fixed : use unsupported scanner in OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion

UPDATE : a list of supported scanners for OSX 10.9 Mavericks can be found here

UPDATE : Mattias Ellert has now updated the TWAIN SANE drivers, so there is a new version for OSX 10.9 Mavericks (and OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion), more on this can be found here


Question :

I have a Canon CanoScan LiDE 20 that used to work perfectly in MacOSX 10.6 Snow Leopard. But now I’ve bought a new Mac which runs OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion, I can’t seem to install it, since Canon doesn’t update the drivers anymore.

What can I do ?

Answer :

In OSX 10.7 Lion and 10.8 Mountain Lion any TWAIN-supporting scanner can be used without any additional software :

– connect your scanner directly to your Mac using a USB-cable

– open the System Preferences

– then click on “Print & Scan”

– then, just below in the list of printers on the left, click on the “+”-sign

– that will bring up the “Add”-window, which enables you to add a new printer or scanner

– if your scanner is TWAIN-supporting, it will show up there, and you just need to select it and click on the “Add”-button

– then it will be listed in the previous (“Print & Scan”) System Preferences window, and if you select it (and you put a piece of paper or a photo in the scanner), a Scanning Preview window will show up, allowing you to scan your document to file or eMail or something else…


…some for some printers, like the Canon CanoScan LiDE 20 and LiDE 30, the TWAIN-drivers are not included in OSX. In that case, you will need to install some generic (FREE) TWAIN-drivers :

for OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion, download and install these files (in this same order) and restart your Mac after doing so, then your scanner will also show up in the “Print & Scan” System Preferences :





for MacOSX 10.7 Lion, download and install these files (in this same order) and restart your Mac after doing so, then your scanner will also show up in the “Print & Scan” System Preferences :





– if these files do not turn into regular .pkg-files when you click on them, you need unTAR-software like this :

The Unarchiver

– if you get an error-message telling you you can’t install this software (these drivers) since the are not from Apple-appoved developers, you need to :

– open the System Preferences

– then click on “Security & Privacy”

– then make sure the “General”-tab is selected

– click the padlock in the lower left corner and provide an Administrator name & password to unlock the padlock

– then at “Allow applications downloaded from:” select “Anywhere”

– and exit the System Preferences to make this setting stick

Note #1 :

TWAIN-supporting drivers (like SANE and the ones that come with OSX) will enable you to directly scan from within various applications like Photoshop, MS Word, GraphicConverter, OmniPage and OSX’s built-in Image Capture.

Note #2 :

when using the SANE drivers, you will probably not be able to use the ‘one click’-buttons that are on the scanner itself…

Note #3 :

if your scanner lets you scan the first time, but after shut-down and restart scanning seems impossible because OSX can’t find the scanner, just plug-out the scanner’s USB-cable and plug it back in and everything should work again…

Note #4 :

if the “Scan”-button remains grayed-out, make sure that you have selected an area to scan… (put differently : if “Selection:” is set to “Off”, you will need to select an area to scan before the “Scan”-button will be ready to use…)

Note #5 :

if you get a distorted scan when scanning in landscape view (or any other rotated view), just scan normally in portrait view and rotate the scanned image afterwards (in Preview app or another image editing program, like Photoshop or Graphic Converter)

Note #6 :

if you are not able to scan as a JPEG (.jpg-flie), just scan as a TIFF (.tif-file) and convert the scanned image afterwards (in Preview app or another image editing program, like Photoshop or Graphic Converter)

Credits :

Matias Ellert and the Open Source developers of the SANE project

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111 thoughts on “fixed : use unsupported scanner in OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion

  1. Hallo,
    ich habe ein Macbook Pro mit Moutain Lion 10.8.3 und einen Canon Lide20.
    Nach der angegebenen Anleitung habe ich die Treiber installiert und den Scanner in der Systemsteuerung gefunden und einrichten können.
    Der Vorschau Scan funktioniert einwandfrei, auch der Hauptscan läuft problemlos ab. Nur leider sind die abgespeicherten Bilder völlig verzerrt und überhaupt nicht erkennbar. Es sieht aus, als hätte man die Vorlage aus schräg geschnittenen Streifen zusammen gesetzt.
    Gibt es hierfür eine Lösung?

