2 thoughts on “fixed : easily generate a new random password in macOS

  1. A trivial way to generate random passwords on MacOS is to open a terminal window and type in the following command

    head -c 256 /dev/random | openssl sha512 -binary | base64 | tr -dc A-Za-z0-9 | cut -b1-n

    replace the final “n” in the line with the desired length of the password, eg. cut -b1-14 for a 14 character password. This command works equally well on any Linux based system. It works reliably for generating passwords of up to 75 characters. Theoretical max is 86 but the “tr” command strips the symbols “+”, “/”, and “=” which reduces the total output somewhat.

    • @Thomas Stone :
      Thanks for your tip !
      It’s great how many features are available to us when using the Terminal.app but for the mainstream Mac-user one of the greatest pleasures of using a Mac is that there’s no need to mess around (and even risk messing up) with a command prompt…
      that’s why the original post only lists some simple WYSIWYG-options to generate new passwords…
      enjoy !

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