6 thoughts on “fixed : update Minecraft on restricted user account

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  2. update :

    added these steps, as this appeared to be needed for the upgrade to Minecraft 1.7.9 on a Parental Guidance restricted OSX user account :

    6- then click “Done” to exit back to the “Parental Controls”-window,

    7- click on the “Web”-tab there, “Try to limit…” will be selected, leave that as is, and click on the “Customize”-button

    8- then, at “Always allow these websites:” click on the plussign-button and add this URL :

    9- then click “OK” to exit and quit System Preferences

  3. this worked perfectly
    N.B. If “limit applications” is not ticked you can ignore that step entirely

  4. I am running MacOS 10.12.4 and this does not work for me. Under Limit applications none of the programs mentioned above even appear. No minecraft launcher, no applet launcer, no java….

    would love some help!

    • @Tom :

      Thanks for the Feedback !
      Sorry to hear this doesn’t work for you yet.

      Did you already run Minecraft from the Administrator’s account ?
      I have no macOS 10.12 Mac with a Restricted User Account available for testing at the moment, so I can’t reproduce your problem,
      but as far as I can recall from other versions of OSX, you need to do the first run of Minecraft on an administrator account to get all supporting (hidden) utilities properly installed
      only after they’ve been installed properly, you can start trying to access them from restricted user accounts also

      hope this helps – good luck 😉

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