    • @Sebastian Koch :

      Thank you for your feedback !

      The problem you are describing might not have to do with the drivers or OSX since these seem to work great for others using the LiDE scanners with OSX 10.8

      My first suggestion would therefore be to check if your LiDE scanner is in good working order…

      so, first I would suggest : see what happens if you replace the USB-printer cable

      and if that doesn’t help : try testing your LiDE-scanner on another (older) Mac that still has MacOSX 10.5 or 10.6 (or on a PC)…

      (I do understand that this might be a very impractical solution for anyone owning just one Mac or PC…)

      Depending on the outcome, we could look into other options…

      Good Luck !

      • Thanks for your quick reply.
        I was working with this scanner and its USB cable for many years without any problems. Last week I updated my MacBook Pro from 10.6 to 10.8.3 and after that the problem appeared for the first time.
        I think it depends on the solution I decide to scan with. When I take the prescan everthing is fine. When I than take the final scan with 600dpi the resulting picture is unusable.
        Am I scanning with 1200dpi the picture is fine. Less than 600dpi I didn´t try.
        I ever did my scanning with 600dpi under 10.6 with no problems.
        So I wonder what the reason for this behavior of the scanner could be.
        When I won´t get a solution for this I have to look for another scanner like the Canon 600F that is usable with Canons software Canoscan 5.x under my iOS.

      • @ Sebastian Koch :

        I have not yet heard about the 600dpi issue you’re mentioning.
        Thanks for sharing this interesting info.

        I have not had a chance to do further investigation into this, so I cannot provide a solution to you at this moment, but I do have some suggestions on what to try :

        1- Apple has just released new printer-drivers for existing printers and scanners from EPSON, HP and Canon in OSX 10.8 Snow Leopard ; even though chances of Apple suddenly ‘restarting’ support for the Canon LiDE 20 and 30 scanners are very small, you should upgrade using the App Store app (as always) and just try…

        2- if you don’t mind paying $40 for a solution, you should try VueScan, which supports a huge amount of scanners including the LiDE 20 and LiDE 30

        3- if you have Photoshop installed, you might be able to get the old TWAIN-plugin working that Canon released for the LiDE 20 and LiDE 30 and previous versions of MacOSX ; since the original plugin-installer doesn’t work in OSX 10.7 and 10.8, you will need the ‘unpacked’ version and install it manually (by drag & drop)
        you can download the old TWAIN-plugin here :
        ScanGear CS 7.0X
        NOTE : after downloading, change the filename from “.doc” to “.zip”

        4- download and install both the MP Navigator EX software and a driver for a more recent LiDE scanner, and try and see if that works for the LiDE 20 (and LiDE 30) also…
        if that doesn’t work, just try the next one… it’s a trail & error process…

        LiDE 90 driver

        LiDE 100 driver

        LiDE 110 driver

        LiDE 200 driver

        LiDE 210 driver

        LiDE 600F driver

        LiDE 700F driver

        I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback,
        please report back your findings

        Good Luck !

      • @ Sebastian Koch :

        I found out that the distorted picture might occur when trying to rotate the picture during scanning ; if that is the case, just scan normally (in portrait view) and rotate the scanned picture afterwards in another app like Preview or Photoshop

        Good Luck !

        By-the-way :
        I have had a quick chance to test if the LiDE 90 driver would work for the LiDE 20, but it did NOT…
        so I assume all the other LiDE drivers linked above will not work either…
        I have not been able to test any of the other options yet, so I don’t have any new info on those…

      • same problem as sebastian. 75 dpi works though. so at least the scanner is usable again for some less ambitious scans. that’s enough for most cases.

