151 thoughts on “fixed : get iCloud on the officially unsupported iPhone 3G – sync works !

  1. Thank you for the description how to get iCloud/email on a 3G. But, it didn’t work out for me on my 3G with 4.2.1. It still says “…can’t find the IMAP server”. Is it different in other countries than the Netherlands…?

    • @christianjax :
      if you cannot change the pasted URL, you can try either one of these :

      option 1
      write down the Caldav-URL on a paper & edit it to the desired/needed Carddav-URL, then (in stead of pasting it) enter it manually

      option 2
      paste the Caldav-URL in a new note on your iPhone’s Notes app, edit it to the desired/needed Carddav-URL, copy that one and paste it in the proper place from there

      regarding your “Find My iPhone”-question – I’ve made a new post on that one :

      • Hi i had a similar problem with my contacts setting up. It said “do you want to try without SSL” and after that it simply cannot set it up. What do you guess to be the problem? The other two (cal and mail) works seamlessly.
        PS: in the advanced properties doesn’t even has a URL section.
        Thank you in advance.

      • @Ikaros :
        unfortunately I do not have an iPhone 3G at hand anymore… so I cannot test anything for you at this moment…
        therefore I can only recommend restarting your iPhone 3G… (and remember you might need to wait up to 12 hours for your initial sync…)
        …and if that doesn’t work deleting the iCloud-Contacts account from your iPhone 3G and setting up a new iCloud-Contacts account again using the info outlined before…

        I’m sorry I can’t give you more options at his moment.
        Good Luck !

      • Hello thank you for your post. The instructions worked perfect for my Calendars, but they did not for the Contacts settings.

        It said “do you want to try without SSL” and after that it simply cannot set it up. What do you guess to be the problem? In the advanced properties doesn’t even has a URL section.

        I then,

        1) Turned the SSL switch ON and added the port number manually (Used the same port obtained from setting up the Calendars from previous step).
        2) Then Changed the URL address from “Principal” to Carddavhome at the end of the url.
        3) Copied the same server address shown on the Calddav host server
        4) Changed the words Calddav for Carddav

        Results: Did not work either.

        Anybody has been able to resolve this problem, is it possible that there might not be a server assigned for Calendars?

        Thank you in advance.

      • @AG :

        as far as I can see your question is exactly the same as the one posted by Ikaros, so I’ll give you the same answer :

        unfortunately I do not have an iPhone 3G at hand anymore… so I cannot test anything for you at this moment…
        therefore I can only recommend restarting your iPhone 3G… (and remember you might need to wait up to 12 hours for your initial sync to complete…)
        …and if that doesn’t work : delete the iCloud-Contacts account from your iPhone 3G and set up a new iCloud-Contacts account again using the info outlined before…

        I’m sorry I can’t give you more options at his moment.
        Good Luck !

      • @Ikaros / @AG :

        One thing that might help you to get your iCloud contacts syncing running on your iPhone 3G if the ‘technique’ outlined above works for your Calendar syncing, but not for your Contacts syncing :

        Look up in your settings to which URL your iCloud calendars are syncing, that URL will start with a “p0-server number” (either p01-, p02-, p03-, p04- or p05-), then go to your contacts syncing settings and use the same/corresponding “p0-server number” for your contacts syncing URL, so use one of these :


        Note that this URL will (generally) automatically be extended by iOS with some additional code, which you should just leave as-is.

        …and also remember :
        – initial syncing may take up to 8 hours (a whole night), especially if you have a extensive amount of contacts
        – regular syncing may take up to one minute, and give the impression that something is wrong (which isn’t the case, that’s just because of the mediocre compatibility of the iPhone 3G and iCloud)

    • So, my iPhone 4 is off to be repaired and so I’ve taken out my old iPhone 3G and figured out how to make the contacts part work.

      The problem seems to be there is no ‘account url’ in a carddav account under advanced settings. What you should do is go into the carddav account you have created and paste the URL as described by macmanus.nl into the ‘Server’ field of the account. Then correct it as he has described above so the URL reads something like: https://p01-contacts.icloud.com:443/123456789/carddavhome

      You are basically doing the iCloud Calendar setup he has described to setup contacts.

      When I did this it deleted my contacts and I waited a day. I still had no contacts, so I did it again and somehow, even though I am sure I did exactly the same thing, it worked the second time. When I checked back, which wasn’t for a couple of hours, all of my contacts were on my phone.

      I hope this helps some of you out.

      • @Leon0101 :

        thanks for the feedback – this if very helpful & encouraging for others !

        so, in short it’s like this :

        – strictly follow the instructions outlined in the original posting
        – be very patient because the first sync could take an enormous time
        – if it still doesn’t work, try again (and be very patient… again)

        Enjoy y’all !

  2. Contacts and Calendar works with my 3G, but for email I have no success.
    smtp only works when SSL is deactivated, imap always complains however about a wrong user or wrong password. It works however with Lion. Even after changing the password for my @me.com account (= Apple-ID) it still works in Lion but not with iPhone 3G.

    • @Gerhard Müller :

      Opposed to setting up iCloud-Calendar and Contacts syncing, iCloud-eMail normally is really simple to get working (because it is just your MobileMe-eMail that has been moved to new servers). I do no longer have a iPhone 3G at hand, so I have no option to test or try anything for you – I’m sorry…
      So at this moment I can only suggest 2 options :
      1st option : delete all MobileMe-eMail-accounts from your iPhone, then restart your iPhone and set up your @me.com-eMail-account again using the directions suggested previously
      2nd option : delete all MobileMe-eMail-accounts from your iPhone, then restart your iPhone and set up your @me.com-eMail-account again using the option to add a MobileMe-eMail-account

      Hope this helps…

      • Thank you for the fast reply.
        Amazing when I woke up this morning everything works without doing anything else in the night. Suddenly all mails are there in the iPhone 3G and sending/receiving with iCloud works.
        Does the iCloud server need so long to verify username/password? Obviously more than 10 hours. Strange.
        Thanks again.

      • sometimes all you have to do is wait…
        …and wait …and wait …and…

        from my experience this is a actually the case… especially if you are doing a first run of brand new up-to-date software on older Macs and iPhones…
        your first run (or actually your first sync) may take ages, especially if you have a lot of old data you want to sync…
        …everything may seem to hang in that case, and your Mac may even indicate “application not responding” (a.k.a. “it hangs”), which would normally urge you to force quit and restart the app… [ note that iOS doesn’t give info like this ]
        while actually… if you wait long enough… (sometimes even up to 12 hours…) everything will finally turn out just as you expected…

  3. I can’t get past step one. Since Apple no longer supports .me accounts then how do I do this. I understand that the system relies on establishing an email on an OSx server, such as .me, but I don’t know of any other available mail accounts publicly available running Apple OSx servers.

