3 thoughts on “fixed : set IMAP eMail for KPN Planet.nl, Telfort.nl and T-Mobile Online.nl

  1. Very unfortunate, but I am not able to make a KPN IMAP email account on my MacBook in Apple mail. The type account I cannot fill in, so it remains a POP account. Even when I completely deleted my existing Planet POP account, I am not able to create a new account which is IMAP.

    Please help

    • @Hans Janssen :

      Thanks for your feedback !
      Sorry to hear it doesn’t work for you yet…

      Presuming you are running OSX 10.9 Mavericks, you are probably encountering the confusing options to add an account in Apple Mail.app…
      there are currently two ways of adding a new account for your eMail in Mail.app :
      1nd : Mail.app –> Mail –> Accounts
      2nd : Mail.app –> Mail –> Preferences –> Accounts –> + (= Add Account)

      for some reason, you (the user) get more flexibility in setting up and altering the settings using the 2nd option…
      so, it’s only the 2nd option that you should use.

      If that still doesn’t give you the option to set up your KPN-account as an IMAP-account, try setting up a bogus account first, deny all warning that servers can’t be connected or verified, and only when that one’s completely set up, alter all it details to match the IMAP-settings needed for your KPN-account

      Hope this helps,
      Enjoy !

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