      • @yakitori :

        Sorry to hear you didn’t get the high resolution scanning working yet…
        Two things that might be helpful to you :
        1- scanning with this generic SANE driver might take far more time than what you’re used to… this is especially notable when scanning at high resolutions… so even when noting seems to happen (which might even seem like it doesn’t work), just wait…
        2- please not that trying to rotate the picture during scanning might cause the SANE driver to screw up… so try to scan your pictures and documents just as they are and rotate them after scanning in an additions application…

        Good Luck !

        I found out with SANE, OS X 10.8.3 and a LIDE30 that the problem seems not to be related to the scanning process itself as I can mostly scan at any resolution when I am saving as jpeg or using the simplified GUI without details in the digital images application. But as soon as I try to create (multi paged and single paged) pdf files I often get this distorted image problem. Changing the resolution in such cases sometimes works, sometimes not. Changing between preset page dimensions (I can only choose A4) and defining own dimensions sometimes(!) works. The most irritating is that even though not changing anything, sometimes it works and sometimes not. However, I believe it is not the scanning but a pdf issue.

        Does anyone also have problems scanning into jpeg? I’d be interested to narrow down the root cause to find a possible solution.


      • @Chris1605 :

        Thanks for your feedback !

        I haven’t encountered any problems myself yet…

        but maybe someone else that’s reading this has…
        and if they’ll kindly comment here…

        Good Luck !
        Enjoy !

  2. Thanks for the fix allowing me to continue to use my Canon LiDE 20. FYI, the 300 and 600 dpi scans don’t return usable documents, but all the others work.

    • @ Martha :

      You’re welcome !
      Thanks for the feedback !

      I found out that the distorted picture might occur when trying to rotate the picture during scanning ; if that is the case, just scan normally (in portrait view) and rotate the scanned picture afterwards in another app like Preview or Photoshop

      Enjoy !

  3. I have been using a Mustek 1200 large usb scanner with Photoshop 4 when I upgraded to a OS 10.8 Mac (and PS 6) the scanner now fails to register in Photoshop 6 or in Print/Scan Pref (i had twain installed) any ideas?

  4. Hello,
    I have a GenX Scan2EZ portable scanner that doesn’t come with MAC OSX drivers (I’m on a MB Pro with 10.8).
    Tried installing the TWAIN generic drivers as in your earlier post but the scanner still does not show up in the printer / scanner panel.
    Either I missed something, the drivers don’t work, or I bought a lemon (waste). I hope it’s not the 3rd option.

    Any advice would be most welcome

    • @Mark :

      That’s a hard one… especially since the Download & Support part of the website is still under construction…

      What I found out is that a similar ‘bar shaped’ scanner by GenX called HandyScann does have plug-&-play support in MacOSX 10.4 and above (no additional drivers needed besides OSX’s built-in scanner drivers), but I could not find similar info on the Scan2EZ…

      Probably, your best choice is to see if you can find out which hardware is used inside the Scan2EZ and see if you can find MacOSX drivers for that…
      To check out the internal hardware info of a USB-device, start out by doing this :
      – connect the USB-device (= your scanner) to your Mac
      – go to Apple-icon (in Finder menu bar) –> About This Mac –> More Info –> Overview –> System Report –> Hardware –> USB –> USB Device Tree
      – in the USB Device Tree, click on your USB-device (= your scanner)
      – in the specification details, check out the “Manufacturer”, “Product ID” and “Vendor ID”
      – then, if the Manufacturer is not the same as the brand name you have on your USB-device, go to their website, and search for the product that visually looks most similar to your USB-device ; then see if you can find a OSX-driver for that, as it will probably work for your product too…
      – else, do a Google-search for the combination of the ProductID and the words “driver OSX” or “Driver Mac”
      – if that doesn’t get you anything useable… you cloud also try searching for a combination of the VendorID and “driver OSX” or “driver Mac”

      As I do not have the GenX Scan2EZ scanner myself, I can not help you any further… sorry…

      Good Luck !