    • @AGG :

      your assumption is not correct : me.com-eMail is part of iCloud, so Apple (still) fully supports it
      if you had MobileMe before, your me.com-eMail account is being migrated to iCloud when you start using iCloud
      and if you didn’t have MobileMe, you will get a brand-new me.com-eMail account when you setup iCloud for the first time…

      if your only iOS-device is a iPhone 3G, you should setup iCloud using a (Lion-)Mac or (Vista/7-)PC first
      to do so, go here :

  4. Thanks so much for this. Woohoo, now I can keep my 3G. I’m using a 3G with iOS 4.2.1 jailbroken. Mail works flawlessly w/ssl. @Gerhard above, note that the imap and smtp username is just the name without @me.com.

    Calendar works even though a few times it complained that the caldav password I’ve entered is incorrect when it is not. It’s stopped for now.

    Contacts worked only when I used the trick by macmanus 21/5/12 of setting the carddav server to p0?-contacts.icloud.com. There is no way to enter a full URL in either the Server field or the Port field on Advanced Settings.

    • You are right.
      It turns out that for some the carddav URL doesn’t work and the contacts URL will…

      I’ll add this info in the original post as well
      Thanks & enjoy !

      • And particularly the suggestion of adding /[contact group] after carddavhome.

        Didn’t seem to work without the /[contact group]. No idea why.

        Still gave me all contacts, and all groups, but allows me to select the iCloud contact group I wanted (a phone specific group of contacts).

  5. Wait… on #1 do NOT delete your existing mobileme acct if you want to continue to use Find My iPhone. On the iPhone go to Settings->Mail,Contacts,Calendars->MobileMe and turn off Mail. It will ask you if you want to delete the mobileme account. Select CANCEL. That will disable everything except Find My iPhone. Then proceed.

    You’ll end up seeing a .Mac account when you open the Mail app and Calendar and Contacts, but there’s nothing there.

  6. My friend – you are a genius!! I have been struggling with this stuff for hours and your post has solved all my issues. Thankyou so much!!!!!

  7. Also of note – all my updates (e-mails/contacts/calendar) all updated almost immediately. For some reason no waiting 10hrs / overnight (as mentioned above) involved.

  8. Thank you for the step-by-step instructions for this non-technical iPhone user! You saved me a lot of frustration.

  9. I have an iPhone 3G running version 4.2.1. I can see my contacts on my phone and on my MBP, but if I log into iCloud, I only see my email and calendar; my contacts are NOT listed. Any ideas of how I can populate my online iCloud address book?

    • @Maputo9 :

      Thanks to ‘Winston Churchill’ I think I have the answer to your question :

      First check that all your settings are correct, that contact syncing is checked on all devices (system preferences > iCloud on a mac and settings > iCloud on a iPhone, iPad or iPod).

      Make sure the contacts you are adding are added to your ‘iCloud’ group and not an ‘On My Mac’ or other non iCloud group (you can do this by checking in groups), non iCloud contacts will not sync.

      If you are sure that everything is set up correctly and your contacts are in the iCloud group, you might try unchecking contact syncing in the iCloud settings, restarting your device and then re-enabling contact settings.

      To view the original post go here :

      Good Luck & Enjoy !

  10. Thanks for the great post. However I am running into a problem. I’m using iOS 4.2.1 on a 3g and have followed the instructions up to the point of copying the account URL. However the url is of the form ‘http://caldev.icloud.com:8008/principal/users/joe%40me.com’ when I try to paste that onto the CalDAV Account Information Server field it reverts back to caldev.icloud.com when I touch done. If I type the url in it reverts again. Any ideas?

    Clicking Done gives me a ‘Calendar Account Unable to verify account information’ error. I have checked my iCloud user name and password with the iCloud web site from my Mac.

    • @Chris :

      Thanks for your feedback – good to know that the info on this might not have been completely clear to everyone
      That’s why I’ve just added this to the original text :

      Note : don’t bother if the server URL on the CalDAV Account Information screen jumps back to just p01-caldav.icloud.com ; the only thing that’s important is that you’ve copied the extended p01-caldav.icloud.com:443/123456789/principal in there (if you click Advanced Settings it will be there in full at Account URL)

      I assume that solves your question – right ?

      Good luck & enjoy !

    • @Chris :
      sorry – I’m just reading your comment again, and I think I may not have given the answer to your exact question, so here’s an other suggestion :

      just try typing p0X-caldav.icloud.com:443/123456789/principal manually into the Server-field in the CalDAV Account Information

      if you don’t know your p0X-code and your 123456789-code, try this :


      How to find your iCloud Server-number and your 9-digit iCloud Account-code :

      – on your Mac, open Safari and go to http://www.icloud.com
      – login using your AppleID e-mail address and AppleID password
      – click on Calendar
      – the online calendar layout now opens
      – now go to Window (in the upper menu bar) –> Activity
      – in Activity window that opens you’ll find the text “iCloud Calendar” in bold letters, just below it, you’ll find 3 lines that look like this :


      – there’s the “p0X” and the “123456789” that you’re looking for


      furthermore : if you have multiple calendars in iCloud of which you only want to sync one, you should add the name of that specific calendar at the end of the server URL, like this :


      or like this :


      note that now it’s “calendars” instead of “principal”, and “work” or “home” (or your specific calendar’s name) at the end

      • @MacManus thanks for the quick response and the time you’re putting into this. Unfortunately it is still not working for me. It is still unable to verify or connect.

        I had noted from other sites that the Server url loses the account specific info so that wasn’t particularly bothering me.

        I managed to find my numerical id. You may want to add to your response above that you need to be running Safari to get the Activity menu item in the Windows menu (neither Chrome nor Firefox has it). However the id is only 8 digits long ! It is the dsid= number so presumably correct…

        As all your urls refer to https presumably SSL must be switched on in the Advanced Settings. The iPhone likes to turn it off and retries when verifying fails on each first attempt. Presumably the Port should be set to 443 too. The iPhone changes it to 8008 when SSL is turned off and then 8443 when it is turned back on.

        Any more thoughts on this greatly appreciated.

