fixed : which iOS app can I use for the LeadEdge H245 dashcam ?

Question :

I have a LeadEdge H245 dashcam (1080p & WiFi) in my car that has been doing a great job for a few years now.

Recently, I switched to a new iPhone and in an attempt to free some space by deleting apps that I seldomly use, I have deleted the app that I had installed for my LeadEdge H245 dashcam…

And now I want to get some video of my dashcam and I therefore need to reinstall the app… but I can’t remember its name or find any info on this online…

Can you help me ?


Answer :

The LeadEdge H245 dashcam is a rebrand of the Novatek 96658 dashcam that is also sold as Junsun S550, Podofo, SLB Works, CarSun, Vakind and probably other brand/product names too.

There are at least 4 FREE apps that can connect to this dashcam (maybe there are more) :

    • this app is pushed by LeadEdge as the app to use with your dash cam : it’s okay, but rather slow and feels a little out-dated
    • this app is suggested by LeadEdge as the alternative : it works, but apart from the live view, options are very limited
    • this app is made by Novatek and works with any Novatek-based dash cam : it’s far better than both and
    • this app is made to work with any dash cam : it is fast and has a¬†very nice user interface that is more intuitive than the (the ads are a little annoying though…)
    • note : can also include GPS data to your dash cam videos by connecting to your iPhone (although you might find this option a little too privacy invasive…)

For all 4 of these apps, this is the way to connect to your Dash Cam :

  • turn ON the WiFi on your Dash Cam by pressing the DOWN-button on the left side of the housing until the WIFi-icon is displayed on-screen
  • then, on you iPhone, goto > WiFi
  • on the Wi-Fi page, connect to the WiFi-network of your dash cam (probably the only one with a criptic name)
  • then open the dash cam app you want to use
  • fiddle around to get to know the options the app has, generally you can choose for ‘live video’ or ‘recorded video’ and you may also have ‘take picture’ as an option
    • additional instruction for : in the Camera List, click on the Plus-icon (top-right) and click on ‘Wi-Fi’ when it appears in the list
    • additional instruction for : choose “UGP 100 Universal Dash Cam” as your device

That’s it !

enjoy ūüėČ

fixed : update navigation maps of Peugeot 208 from 2013 using a Mac

Question :

I have a Peugeot 208 from 2013 with a built-in navigation system. Since the maps are completely out-dated, I want to update them. Peugeot says I can buy and download new official map-updates from a company called HERE, which have their website at

I think I have found the right maps, but the pictures of the compatible navigation systems that are shown on the site are not identical to the navigation system in my Peugeot 208, so there’s no way to tell before I buy.

Furthermore, the updating instructions in the installation manuals that HERE is providing online cannot be used in my case, as several buttons and options mentioned simply do not exist on my navigation system.

What can I do ?


Answer :

You are completely right, HERE (previously named Navteq) acknowledges that your navigation system is not listed in the reference photos and that they do not provide installation instructions for your navigation system online.

Anyhow, more reasons for us to put these instructions online for you :


  • to be able to buy the navigation map update, you will need your car’s VIN-code
  • go to your Peugeot 208
  • do not step into your car, but stand outside and look at the front windscreen
  • in the bottom-right corner of the windscreen, you will see a see-through opening in the black film that covers all edges of the windscreen
  • behind this see-through opening, you will see a 18-digit code ; that’s your car’s VIN-number ; write it down ! (the VIN-number usually starts with VF3…)


  • as you have a Peugeot 208 from 2013, you should have a built-in navigation system with a Screen-diagonal of about 17.5cm and a radio-dial and 2 physical buttons on the left of the screen ; the button bottom-left is MENU and just above it is ‘a button with a rectangle with an arrow below it and 2 lines at both sides’ ; if so, HERE calls your navigation system a¬†Touchscreen 7″ so yours does not have MirrorScreen, this navigation system is also known as SMEG+ iV1¬†running version 3 of the SMEG operating system ( probably SMEG3.25 )
    • if your Peugeot 208’s navigation system does not match the above description, you either have a Peugeot 208 from a different model year or your navigation system is not the built-in original, in that case, contact Peugeot, HERE or your local dealer to find out which navigation system you have
  • since you now know you have a (regular) Touchscreen 7″ navigation system, you can buy the update you need on the HERE website, this is the link if you live in Europe :
  • choose the map update you want there, and buy it
    • if you are wondering if this is the right time to buy as maps have to be updated continuously, HERE usually updates these maps every 6 months (in April and in October) but there’s no guarantee they will keep on doing that
    • HERE acknowledges that
    • buying advice : only buy the map of your own region ; since maps need to be updated so frequently to keep then kind-off up-to-date, it’s no use to buy maps of regions you will not be visiting any time soon
  • to be able to buy the map update, you will need an account at HERE ; if you don’t have one, you have to register for a new account
    • during the registration process, you will need to enter your car’s VIN-number
  • during the buying-process you will get an Activation Code ; write it down ! (after buying online, you will get the Activation Code in an extra eMail also, you could also print out that eMail)
  • click on the download link that is provided during the buying process to download the map updates to you Mac (you can also find the download link in the Activation Code eMail afterwards)


