fixed : 70mai Dash Cam only records one segment then stops

Question :

I have a 70mai Dash Cam Pro+ A800 with the RC06 Rear Cam which works great, but I happened to notice that it only records the 1st minute of every time I drive my car after starting. So, in the, when I go into the album, I can see recordings from both the Dash Cam and the Rear Cam, and I can see all types of recordings, like parking and emergency recordings, but of every regular journey only the first minute is recorded. So for some reason loop recording is not working as intended.

What is wrong and how can I fix it ?

Answer :

As it turns out, not every microSD card that meets the official requirements (a microSD SDXC U3 card of Class 10 or above with at least 32GB) works with the 70mai Dash Cam Pro+ A800/A800S 4K UltraHD (with RC06 Rear Cam).

The only microSD card that is sure to work as intended with this Dash Cam is the Samsung EVO Plus SDXC U3 Class 10 A2 130MB/s of at least 32GB, so we recommend something like this :

Samsung EVO Plus SDXC U3 Class 10 A2 130MB/s 128GB

Just replace your current microSD card with one of the above mentioned Samsung EVO Plus microSD cards, have the Dash Cam format it and you’re good to go !

enjoy 😉

fixed : which iOS app can I use for the LeadEdge H245 dashcam ?

Question :

I have a LeadEdge H245 dashcam (1080p & WiFi) in my car that has been doing a great job for a few years now.

Recently, I switched to a new iPhone and in an attempt to free some space by deleting apps that I seldomly use, I have deleted the app that I had installed for my LeadEdge H245 dashcam…

And now I want to get some video of my dashcam and I therefore need to reinstall the app… but I can’t remember its name or find any info on this online…

Can you help me ?


Answer :

The LeadEdge H245 dashcam is a rebrand of the Novatek 96658 dashcam that is also sold as Junsun S550, Podofo, SLB Works, CarSun, Vakind and probably other brand/product names too.

There are at least 4 FREE apps that can connect to this dashcam (maybe there are more) :

    • this app is pushed by LeadEdge as the app to use with your dash cam : it’s okay, but rather slow and feels a little out-dated
    • this app is suggested by LeadEdge as the alternative : it works, but apart from the live view, options are very limited
    • this app is made by Novatek and works with any Novatek-based dash cam : it’s far better than both and
    • this app is made to work with any dash cam : it is fast and has a very nice user interface that is more intuitive than the (the ads are a little annoying though…)
    • note : can also include GPS data to your dash cam videos by connecting to your iPhone (although you might find this option a little too privacy invasive…)

For all 4 of these apps, this is the way to connect to your Dash Cam :

  • turn ON the WiFi on your Dash Cam by pressing the DOWN-button on the left side of the housing until the WIFi-icon is displayed on-screen
  • then, on you iPhone, goto > WiFi
  • on the Wi-Fi page, connect to the WiFi-network of your dash cam (probably the only one with a criptic name)
  • then open the dash cam app you want to use
  • fiddle around to get to know the options the app has, generally you can choose for ‘live video’ or ‘recorded video’ and you may also have ‘take picture’ as an option
    • additional instruction for : in the Camera List, click on the Plus-icon (top-right) and click on ‘Wi-Fi’ when it appears in the list
    • additional instruction for : choose “UGP 100 Universal Dash Cam” as your device

That’s it !

enjoy 😉