        One thing that may make a slight difference is that my Apple account is quite old – it is a .mac account as opposed to .me (this may explain the lower id number)

      • @Chris :

        thanks for your feedback

        you’re right on the Safari remark – I will add that to my post

        you’re also right regarding the 9-digit iCloud Account-code ; if you are a (very) early subscriber to .Mac (the ancestor of MobileMe) you will have an 8-digit iCloud Account-code, as it previously was your MobileMe Account-code and your .Mac Account-code before that…

        your remark about SSL is also correct : SSL should be ON
        but… that should go automatically if you use the suggested URL, as usage of port 443 is included in it :

        I’m sorry to hear that you still haven’t got things running yet.
        …it’s very odd that these setting don’t work for you…

        I would be surprised if the fact that you had .Mac before MobileMe would be of any influence… I have a .Mac account that turned into MobileMe and now into iCloud in iOS5 and OSX10.7 “Lion” myself, and that runs perfectly… and on the iPhone 3G that I’m using is an iCloud account that originates from MobileMe, but it would be very strange if an iCloud-account that original started out as a .Mac-account would work with iCloud in iOS5, and not in iOS4…

        I think the main problem is that your iPhone is generating that server URL that looks like
        even though it should look like

        …did you try a soft-reset of your iPhone 3G ?
        that seems to help very well for solving all kinds of small erratic behaviors on your iPhone

        to execute a soft-reset, do this :
        – press and hold both the Menu-button (on the front) and the ON/OFF-button (on top) at the same time
        – keep both buttons pressed until the iPhone powers off, and do not release before the Apple-logo reappears on your screen…

        FYI : the iPhone 3G I’ve tested this on is a model MB497DN with iOS version 4.2.1 (8C148) – what’s your’s ?

      • @MacManus thanks again for the quick and informative response.

        I have tried a soft reset and starting the above instructions from scratch, it still does the same (unable to verify, calendars from iCloud not showing up). However the Server URl is now behaving as you first described. It didn’t do this immediately after the soft reset, when I started from scratch yet again (using the me.com version as opposed to mac.com – I had tried the mac.com version because on Lion, using the web based calendar from a browser my account id changes automatically from xxx@me.com to xxx.mac.com). Next step is a Restore form iTunes to see if that helps…

        The model is an MB489B running 4.2.1 (8C148).

        Looks like I might have to buy the missus that new iPhone 😦

      • @Chris :

        buying the missus a new iPhone is always a great idea,
        however : timing is crucial in ‘misses business’ 😉

        anyway :

        at this moment I am thinking about three other possible causes (not very plausible, bus still I’m going to suggest them) :

        1- did you fully wipe your MobileMe-account form your iPhone before you started installing iCloud syncing ? (that seems to be a crucial step in the process that some people might have missed…)

        2- did you ever jailbrake your iPhone 3G ? (I didn’t…)

        3- when exactly was your first try in setting up iCloud for this account ? was it before or even on June 30th ? or on July 1st or later ?
        (theoretically it just might be that Apple has changed something in settings for accounts dat have been set after the official end date of June 30th… but I actually can’t think of any valid reason why Apple would do that…)

        Furthermore : your iPhone 3G is an MB489B from O2 (UK & Ireland) as opposed to the MB497DN (T-Mobile Germany, Austria & The Netherlands) I have here… there might be some carrier-specific firmware involved that causes this problem, but I would be surprised…

        for anyone else reading this :
        a complete listing of iPhone 3G/3GS carrier model numbers can be found here :

      • @MacManus: In response to your questions:
        Prior to trying to get iCloud to work – this phone didn’t have MobileMe accounts – her Mac synced the calendars, subscribing to mine so this phone just had read only access. So I can safely say that there wasn’t a MobileMe account on the phone.
        It’s never been jailbroken (jailbraked ??)
        I have been using this iCloud account on my phone, ipad and mac for a while – I did only just start trying to get it working on this phone on the 1st July

        I suppose it’s just possible that the version of iPhone is to blame (as you say the carrier firmware could be at fault). Be interesting to hear from other people that have got theirs to work – any with this model number (MB489B)

      • @Chris :

        from what you’re telling, I understand your wife doesn’t have her own iCloud Account…
        …maybe that’s (part of) the problem…

        I would suggest you to also try to get your wife her own iCloud account and share your shared calendars…
        (…just as things were meant to be set up in Apple’s iCloud (and MobileMe) vision…)

        And I agree on your last remark : it would be good to hear from other people that can’t get this to work,
        so we can hopefully pin-down the underlieing problem/cause…

      • Just to confirm that an 8-digit “iCloud Account Code” will work successfully, this is what I have… I have been a ‘.mac’ account holder (now ‘.me’) for a while now.

        Thanks to these instructions, I am once again sync-ing Mail, Contacts, and Calendar on my 3.

        Your efforts are much appreciated.

      • Hi, not sure it works yet, but I found such a line in my Mac, because I did not find the menu “Activity” in the menu “Window”, etc.
        It is in the Mac, “My Home”/Library/Calendars/(a-folder-with-a-very-long-letters-and-numbers-name.caldav/info.plist
        The file named “info.plist” there, is the only file, the others are folders.
        In “info.plist” (opened with “TextEdit”), I found this line :
        Only 8 digits for me, but I have seen them in others “info.plist” file, in others folders in the folder “Calendars” of my Library.
        I’ll try now with my iPhone 3G…

      • @JMN :

        Thank you for this excellent find !
        I’ll add this to the original post, so others can immediately access your wisdom 😉

        Good Luck & enjoy !

      • Hi, unfortunately, it did not work.
        Strangely, I configured it a little bit more than month ago, and I did it with no complicated things to do… I didn’t have to configure the calendars, and I did not need that, I just wrote “p01-contacts.icloud.com”, then, the section “p01” changed by itself to the same number I found last time in the “info.plist” file, my ID worked, my password worked and all was ok.
        One day, about 2 or 3 weeks ago, all of that stopped working, and my 3G did not keep my contacts, This is the reason why I tried again, and finally found your blog.
        But it doesn’t work anymore, and I am asking myself if Apple did not change something there, to end the fact of using iCloud though too old devices…
        The 3GS still has iCloud, and does not need any specific configuration, the simple 3G has not… and my phone I try to use there is a simple 3G…
        What do you think?

