8 thoughts on “fixed : Clash Royale hangs at “Transaction Pending” after in-app purchase request

  1. But what if you don’t have a Mac? Do these parental requests go somewhere else? How do I find them? It’s kind of ridiculous and causing lots of problems.

    • @Kristin :

      That’s a good question.
      I would say the procedure on a Windows computer (or Chrome-book) is probably similar, but I’m not sure as I have no experience with that…
      I would suggest contacting Apple’s AppStore Helpdesk via phone or chat here :

      hope this helps – good luck 😉

  2. No – ridiculous. I have an iphone – I approved – just not immediately – and it’s been hanging for hours. And you’ll likely charge us $10 in weeks and wonder why we get upset. Stupid, stupid developers.

    • @J Argebright :

      Thanks for the feedback.
      It gives an extreme feeling of un-safety if your device hangs while a payment is being processed… you are completely right on that !
      If you contact the Apple AppStore Helpdesk on this, they will probably be able to help you on this, or at least give some additional and much needed payment info…
      But still, these kinds of issues should be solved by the developers (both the App developers and iOS developers) as soon as possible since it crashes your trust in the apps involved…
      Good Luck !

  3. We don’t have a computer and we have parent restrictions and it says transaction pending. What do we do now

    • @Nolan Hess :

      Thanks for the feedback.
      Sorry to hear you weren’t able to get this resolved yet…
      As mentioned above, if you don’t have a computer you might be able to resolve this if you borrow a Mac (or PC) and login with your Apple-account, if that’s not an option right now, contact Apple’s AppStore Helpdesk via phone or chat here : https://getsupport.apple.com

      Hope this helps…
      Good Luck !

    • @Joe :

      Thanks for your feedback.
      Since your situation is exactly the same as that of previous commenters Nolan Hess and Kirstin, I will add the answer to the original post.
      Hope this helps…
      Good Luck !

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