consumer and return within 7 days of reception of the product and if you don’t mind paying for postal fees for returning.

      Good Luck !
      enjoy 😉

    • @Phil :

      Thanks for the feedback.

      The short answer is YES.

      Yes, I have tested the setup mentioned in the original post for an extensive period of time (several years, on a daily basis) and had no problems.
      This LogiLink cable was actually the only hasslefree solution that I have found in various tests for this setup.
      The AppleTV used was a 3rd gen. version ; a.k.a. AppleTV3
      The TV used was a HD-ready flatscreen TV that has no HDMI and is non-HDCP-compliant (from ca. 2007, so about 12 years old).

      I’ve also tested this LogiLink-cable to work with a Bluray-player and a Nintendo Switch gaming console, and am still using it on a day-to-day basis.

      Please note : when ordering from Amazon, there is no need to being afraid of losing money ; any consumer in the EU has the right to return any online purchase of a physical product within 7 days upon reception, even after unpackaging if that is needed to test the product, and get a full refund if the product is in good order, be it that the seller does not have to refund return-shipping costs. Most online resellers even have a broader return-policy and free return-shipping options available (Amazon is one of them). So as long as you live within the EU and you don’t make the purchase as a company or business entity you shouldn’t have any worries on this if you buy from until the Brexit is final.

      enjoy !

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