      • @JMN :

        Sorry to hear that.
        As the original iPhone (iPhone 1) turns 10 years old this year, the iPhone3G (iPhone 2) turns 9 years old…
        Apple supported MobileMe on it, but never iCloud…
        The iPhone3GS (iPhone 3) is technically more advanced than the iPhone3 (iPhone 2) and has had official support for iCloud in iOS from the first introduction of iCloud…
        I wouldn’t be surprised if they have finally upgraded iCloud security in a way that now completely excludes devices that have no iOS or OSX/macOS version that has official iCloud-integration…

        It was fun while it lasted…
        I can only applaud you for still keeping your iPhone3G alive, but I also have to warn you for being an extreme dare-devil when connecting to the internet using a device that hasn’t had any security updates in 7 years
        …most people would consider that a ‘digital death wish’

        Proceed with caution & stay safe 😉

      • Thanks, but my 3G is a second phone for me, I do not connect it to internet (except when I try(ed) to sync my contacts on iCloud) 🙂

      • @JMN :

        Come to think of it : did you spot the difference between CalDAV and CardDEV ? and did you try adding the port into the URL ?

        the standard port for HTTP is 80
        the standard port for CalDAV (with SSL) seems to be 8443
        the standard port for CardDAV (with SSL) seems to be 8843
        the standard port for HTTPS (with SSL) is 443
        the Apple-prefered port for CalDAV (with SSL) is 433
        the Apple-prefered port for CardDAV (with SSL) is 433

        so, for Calendar-syncing, try using a URL that looks like this :

        and for Contacts-syncing, try using a URL that looks like one of these :

        If that doesn’t work, go through all the troubleshooting tips that are listed in the original post (below “UPDATE”) one by one until you run into a solution that helps. (Even if you have already tried all of them.)

        Hope this helps 😉

  11. Thanks for the instructions but for me in Australia I had no luck. After trying several times over a few days, each time I hit a roadblock: “Unable to verify account information” and if I then save it says the account may be unable to sync – which it is.

    Now, all my old appointments that were on the phone remain there since the update but new ones made on my iPad and Mac don’t replicate on the iPhone and vice versa.

    • @natechochrane :

      thanks for your feedback 😉

      the “Unable to verify account information” error seems to be the same error that Chris is getting,
      so please try all suggestions I’ve made him first

      furthermore :
      do you have multiple calendars ? it just might be that you are working on a different calendar on your iPad and Mac then on your iPhone…
      if so… merge the calendars, and after you’ve double-checked that the merging was successful, delete the old one on your iPhone…

      by-the-way : what model no. does your iPhone have ?
      (see my answers to Chris for more info)

  12. Dear @MacManus, Thanks for your great work on this! I am wondering, should I be concerned about updating my iPhone software via iTunes? Is it likely to overcome / negate the great modifications I have been able to make as a result of your advice? Once again, many thanks for the great work!!

    • @zimhippoLindsay :

      that’s a very good question… normally I would say updating your iPhone software through iTunes is very unlikely to affect the working of your unsupported iCloud syncing…
      but if you want to be as sure as possible before you do, I would advise you not to upgrade straight away, but to wait a few days (maybe even a week or so) and check the internet regarding claims of problems caused by the update before you update yourself…

      (on the other hand : chances on a new version of iOS4 are very small, as the iPhone 3G is more-or-less labelled ‘obsolete’ by Apple and all newer iPhone versions are able to upgrade to iOS5… and iOS6 is on it’s way this year…)

      Thank you for the compliments – enjoy !

  13. Thanks! Calendar works great! Fantastic! Couldn’t get contacts working (same problem everyone else with no option available to insert URL). Worth a try. The guy at the Apple store called by iphone 3 a ‘collectors item’ yesterday… 😉

    • @Kirsten :

      You’re welcome !
      Enjoy !

      please note :
      – in the final setup the actual URL (server path) will not be shown, just “p0X-contacts.icloud.com” is all that will be listed at “Server:”
      – if you have a non-standard Address Book setup with multiple contacts lists, in which you only want to share one contacts list using iCloud, your server path will be slightly different and longer (it will contain an extra “/” at the end, followed by the name of your specific contacts group)
      – trying to use a shared iCloud-account might be problematic (only iCloud/Me.com-accounts for the iTunes Store are allowed to be used by multiple persons – within one family) for iCloud-syncing each individual must have his/her own iCloud/Me.com-account, iCloud-syncing can be on multiple devices, but for one individual only (this is different from the way it was in MobileMe, especially the way it was in MobileMe Family Packs) ; on the iPhone 3G iCloud-syncing should be on a separate account !! for sharing contacts and calendars among multiple individuals separate accounts for “subscribed calendars” and “subscribed contacts lists” should be set up

  14. Thanks a lot ya’ll. I have my mail back on my 3G iPhone. This the most informative stream of information I have ever had the pleasure to run across on the web.

  15. There is a much simpler way to get your contacts. Log into iCloud on your computer and Export a vCard. Select all your contacts and export it. Then email the file to your iphone and add all the contacts to your phone! Very simple.

    • @Kody :

      Thank you for your reply… what you are describing is a very simple and effective way of copying your Contacts from your iCloud account (or maybe we should say : from your iPhone) to your Mac

      but since your solution is about ‘copying’ (which is about ‘one time only transferral’) it is NOT about ‘iCloud syncing’ (which is about ‘continuously keeping in-sync’)

      that is why your solution is NOT a solution to the initial problem…
      (it is however a interesting option to mention for some… you’re right on that one)

    • Kody, thank you , thank you, and again thanks! I have tried everything, as I refuse to join iCloud , other than the move from me.com to the online iCloud page. I have the old 3G, and have tried all these methods with the exception of “find my iPhone” which I also refuse to do at this time, and here comes someone with the most simple solution that not only speaks to my rebellious heart, but actually works! Now I just have to see what happens when I sync with iTunes. Still if the contacts disappear I’ll add them again with this method from now on. I HEART you for this.

      • @Darrin C Huss :

        Good to hear that Kody’s suggestion works for you.

        And of course you can always use iTunes syncing of contacts and calendars when you connect your iPhone 3G to your Mac (or PC) using the USB-cable…
        …so that might even be a simpler solution than the ‘manual’ one from Kody…

        Actually, I do not really get your problem (or your question) I think… what exactly do you mean by “I refuse to join iCloud” ?
        especially since the rest of your post seems to indicate that you are already using iCloud.com…

        (I personally think that iCloud is one of the biggest added values of iOS over Android, Symbian or Windows Mobile…)

        Anyway :
        if this works for you… great ! enjoy !

  16. Thanks a lot for explaining in depth how to do it.

    Before I begin fumbling—will this also work on an olden iPhone 1 w/ iOS 3.1.3?

