fixed : 5V 4A car adapter for Samsung Optical SmartHub SE-208BW

Question :

I have a Samsung Optical SmartHub SE-208BW (all-in-one : WiFi-DVD player, media streamer,  WiFi-router and DVD+R burner), and since it is capable of streaming DVDs and HardDisk content to my iPhone/iPad using the Samsung SmartHub iOS-app, I thought it would be a great idea to use it in my car also.

However, if I power it using the USB-cable that comes with the SmartHub, it is limited to not act as a WiFi-device. So… I need a ‘dedicated’ car-adapter for it…

But… the power needed is 5V and 4A minimum… that’s a really rare combination… and Samsung does not sell any car adapters for the SmartHub, neither do they have any recommendation on a good solution…

What options do I have ?

Answer :

The Samsung Optical SmartHub SE-208BW is a rather unique piece of equipment. Combined with an iPhone/iPad and the SmartHub-app, it is a really versatile solution …if you keep in mind that it still has some little flaws…

If you ask Samsung how to power the Samsung Optical SmartHub SE-208BW in your car, they will recommend using a cigarette-lighter-to-220V-transformer…

…that’s a stupid ‘solution’, since transforming from 12V to 220V and back to 5V is both a complete waste of energy resources and it will drain your car battery…

So… after elaborate search and testing, I’ve found a ‘real’ car adapter solution for the SmartHub ; you should create a car-adapter yourself consisting of these three parts :

1- a USB to 5V DC Barrel H power cable like this one :

USB to 5V DC Barrel H power cable

2- a USB Y-connection cable (2x USB-male to 1x USB-female) like this one :

USB Y-connection able

3- a 5V 4.2A dual-USB car adapter ; at this moment, there is only one product like this that actually works :

5V 4.2A dual-USB car adapter

If you join these 3 parts together into, you’ll have exactly the car adapter you need for the Samsung Optical SmartHub SE-208BW.

Enjoy !

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7 thoughts on “fixed : 5V 4A car adapter for Samsung Optical SmartHub SE-208BW

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  2. Hi I wondered if this was possible to power the unit in the car thankyou for working this out.

    I have another query you may be able to help me with? Is it possible to set up the unit on an existing wifi network at home so I can access the unit from iPad without having to change ssid I also cannot access Internet on devices linked to it even with LAN cable plugged in?

    • @ l0nelyrabbit :

      You’re welcome – thanks for the compliment.

      Regarding your question : I haven’t tested, but what I do know might help you already :

      1- the LAN-port on the Optical SmartHub SE-208BW seems to be an UPLINK-only port… meaning it can only be used to connect to the Internet, not for connecting to a network…

      2- (re)configuring the SE-208BW is usually easiest and quickest using the iOS SmartHub-app on your iPhone / iPad

      3- there is no pre-set password when entering the Device Setting web-interface, so leave the input-box empty and just click “Login”

      4- to connect to an existing network you need to select “Network Service” –> “WDS Settings”, then click “Search” to find and select your WiFi/AirPort-network and enter the MAC-address of the WiFi-router/AirPort-BaseStation manually

      5- the SmartHub-app (or SE-208BW) can NOT handle WiFi/AirPort-network-names (SSID) with a SPACE in them… if that is your case, you will have to rename your WiFi/AirPort-network and the settings in all connected Macs, PCs, iPhones, iPads, Wiis, SmartTVs, PlayStations, BluRay Players, etc. etc…

      …as I mentioned before : I have not been able to test this myself, but I’m very interested in hearing your experiences

      Thank you & Good Luck !

  3. Hi I have a same device that needs power of 5V 4A DC. And I have purchased the exact same pieces, except for 5V DC Barrel M- type cable. I could initially boot up but then the device keeps blackout-> restart. I am thinking maybe the 3ft Barrel cable limits the current capacity, do you think it is true?

    • @ Wei Wei :

      I’m not an expert in electronics, so I can only guess :
      since the SmartHub boots up, I expect chances to be small that your problem is caused by the length of the cable
      I therefore suggest to see if you might be having a bad connection either in the Barrel M-type connector, the lighter-socket, any of the USB-connectors, or maybe even inside one of the cables
      Maybe it could also have to do with the age of the car-battery, but as far as my knowledge goes, that shouldn’t be a problem
      I have a feeling that if you’re not using an officially “Barrel M-type compatible” connector you might get the impression that the cable fits, but in fact it doesn’t…
      Good Luck !

  4. I’ve tested the smarthub in my vehicle with adapter below. Its very stable and offers 5V / 5A / 25W.
    This works perfect and it will also allow you connect/ power an external HDD without any problem. See link below from AliExpress. Free shipment takes about 10-12 days.

    1 PC DC Converter 12V 24V (7-40V) Step down to 5V 5A 25W Power Module Mini dc/dc dual power Boost Converter

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