  • get yourself a USB-stick of 1GB or more that is formatted as FAT32 MBR and completely empty
    • if you buy a new USB-stick for this, you can buy a basic one of any size (8GB is probably the smallest you can find these days), any brand will do, as nearly every brand format their USB-sticks as FAT32 MBR ; a USB-stick with an indicator light is slightly more useful, as the navigation system will not tell you if the USB-stick is being recognized (like your computer would)
    • if want to use an old USB-stick for this, you can if you completely empty it – if you need to reformat it to FAT32 MBR, you can find instructions in this post
  • plug the USB-stick into your Mac (if you haven’t done so already)
  • on your Mac, locate the download of the map update (usually it’s inside the Downloads folder)
    • the file has probably been unzipped already automatically, but if it isn’t,¬†double-click on the ZIP-file to unzip it
  • open the folder (that has a name consisting of 5 digits, like 52044 or something similar)
  • select one file inside the folder, then typ [CMD]+[A] ( = Select All ) on you keyboard
  • then, drag&drop all files onto the empty USB-stick
    • HERE advises you to put all update contents directly onto the top-level folder of the USB-stick, but if you have bought multiple map updates together and you want to install them at the same time (immediately after each other that is) you are probably best off by putting all their respective folders next to each other onto the top-level folder of your USB-stick
  • when the copying is done, drag the USB-stick’s icon to the Trash to eject
  • then, unplug the USB-stick


  • go to your car, and take these with you :
    • the USB-stick with the map-update
    • the Activation Cade you have written down
    • these update instructions (preferably printed out)
  • get into your car, and start the engine
  • plug the USB-stick into one of the USB-ports that are next to the cigarette lighter (in the cavity in front of the gearshift-handle)
  • your navigation system will now display a message “Verification of media data”
  • click the (physical) MENU-button
  • the window “Main Menu” will open, click the (on-screen) Navigation-button
  • then click the (on-screen) Navigation GPS-button
  • the window “Navigation” will open, click the (on-screen) Settings-button
  • the window “Navigation Settings” will open, click the (on-screen) Maps-button
  • a new “Navigation Settings” window will open, where you can see all installed maps and their versions listed
  • click the (on-screen) ‘circle-shaped arrow’-button (top-right)
    • if the ‘circle-shaped arrow’ button is greyed-out, there’s something wrong with the USB-stick ; go back to your Mac and make a new USB-stick with the map-update on it using the directions listed above
  • the next window “Add and update maps” will open, select the name of the map you want to update
  • then click the (on-screen) Confirm-button
  • now, you will get a warning message : “The update will take more than 20 minutes. Keep the engine running. Confirm update?” (the update will probably take less than 10 minutes to complete anyway… but it is important that you keep your car’s engine running throughout the updating process)
  • click the (on-screen) Yes-button
  • after a few moments, a window will appear where you need to type your Activation Code
  • then, click the (onscreen) Confirm-button, and wait…
  • a window with a progress bar will now be displayed ; the update will probably take less than 10 minutes to complete, but as mentioned, it could take more than 20 minutes…
  • when the progress bar window disappears, the update is done
  • do not forget to take out the USB-stick

That’s it !

enjoy ūüėČ

fixed : budget friendly OBD2 dongle for my car

Question :

My car’s on-board computer system sometimes gives unexplained, rather random, error messages. Up until now, I went to the dealer garage to have my car’s on-board computer system be analyzed and reset. Recently I heard that I could buy an OBD2-dongle myself and read and erase error messages myself. That would be a real time (and money) saver.

Is there any budget-friendly OBD2-dongle that I can use with my iPhone ?