    Thanks in advance, Tom

    • @Tom R :
      You’re welcome !

      About getting iCloud syncing on the very first iPhone (which I have never owned, nor used myself) :
      in theory you should be able to sync to iCloud if your OS supports CalDAV and CardDAV,
      so since iOS 3.1.3 does support these, one would expect you to be able to get it working…

      However… this does NOT mean that you can use the exact same settings on iOS 3.1.3 as described in this post for iOS 4 on the iPhone 3G.
      The settings needed will be similar, but not necessarily exactly the same…

      You might also want to try the settings needed to get iCloud-syncing on MacOSX 10.6 “Snow Leopard” :

      I’m interested to hear your results.
      Good luck !

      • Sadly, I’m on Lion with both my Macs, and Safari has no “Activity” window anymore, and the web inspector doesn’t show me neither Server-number, and iCloud Account-code 😦

        I think … I’m giving up on this :’-(

      • @Tom R :
        am I right that you are trying to get iCloud onto an iPhone 1 ? (as you posted earlier)
        and are you now trying to use the way to figure out the Server-number and iCloud Account-code when using OSX Snow Leopard ?

        anyway :
        there are multiple ways of getting your Server-number and iCloud Account-code, the one using Safari’s (previous) Activity-window just was the easiest…

        in the latest version of Safari (Safari 6), the way to get them using iCloud.com :
        – open Safari and go to iCloud.com and login using your iCloud account info
        – when logged in click on your account name in the upper right corner
        – in the Account window that opens, make sure there is a picture (if not, upload one)
        – then in the Safari menu bar go to Develop –> Show Page Resources
        – then in the underwater-screen on the left, you will see http://www.icloud.com listed, with an folder called Images below it
        – open the Images folder, and point your cursor over the first image-file listed (the one with the enormous alphanumeric name)
        – in the small popup that opens you will see a URL that looks like this :
        https://pXX-contacts.icloud.com/123456789/wcs/ …followed by that same enormous alphanumeric name
        – …those are your server number (pXX) and iCloud Account code (123456789)

        an other way is to use the auto-correction of the URL that the iPhone does (the iPhone 3G at least), that’s the way it’s described originally :

        and you can also find it inside the Configuration.plist of AddressBook (or iCal) on a Mac that was synced to MobileMe, in this folder on your Mac :
        ~/Library/Application Support/AddressBook/Sources/xxxxx/Configuration.plist

        Good Luck !

  17. Did everything as you said and it worked straight away, thanks for the detailed description.
    Now if I change anything in my MBP it syncs iCloud and my iPhone 3G.
    But should it not also work the other way around? If I add a new contact on my phone, should that not sync ICloud and then my MBP?

      • @lamalex :

        if you think syncing is not working properly, you use might have to be a little more patient…
        …sometimes it’s that simple, and sometimes if not obvious is your iPhone has or has not synced at all…
        (iCloud syncing to unsupported devices is not a quick a you might expect…)

        you might also want to do a ‘manual push’ to make sure your iPhone will update straight away (try shutting down Contacts or Calendar on your iPhone, then start them up again for instance)

        if that doesn’t work either… you might have missed some setting…
        so just try setting up everything once more (from scratch)

        FYI : I’ve had to try myself a few times to get things right…

  18. Dear McManus,

    As you said. The keys to the kingdom are PATIENCE, PATIENCE, and PATIENCE!!! I was able to apply your E-mail an calendar workaround with out a hitch. Calendars took a couple of tries, but on the fourth go used the contacts.icloud.com set up with the cut/paste/modify calendar server URL… set it to “sync”, got up for a cup of hot coffee and when I came back… DONE and DONE!

    Thank you so much for this post!

    • @amanda :

      Good to hear that your apparent problems were only temporary.

      I can not emphasize enough that patience is the key to most problems on a first sync…
      even if the application seems to have crashed, you might just have to wait a little (or actually quite a while) longer, and they problems will vanish out of their own…

      Thanks for your feedback !
      Enjoy !

  19. Hi,

    many many many thanks for this post!
    worked perfectly syncing my iPhone 3 and the iCloud
    All systems working fine and dandy!
    Mails, calendar and contacts in the cloud are all visible on the phone!

    Just one question!
    Anyone know a good way to get the contacts into the iCloud in the first place?
    I’m using win vista and am backing up the contacts from the iPhone to windows contacts (as a Windows .contacts format)
    But every which way I try and get the contacts into iCloud it says unable to import vCard (I’m guessing because windows .contacts format is not vCard?)


  20. Dear McManus

    I really cannot thank you enough for helping me sort out what had become an extremely frustrating problem with my own iPone 3G which runs on iOS 4.1 and my wife’s iPhone which also runs on iOS 4.1.

    Both of our phones are jailbroken so that they can use different networks which complicates the opportunity to upgrade to a later operating system. For quite sometime we have not been able to sync our Contacts and iCal via iCloud. Thanks to your brilliant and extremely clear instructions this VERY ANNOYING PROBLEM has now been successfully rectified.

    Once I had made certain that the copied iCal URL was exactly right and that I used .me and not .mac in my username then everything all of my iCal calendars synced with iCloud immediately. Contacts was the same except that I did not have to delete the URL from the advanced settings as a URL does not exist. The only items I have in advanced settings are: Use SSL and Port. Therefore I did not have to perform any of the instructions after BUT IT WONT WORK YET and it actually works fine and my Contacts synced immediately with iCloud.

    Once again thank you for your invaluable help. We were almost at the stage of upgrading our phones at considerable expense. Both of our phones are in as new condition and we had no other technical reason to change them other than syncing problems.

    Best wishes.


  21. I think I’m with the same problem as @chris, and also with the same model (MB489B) and ios: 4.2.1 (8C148).
    After about 20-30 tries to sync the calendar (the only one I need), it still haven’t worked. Sometimes it gives me the “Unable to verify account information”, but most of the time it saves with no problem. But still it never shows me any new calendar.
    I did all the steps, put only caldav.icloud.com, save it, come back and copy the account URL to the server, save again.
    Also, I tried to put the whole p12-caldav.icloud.com/… stuff in the server (yes, my server is p12, that’s what Safari/Activity showed). Nothing worked.
    I’ve synced with Lion’s, then updated my iCloud with all the events, then I tried to sync (iTunes) the Lion’s calendar, the iCloud calendar, don’t sync any, nothing helped.

    Something strange is that the first time I save, it always save the URL account as “https://caldav.icloud.com:443/12345678901/principal”, not showing any p** before the caldav.