    • @Philippe :

      as with most comparable software, Canon scan-software will probably only work combined with official Canon scanner-drivers…
      …and there are no official OSX 10.8 drivers for the CanoScan LiDE 20…
      (that’s why you’re using the SANE drivers)

      But, that pops up the main question : why would you want to use the Canon Toolbox software ?
      What can it do that you can’t do with OSX’s built-in Image Capture software ?

      Have you tried using Image Capture ?

      Good Luck !
      Enjoy !

  5. Hello! i am using mac os x 10.8.3 and i’m trying to get it to recognise my mustek BearPaw 2448CU pro but somehow this seems to be the most incompatible combination of all, cause after installing and unistalling all kinds of pkg and dmg files mentioned here and also on this ( page my photoshop cs5 sees only CanoScan Lide 100 for some reason (i do not even own canoscan lide 100 where did it even get the idea??) i did follow all the steps in the exact same order and i think i installed the mentioned sane and twain and everything that goes with it files for minimum 5 times and i have no idea where they even go cause my applications dont see them i am very much tired and frustrated and i dont know what else to do so please if you can help me find the driver or plugin or anything that would make this scanner work i would be so beyond grateful id be forever in your debt i swear. thank you.

    • @Valentina Semionova :

      I’m sorry to hear it doesn’t work for you.
      As I do not have a Mustek scanner myself, I can’t test anything for you, so you’ll have to do all the frustrating and time-consuming work yourself… I’m sorry…

      For that same reason I can only give you some general directions, hoping to point you towards the right solution :
      – make sure you download the right set of the SANE drivers and additional installs that are compatible with your version of OSX
      – make sure you follow this (or any other) step-by-step guide to the letter ! the end result is only known to emerge when doing exactly as indicated…
      – since no TWAIN-drivers are pre-installed in regular versions of Photoshop, make sure you also install the correct TWAIN-driver
      – did you try using the CanoScan LiDE that seems to be installed ? what happens if you try ? (yes… you normally should get rid of this erratic behavior, but it might also be an indication of a solution…)
      – get a friend of colleague who is at least as tech-savvy as yourself to help (together you are more flexible in coping with problems than on your own…)

      Good Luck !

  6. Hello MacManus, and thanks very much for the detailed support you offer here.

    I was following your tips (as listed in the first POST above)…

    [ – for MacOSX 10.7 Lion, download and install these files (in this same order) and restart your Mac after doing so, then your scanner will also show up in the “Print & Scan” System Preferences :






    however after installing libusb.pkg successfully, and going on to install sane-backwards.pkg – my computer failed to recognise that I had installed libusb, and requested that I do so.

    I tried re-installing libsub, and restarting the computer after I had done so. But still, when I go to install sane-backwards.pkg, I get the same pane stating that I must FIRST install libusb.

    Any suggestions?

    NOTE: the issue I have is that after updating to OSX 10.8, my trusty CanonScan LIDE 200 was not available THROUGH Photoshop. I can, however, open and use the scanner via IMAGE CAPTURE. But I prefer to access my scanner VIA Photoshop.

    Thanking you, in anticipation.


    • @Shane :

      I’m sorry to hear your troubles.

      I’ve read somewhere that using the SANE drivers do work perfectly with Image Capture, but scanning directly from Photoshop might be troublesome sometimes…
      I do not remember why exactly that is or where I got that info, else I would have given you the link here.

      Other than making sure you are not trying to combine software that is depending of official drivers with the use of SANE, I can’t really think of anything else to try…

      There is one thing however that seemingly has nothing to do with this, but often helps in getting unexpected, unexplainable behavior out of your Mac (especially strange problems triggered by repeated problematic installs and system freezes) :
      try doing a “repair disk permissions” using Disk Utility (in the Utilities folder in your Applications folder)…

      …that just might do the trick for you

      Good Luck !