Answer :

Yes there are several OBD2-dongles available that can do the job for you. Just make sure that you keep these things in mind when choosing one :

  • make sure the OBD2-dongle is compatible with iOS (as some are only compatible with PCs or Android-devices)
  • make sure the OBD2-dongle’s connection is over Bluetooth LowEnergy a.k.a. BLE (since that’s the only way to be able to connect your iPhone to your regular WiFi-network (internet) and to the OBD2-dongle at the same time)
  • make sure the OBD2-dongle is based on the original ELM327 chip (most cheap Chinese knock-offs are based on problematic, unreliable clone chips)
  • make sure the OBD2-dongle is compatible with the software you are planning to use with it (not every OBD2-app connects equally good to every OBD2-dongle & if you need to erase the error messages, most FREE versions won’t do so you will usually need the Pro version)

One of the cheapest reliable OBD2-dongles I’ve found is the¬†TONWON OBDII Pro Bluetooth BLE4.0¬†for about ‚ā¨26,- ;

buy it on, or

And do not forget to get an accompanying iOS-app :

most interesting for the budget-wary is Car Scanner ELM OBD2 Pro for about ‚ā¨5,50

(or the more expensive OBD Fusion at about ‚ā¨11,- or even the ‚ā¨20,- OBD AutoDoctor that even has an additional Mac-version)

…so buying into this DIY-solution is cheaper than having your car’s on-board computer system reset only once !

enjoy !

fixed : how to change my Home-location in the TomTom app for iOS ?

Question :

I recently moved to a new home, so I’ve changed my Home-location in AddressBook. But whenever I use the TomTom navigation app on my iPhone, and select Home, it still selects my old address and directs me there… not having noted that, I ended up on the wrong side of town last night…

What is wrong ?


Answer :

The for iOS has it’s own location set for ‘Home’. You probably set that up long time ago, when you started to use the app and forgot about it.

To change the Home-location setting inside the, do this :

  • open the on your iPhone
  • when you see the regular navigation map screen, swipe from left to right
  • when the “Menu” screen appears, scroll down and click on¬†“Change Settings”
  • in the “Settings” screen that appears, click on the top line (listing your name with a green home-icon in front of it)
  • now the “Set Home Location” screen opens and you can choose a way to input a new Home-location ; these are the easiest ways of doing so :
    • click “People”, then “Contact”, then type your own name in the Search-field, select yourself when you are listed, then select your Home-location from your AddressBook
    • click “Address” and input¬†your new home address as if it was a new destination

That’s it !

enjoy ūüėČ

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fixed : 5V 4A car adapter for Samsung Optical SmartHub SE-208BW

Question :

I have a Samsung Optical SmartHub SE-208BW (all-in-one : WiFi-DVD player, media streamer,  WiFi-router and DVD+R burner), and since it is capable of streaming DVDs and HardDisk content to my iPhone/iPad using the Samsung SmartHub iOS-app, I thought it would be a great idea to use it in my car also.

However, if I power it using the USB-cable that comes with the SmartHub, it is limited to not act as a WiFi-device. So… I need a ‘dedicated’ car-adapter for it…

But… the power needed is 5V and 4A minimum… that’s a really rare combination… and Samsung does not sell any car adapters for the SmartHub, neither do they have any recommendation on a good solution…

What options do I have ?

Answer :

The¬†Samsung Optical SmartHub SE-208BW is a rather unique piece of equipment. Combined with an iPhone/iPad and the SmartHub-app, it is a really versatile solution …if you keep in mind that it still has some little flaws…

If you ask Samsung how to power the Samsung Optical SmartHub SE-208BW in your car, they will¬†recommend using a cigarette-lighter-to-220V-transformer…

…that’s a stupid ‘solution’, since transforming from 12V to 220V and back to 5V is both a complete waste of energy resources and it will drain your car battery…

So… after elaborate search and testing, I’ve found a ‘real’ car adapter solution for the SmartHub ; you should create a car-adapter yourself consisting of these three parts :

1- a USB to 5V DC Barrel H power cable like this one :

USB to 5V DC Barrel H power cable

2- a USB Y-connection cable (2x USB-male to 1x USB-female) like this one :

USB Y-connection able

3- a 5V 4.2A dual-USB car adapter ; at this moment, there is only one product like this that actually works :

5V 4.2A dual-USB car adapter

If you join these 3 parts together into, you’ll have exactly the car adapter you need for the Samsung Optical SmartHub SE-208BW.

Enjoy !

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