    That’s my last try. Any clue would be great.


    • @William :
      did you already try waiting ?
      first syncs are know to take quite some time, especially is you have multiple calendars in iCal/Calendar,
      and in this case “quite some time” literally means “hours and hours”,
      so, if you have set up everything exactly as pointed out, I would suggest just letting the first sync take as long as it needs…
      (in practice : let it try to sync the entire night while you sleep – so 8 hours, or maybe even 10 hours…)

      Good Luck !

  22. Everything worked well – thx – EXCEPT contacts as noted by many above. I have a 3g with iOS 4.11 running, and under my new “iCloud Contacts” account, there is no place for a URL under Advanced Settings, as there is for Calendars, and once the account is setup, the Server field changes to a non URL of something like p02-contacts.icloud.com. Is that where we need to change the URL? Tried it, and I get that SSL message previously mentioned, and no matter what you answer, it’s a no go. Incidentally, my Advanced Settings have SSL turned on to port 443. Well, any more advice would be appreciated!

    • @coocooforcocoapuffs :
      if you have iOS 4.1.1 running, I would suggest upgrading iOS to 4.2.1 first and setting up every as indicated after that…

      Good Luck !

  23. Hi! Thanks for the help here.

    Everything seems to have worked except for the Contacts one. Under ‘ADVANCED SETTINGS’ there is no ‘ACCOUNT URL’ option, only “Use SSL” and “Port 443.” So I can’t paste in the new URL.

    The other error that happens is a message that keeps popping up and then leaving saying, “Password Incorrect: Enter the password for the CalDav account “iCloud Calendar.”

    Thanks again 🙂

    • @Adam :
      which version of iOS are you running ?
      if it is an older version than iOS 4.2.1, I would suggest to upgrade to iOS 4.2.1 first and try afterwards to set up everything again.

      Good Luck !

      • My iOS is also 4.2.1, however still not contacts, same problem as before. Just like Adam. However calendar and mail syncs well, thanks for that 🙂 just wish we could get the contacts

      • @christian jax :

        sorry to hear your contacts are still not syncing…
        …did you try thee suggestions :
        – use your @me.com account name (not the old @mac.com)
        – make sure the contacts you are adding are added to your ‘iCloud’ group and not an ‘On My Mac’ or other non iCloud group (you can do this by checking in groups), non iCloud contacts will not sync.
        – try unchecking contact syncing in the iCloud settings, restarting your device and then re-enabling contact settings
        – don’t bother about messages saying your password is incorrect, just go ahead and test
        – make sure that the server-URL you have set is HTTPS not normal HTTP
        – check your pXX server number in the settings that are working for iCal-syncing, and then try these URLs :
        pXX-contacts.icloud.com/[contact group]
        pXX-carddav.icloud.com/[contact group]

        …and did you try waiting ? if you have a lot of contacts, your first sync can take hours and hours… (actually a whole night…)

        if none of the above works for you, and you just want a one-time transfer of your contacts to your iPhone, you can export your contacts as a vCard from iCloud, and eMail them to your iPhone… where you can import them

        Good Luck !
        Enjoy !

      • Hey christianjax & macmanus,

        I changed it from “mac.com” to “me.com,” and now all my contacts are importing from iCloud!

        Hope that works for the rest of the gang as well.

        Thanks a lot for taking the time, MacManus!


  24. Coocooo – you have exactly the same phone as me running on iOS 4.1 and I imagine you cannot update the operating system as the phone is jailbroken.

    Once I had made certain that the copied iCal URL was exactly right and that I used .me and not .mac in my username then everything all of my iCal calendars synced with iCloud immediately.

    Contacts was the same except that I did not have to delete the URL from the advanced settings as a URL does not exist. The only items I have in advanced settings are: Use SSL and Port. Therefore I did not have to perform any of the instructions after BUT IT WONT WORK YET and it actually works fine and my Contacts synced immediately with iCloud.

    • yes, I tried all the fixes proposed by MacManus and still no go. So I exported all my contacts to gmail, then set the phone to sync with gmail, and that works fine. I guess I will have to get the iPhone5 when released to get back on track with all things icloud. cheers!

  25. EllenChelsea has another very helpful tip for anyone encountering problems when trying to add the correct server-URL :

    So I am not really sure if this is already somewhere in the 11 pages of post but I though I would post it becasue it is what ended up working for me and it is simple.
    I had combed though a majority of this thread trying almost all the solutions but was still unable to to get my icloud contacts on my 3G phone. No matter what I entered into the server field (whether p01, p02 etc. or the long address including my unique id) it would always automaticlly revert back to “p06-contacts.icloud.com.” This server address (when automatically changed) did not load my my contacts and I was getting frustrated becasue I couldn’t change it to anything else. So I decided to embrace it. I deleted any other CARDDAV account I had created for icloud and set up a completely new one, except this time, instead of starting with the long address or just the basic “contacts.icloud.com,” I put the “p06-contacts.icloud.com.” (that it was always changing to) directly into the server addresss line. It immeditally worked and my contacts loaded! So if your server address line keeps reverting back to the same address but doesn’t load any contacts try creating a new acoount using the address it always reverts to. I hope this can help somebody!

    this tip was originally posted here :
    Thank you EllenChelsea !

  26. Hi, I have an iPhone 3Gs still running iOS 4.2.1. Just bought a new MBP and set up iCloud (w my Apple User name, not @me.com account). Everything syncs between the iPhone and MBP EXCEPT my contacts. (I have sync contacts setting chosen on all devices). I’ve gone through several unsuccessful calisthenics to try to sync and/or back up my contact to no avail.

    At this point, my first concern is — I do not have a back up at all for the contacts on my iPhone. So, I’m afraid to try a new, complicated approach to solving the issue without backing up (somehow??) my contact directly from the iPhone 3Gs.

    Do you have any solutions for how to back up contacts from the iPhone … to … any place?

    Then, I was thinking of being bold and trying your initial approach here. Sorry, I’m not the most tech savvy when it comes to these kinds of things.

    Thanks in advance for your feedback!

    • @C_Jo :

      As you can read from the user-feedback in the comments, you will see that Contacts-syncing may not always work at the first attempt, but that it will work for anyone, if you follow the instructions very closely and try the suggestions if it doesn’t seem to work straight after setting things up as instructed.