      I couldn’t help noticing you made a very funny typo :

      …thank you for making me smile

  7. Hey Macmanus…that’s what my Mother used to call me…Stephanus, macmanus! ANyway, I have a new MacbPro with 10.8.4 and a Canoscan Lide 20. Did as you said and I can scan through Image Capture BUT the image is severely distorted. As if its been rotated a little and then 3-dimensionally “squished” in a 3’rd plane away from the viewer!! WTF? Can you help me or else I’m just going to get a new scanner :((((

    • @Steve :

      your problem is one that sometimes occurs…

      I’ve seen it happen in cases where people tried to use the SANE driver with a LiDE scanner from within the System Preferences’ Print & Scan menu…
      when doing that, the scanning occasionally screws up, in Image Capture also…

      what you should try :
      – delete the scanner from System Preferences’ Print & Scan (the SANE driver will not be deleted when doing so)
      – restart your Mac
      – do a Repair Disk Permissions in Disk Utility
      – now, only use your scanner from within Image Capture, and be patient, it might take Image Capture up to about 45 seconds to recognize your scanner properly

      Good Luck !

  8. I want to thank you for going to the trouble of sharing your discovery with others with the same difficulty. It really helped me.

  9. Hello MacManus,
    I did what you wrote to Steve.

    – delete the scanner from System Preferences’ Print & Scan (the SANE driver will not be deleted when doing so)
    – restart your Mac
    – do a Repair Disk Permissions in Disk Utility
    – now, only use your scanner from within Image Capture, and be patient, it might take Image Capture up to about 45 seconds to recognize your scanner properly

    Now I can use my Lide 20 as well as before under OSX 10.6.
    With 150, 300, 600 and 1200 dpi the scans become perfect.
    Only 50, 75 and 200 dpi (as shown in Image Capture) wont´t work and leave this damaged pictures as result.

    Thanks a lot for your work and help,

    • @ Sebastian Koch :

      Thanks for your feedback !
      Good to hear it’s working for you !

      And thank you for the info on het exact dpi-settings you did and did not get working !

      Enjoy !

  10. Hey, the links to ‘libusb.pkg.tar.gz’ etc on doesn’t seem to work anymore. Do you know if i can get hold of those files from anywhere else.

    Im on a PB with osx 10.8.4 and i have Canoscan LIDE 30.

    Thanks a lot for your work and help,

  11. Hi Macmanus!

    I followed your perfect guide and now I can use my Lide 30 on my Macbook Pro with Mountain Lion 10.8.4 !!!
    I have installed the software you advice and the scanner has been recognized by Sane (after 10-20 seconds show up in the “Print & Scan” System Preferences)
    To use the scanner I use Vuescan, Image Capture unfortunately does not mount the scanner.
    I made perfect scans up to 1200 dpi!

    Thanks so much!!!!

    • @Vincenzo :

      Thanks for your feedback !
      Good to hear it’s working for you !

      Even though Vuescan will probably be a better option for you (since you already bought it),
      I might have some relevant info regarding using Image Capture :

      It could well be that Image Capture takes such an ‘enormously’ long time which you aren’t willing to sit out,
      you might be temped to think that it doesn’t mount the scanner, but if you wait long enough, it will probably mount the scanner correctly in the end…

      But… as indicated above :
      If you already own Vuescan, that is probably the more comfortable option.

      Enjoy !

  12. Hi MacManus

    Have been trying to sort this problem out for a few months now [MacBook Pro OS 10.8.4 and HP ScanJet 5550c] but only just come across your helpful comments and wondered if you could help at all. I found Mattias’s stuff and installed – so far, I’ve got to the point where the MBP can see the SANE backend through Print&Scan and Image Capture. I can even get it to start an ‘Overview’ scan, but then it just hangs.

    Any insights or bright ideas to try would be much appreciated.


    • @Paul Fulton :

      Thanks for your feedback.