      Regarding the options for backing up your contacts from your iPhone :
      try using software that ‘sees’ the iPhone as a ‘regular’ USB-harddrive, and then extract the Contacts and back them up to your computer.
      Go to MacUpdate.com and do a search for “iPhone 3G usb contacts” or something similar.
      Here are some options – some free, some shareware :
      iExplorer (a.k.a. iPhone Explorer)
      iOS Mounter
      iRip (a.k.a. iPodRip)
      Pod to Mac
      StellarPhoenix data recovery for iOS

      …I’m not sure which one is best, but my advice is that you first check out which ones do support Contacts-list backup next d
      (I think I used iRip last time, but beware because iRip is a paid piece of software)

      Good Luck & enjoy !

  27. Hi, firstly thanks to everyone who contributed to this..
    I set up calendars and it’s working ok..but when I followed the same instructions for setting up contacts I hit a snag! the account set up alright but when I went to advanced settings to change the URL it wasn’t there, only ‘Use SSL” and the” Port ”
    was available..It seems I’d be able to set up contacts except for this problem…if anyone has any advise it would be much appreciated..Thanks again….

      • Thanks for replying! well I’ve done all I can now, so just waiting for contacts to sync.!
        I wished myself good luck! Cheers.Tony

      • @Tony :

        I’m not sure if it is of any help in your case, but I just wanted to let you know that I’ve made a small update to step 5 of the instructions :

        5- Now get rid off the default calendar (the one called ‘Calendar’) on your iPhone 3G :
        in “Settings” -> “Mail., Contacts, Calendars”, scroll down completely (even though it might look like a static page and there’s no indication what-so-ever that you can scroll below “Add Account…”)
        in the “Contacts” section, at “Default Account”, choose “iCloud Contacts”
        in the “Calendars” section, at “Default Calendar” (the setting option completely at the bottom), choose your most frequently used calendar as your default calendar

        Hope it works for you !
        Good luck !

  28. Thanx worked!!

    should have read this one earlier >>
    don’t bother about messages saying your password is incorrect, just go ahead and test

  29. Hello
    Thank you for your post
    I fix the mail and calendars…..but….in the contacts…..in advanced setting of CardDav i have only :
    – Use SSL
    – Port

    Account URL missing…..

    I have iPhone 3g, unlock with ultrasn0w and jailbreak with pwnage
    Than you

  30. Thank you very much for this. My wife has inherited a “modified” 3g from her son, and we can now sync like happy syncing things.

    Thanks again

  31. Brilliant thanks. A hand me down phone along with a new iPad and works a treat so far. Long may it last 🙂

  32. Syncs worked for both contacts and calendar. Only one problem. The appointment time on the iPhone 3 does not agree with the time on iCloud. It’s usually 3 hours off. Any ideas?

    • @Ron :
      Good to hear the sync works.
      The fact that your iPhone and iCloud do not agree on the time might be because your time zone settings differ.

      Setting the Time Zone :
      On your iPhone : go to Settings app –> General –> Date & Time –> Time Zone
      On your Mac : go to Apple icon –> System Preferences –> Date & Time –> Time Zone
      On iCloud.com : go to http://www.icloud.com –> login –> click on [your account name] (top right, next to “Sign Out”) –> pop-up window Account opens –> Time Zone

      Turning on Time Zone Support :
      On your iPhone : go to Settings app –> Mail, Contacts, Calendars –> scroll down to Calendars chapter –> Time Zone Support
      On your Mac : go to Applications folder –> open iCal app (or Calendar app) –> iCal (or Calendar) –> Preferences –> Advanced –> Turn on time zone support
      On iCloud.com : go to http://www.icloud.com –> login –> Calendar –> Sprocket (Gear) icon –> Preferences –> Advanced –> Time Zone –> Turn on time zone support

      I hope this helps

      • Thanks for the reply. I am syncing an iPad2, an iPhone 5 and an iPhone 3 thru iCloud. All events are syncing in all places on the right date. The iPad, the iPhone 5 and iCloud all agree on the time. The iPhone 3 shows 3 hours later. I have checked the settings on all devises and they are the same, set for Cupertino. Any other thoughts.

  33. I just set the time zone on the iPhone 3 to New York and turned time zone support on it to off and the time now syncs correctly. Go figure!!

    • @Ron :
      good to hear you’ve figured it out !

      I can’t get my head around this one either…
      you’ve solved a 3 hour time difference by swapping Cupertino-time for NewYork-time ?
      …isn’t that a 6 hour time difference ?

      enjoy !

  34. Hi,

    I tried to follow step 5 in the “Contacts” section, at “Default Account”, choose “iCloud Contacts”

    but in my contacts there are only 3 options
    Sort order
    display order
    import SIM contacts

    How will i know that my contacts are syncing? How do I add contacts to iCloud Contacts

    • @try :

      What you are describing is the way it looks when you don’t have any accounts…
      Are you sure you have enabled any account in “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” ?
      If not, scroll to the top of the “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” page and select “Add Account”

      Hope this helps…
      Good Luck !

      • I did follow all steps as directed and i see the accounts for contacts and calendar. However i could not add an email account. Does it matter?

      • @try :

        I’m not completely sure what your question is, but this info might help :
        setting up eMail on iCloud is only relevant if you have an iCloud.com eMail address, a Me.com eMail address or a Mac.com eMail address

        Enjoy !

      • Well I got the “Default account” option under the Contacts area and I set it to iCloud Contacts. And iCloud Contacts syncs with iCloud. I tested it by adding a contact in iCloud and it appeared on my phone quickly.
        But the new question arises — How will the contacts in “From my PC” Sync to iCloud if I choose “iCloud Contacts” as the default account. Currently all my contacts are in “From my PC”

      • @try :

        keep in mind that the “From my PC / From my Mac” contacts will not sync to iCloud !
        so… from now on you should not use those/that anymore…

        there are several ways to get your contacts from your “From my PC / From my Mac” to your “iCloud Contacts”,
        most important thing to do is BACKUP your contacts BEFORE you start fiddling around !

        to backup :
        – select all your contacts and export them from Address Book
        (and preferably make a TimeMachine backup of your entire Mac also…)

        to transfer (as mentioned above, there are several options to do so, this is just one) :
        – drag & drop the backup back onto your Address Book’s “iCloud Contacts”, and they will be imported
        (or use the “Import”-option in Address Book)

        to clean up :
        – do not forget to disable or delete your “From my PC / From my Mac” contacts from Address Book

        Hope this helps !
        Good Luck !

      • Thanks a lot for giving so many options to transfer contacts!.
        However I realized that I cannot sync with iTunes as it will not detect my phone. It only gives me the option to restore which will erase my contacts.

        So I did a bit of searching and — Bingo!! I got the simplest solution to the problem. (May be you can add a step in the instructions after step 5 to include this)
        Download “Orbi Tools” app from the App store (its free and it is one of those apps which does not demand ios 4.3!!)
        After the app installs open it and select move/ copy. It then asks you to select the group to copy from. Select the “From my PC” group and tap on next. Then select the card dav account as the destination group.
        In a matter of a few minutes all the contacts get moved/ copied. 5 stars to the app.

        As soon as transfer is finished go to iCloud contacts on your iPhone. You will find the contacts syncing with iCloud.

        Hope that was useful

        And thanks again for all the help!

      • @try :

        Great to hear you managed to get things working !

        …to be honest : I’m still not completely sure what your exact problem was and why you’ve encountered it…

        …but the main thing is :
        It works !

        Enjoy !

  35. Hey there, You have done an excellent job. I will certainly digg it and personally
    recommend to my friends. I am sure they’ll be benefited from this web site.

  36. Wow- Thanks MACMANUS!
    It may have taken me a while, but everything worked. Well, almost everything.

    When I got to step 5, where you say – in the “Contacts” section, at “Default Account”, choose “iCloud Contacts” – I do not have the option to set a default account. I only have “sort order” and “display order.”

    BTW, I don’t know if it makes a difference, but I am using a iPod Touch 2g.

    Thanks again!!!

    • P.S. I don’t suppose there are any workarounds to be able to have “Notes” and “Reminders” sync?

      • @ Billy Squier :

        I haven’t found the proper URL and the protocol that iCloud uses to sync these, so…

        probably the URL is something like :


        and your login will probably be something like :


        but I don’t have a clue (yet) about the password to use…


    • @ Billy Squier :

      Thanks for your feedback !

      When you only have one account, you might not be able to set a default account, since your account can only be the one you’ve already entered.

      Enjoy !

  37. I am very sorry to bother you. But I just found out that I am unable to send any emails from my account. Error message: “No password provided. Please go to Mail Account Settings and enter a password.”

    Have made sure the correct password is entered, still won’t work.

    I am able to receive with no problem.

    Any suggestions?

  38. Nice work thanks.This has enabled me to use my old i phone 3 while I wait for the insurance on my broken 4. Very clear guide.

  39. hey macmanus.nl,

    this stuff is tough! Still working like a charm!! for those doing it nowadays (end 2013) go for it – calendars were right there. added an event on the ipad and – plop – it popped up on my iphone 3g.
    Contacts are still syncing as i am writing. now i have the contacts “from my mac” and contacts “iCloud Contacts”.
    Will try to get rid of the ones “from my mac” (any ideas?) cause from now on i will never sync iTunes, only WIRELESSLY over the cloud!! 🙂

    • @Matthias Rowley :

      Thanks for the compliment !

      I assume you mean the “On My Mac” contacts are only on you Mac ?
      (Not on your iPhone)

      To ‘delete’ the “On My Mac” contacts from your Mac, without deleting them from iCloud, do this :
      – in the Address Book (or Contacts) app, go to “Preferences”
      – then in the “Accounts”-tab, you will see “iCloud” and “On My Mac” listed
      – select “On My Mac” and if that’s still enabled, disable it
      That should be all…

      – if that option isn’t available, make sure all your contacts are on iCloud ( put differently : back up your contacts ! )
      – then, in “Preferences”, select the “iCloud” account, and disable that for the moment (and any other accounts listed, except “On My Mac”)
      – then in the normal Contacts list you will only see the “On My Mac” contacts, there you can select them all and delete them
      – then, go back to “Preferences” and switch the “iCloud” account back on
      – now all of your contacts should be listed, but only from iCloud

      Enjoy !

  40. Hallo Macmanus,

    thank you for your posts: I followed your instructions some months ago and everything worked like a charm but… it stopped working two days ago. In particular, I created a new Calendar on the MAC, moved it to the cloud and it did not get sync-ed to my iphone 3G. After that, I deleted everything, and repeated the procedure. Now I have one single calendar with one event in the cloud. It syncs with calendar on the mac, but not with my iphone 3G. And there is something strange – the calendar list in the iphone updates correctly – if I add a calendar or rename it, this information gets sync-ed, but no event appears (I am sure the calendar is selected in the list). I don’t know if you can help me, and if I was clear enough!
    Thank you in any case,


  41. Hallo Macmanus, in case you are having a look at my previous post, I solved the syncing problem by changing “Sync All Events” to “Sync Last Month” events in my 3G iPhone. Now it works again!
    Thank you for your helpful posts!

  42. iPhone 3G 📱 and Mac OS Mavericks 💻

    1) 💻 In Safari>Preferences>Advanced. I selected: [Show Develop menu in menu bar].
    2) ☁️ Log-in to http://www.icloud.com and go to Calendar
    3) 💻 In Safari>Develop>Show Web Inspector. This will open the Resource pane across bottom of Safari.
    4) ☁️ Select in the left column: [Cookies – http://www.icloud.com]
    On the right you will find a line:
    X-APPLE-WEBAUTH-USER “v=1:s=0:d=[iCloud Unique ID 🆔]” .icloud.com / Session 41 B ✓ ✓
    Write down your [iCloud Unique ID 🆔].
    5) ☁️ Select in the left column: [Session Storage – http://www.icloud.com]
    On the right you will find your: iCloud.[username 🔒]
    (Your [password 🔑] is that that you used to log into http://www.icloud.com).

    6) 📱 In you iPhone 3>Settings>Mail,Contacts, Calendars>Add Account>Other>Add CardDav Account.
    Server: https://p03-contacts.icloud.com:443/ [iCloud Unique ID 🆔] /carddavhome/card/
    User Name: 🔒
    Password: 🔑
    Description: (What you wish to call the account)

    7) 📱 In you iPhone 3>Settings>Mail,Contacts, Calendars>Add Account>Other>Add CalDav Account.
    Server = https://p03-caldav.icloud.com:433/ [iCloud Unique ID 🆔] /principal
    User Name: 🔒
    Password: 🔑
    Description: (What you wish to call the account)

    Note: p03 was the same as what my e-mail account used. This may be p01,p02, p03 or p04.

    • @mcbennet :

      Thank you for your great feedback !
      Very welcome info.

      I haven’t tested this myself, but I’ll show it here ‘as is’ for anyone interested

      FYI :
      details on finding the p01/p03/p03/…-code that anyone interested in doing this should use, can be found here

      Thanks !

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