      I’m sorry to hear you haven’t got things working yet…

      From what you are describing, I’m not completely sure about the solution, but here’s a few suggestions :

      – your scanner-USB-cable might be slightly damaged internally, which could cause it to connect properly on one moment and disconnect on the next… see if you get better results when using another/new USB-cable

      – click ‘Show Details’ (might also be called ‘Advanced’ in some versions, if I remember correctly) and in the extra scanner settings overview that opens, select another Resolution and try again

      – consider trying and buying VueScan (in the previous comment, Vincenzo just suggested that VueScan works better than Image Capture… problem is : at $40 VueScan is rather pricey… so if you don’t already own it, and your old/current scanner wasn’t a really expensive one… buying a new scanner might be a better alternative…) but beware : make sure to use VueScan in trail mode before you buy ! just to be 100% sure it will work for your scanner !

      Good Luck !

  13. Hi

    I have tried various combinations of cable over the last few months. No success so far.

    As for VueScan – again I have tried. Their website says to use an HP driver for “your operating system”. I’m confused: do they mean 10.8 or for OS X generally. Obviously there isn’t a driver for 10.8 (or I wouldn’t be in this hole) and the last I can find from HP for this model is 2005, which won’t open as it’s PowerPC and not supported. So I can’t seem to use that option, unless I’m misunderstanding something.

    As decent scanners with an ADF are now north of £250, looks like I’ll have to carry on with my current arrangement – using an ols PowerBook running 10.3!

    Anyway thanks for your time.
    Appreciate it.
    Paul F

    • @Paul Fulton :

      Sorry to hear you haven’t been able to figure out how to configure your scanner yet.

      I’m not familiar with your HP ScanJet 5550c, but I’ll give it a try to help you.

      I’ve just done some research for you, and this is what I’ve come up with :

      – first : an urgent note from HP : “Please DO NOT install software on your Mac from any HP CD that might have come with your HP Scanjet device. Unless the product’s documentation indicates otherwise, this software is not intended for use on OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)”, so… if you’ve already made that mistake, you wil probably have to reinstall OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion to correct it…

      – according to the basic hardware inside the hp ScanJet-models 4500c / 4570c / 5500c / 5550c / 5590 / 7650 seems to be the same, so if you can find a compatible OSX-Intel-driver for one of them, you should be able to use it for your HP ScanJet 5550c

      – if the above is the case, then states that the HP ScanJet 7650 is compatible with OSX 10.8 Snow Leopard, and you should be able to use the HP ScanJet 7650 drivers and software-solutions to operate your HP 5550c in OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion also…
      ‘how to’-instructions can be found here :

      – the latest official HP driver for the HP ScanJet 5550c is for MacOSX 10.4 Tiger, so for PowerPC-Macs only… you won’t be able to use it on OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard and above…

      – the ISIS drivers from EMC that HP alternatively recommends are compatible with the HP ScanJet 5550c, but not with any version of OSX

      – the HP ScanJet 5550c seems to be a TWAIN-compliant scanner

      – according to the sane-hp5590.5 library ‘backend’ (driver) is ‘completely’ compatible with the HP ScanJet 5550c, so the SANE driver should work (from what I understand sane-hp5590.5 is included in SANE-backends-1.0.24git, so – besides that – no additional installation should be needed)

      – the SANE-backends-1.0.24git can be downloaded in both “10.7 Lion” and “10.8 Mountain Lion” versions from

      – if you don’t like the GUI (graphic user interface) that is downloadable from (or if you find it’s too buggy) you could try the alternative GUI for SANE called “SNAC” that can be downloaded from

      I know, this is not a hassle-free answer to your search, but I hope it will provide you a suitable solution.

      Good Luck !

      Note : please report back if you’ve got things working (or not) using the above info

      • …and let’s not forget :

        BACKUP !

        before you start installing software or drivers based on poorly-documented solutions (like the ones mentioned above)

        do yourself a favor : BACKUP your entire harddrive before you start ‘experimenting’ !

  14. Hi all,

    I took a gander at most of this thread but am still not finding a clear answer to my issue which is one I’m hoping someone might be able to help me with (since Mustek is entirely unhelpful).

    I just bought a new Macbook Pro running on OSx Mountain Lion 10.8.5, and ordered a Mustek scanner (A3 pro 2400S) so that I can scan documents that are 11 x 17. I downloaded what I thought to be the right driver off their website, and plugged it into the comp, nothing happened. I called Mustek and the customer service rep said it could be anywhere from 30-60 days before Mustek gets a driver for this new of an operating system. Am I supposed to wait it out? Other people must be having this issue…Can’t find any info on what to download to make the scanner compatible with my comp. Should I download what you mentioned above, this?

    ” – for OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion, download and install these files (in this same order) and restart your Mac after doing so, then your scanner will also show up in the “Print & Scan” System Preferences :






    • @Mina N :

      Sorry to hear it doesn’t work for you yet.

      I’m not familiar with the Mustek scanners, I can only suggest this (based on the info that I can find online) :

      1. make sure you have the “Mustek A3 Pro 2400S” and not the “Mustek ScanExpress A3 Pro 2400” (without the “S”), as both need different drivers for MacOSX

      2. re-download the driver from the Mustek-website, and use the driver-uninstaller to delete the scanner driver that doesn’t work, than go to System Preferences –> Print & Scan and see if your scanner still shows up

      3. check if your USB-cable is connected properly and doesn’t have a connection problem (if your connection is okay, you will be able to see the scanner in Apple –> About This Mac –> More Info –> System Report –> Hardware –> USB ; even if you haven’t got the scanner software setup properly, your Mac will be able to see the scanner as connected hardware)

      4. if you have the time, and assuming the Mustek-helpdesk was providing reliable info (in most firms the R&D-department doesn’t allow the Helpdesk detailed insight on future releases and developments…), you might be best of waiting for the official scanner driver to be released
      but… with OSX 10.9 “Mavericks” to be released this fall, a scanner driver that supports “OSX 10.8 only” might not be what you’re waiting for…

      5. trying VueScan will probably not get your any further, as the VueScan only seems to support the A3 Pro 2400 (without the “S”) for Windows, and the A3 Pro 2400S isn’t even listed as either supported or not…

      6. if you need to use your scanner, you can try the SANE driver mentioned in the original post
      but… there’s not 100% guarantee it will work for your scanner…
      (if you want to do this, follow the instructions in the original post very closely ; only doing what you suggested in your comment might give you a different outcome…)

      Good Luck !

      • Hi there, Im just coming back to this post.. A long overdue thank you for your in depth reply. I was NOT able to get the scanner working, I think I was sold a very shady product. Mustek told me to wait 60 days for the driver to come out, and during that 60 days my return period expired with NewEgg. Now the new driver just came out but still doesn’t work with my computer. The “help” line for Mustek is NO help, the guy who always answers knows nothing about Macs. Very disappointed in this product, what a waste of 320 dollars and a lot of time. UGH!

      • @Mina N :

        Sorry to hear it doesn’t work for you yet…

        I just checked on the Mustek website, and as far as I can tell, there is no new driver available for the Mustek A3 USB 2400 Pro…
        so, I’m very curious to know where you downloaded this new driver…

        As far as I can tell, if you don’t have any luck using the SANE-drivers on this Mustek scanner, it just might be that one of the following is the case :

        1. the driver for MacOSX 10.2 – 10.6 might work under OSX 10.8 and/or 10.9 anyway… (I wouldn’t expect this, but you might get lucky if you try…)

        2. the pre-installed drivers in OSX 10.8 and 10.9 might recognize your scanner without the need to install anything else

        3. something you’ve previously installed might be screwing up something, so you need to un-install any additional drivers you have on your Mac :
        to un-install the Mustek-driver(s), you might need this :
        Mustek Driver un-installer for OSX
        to un-install the SANE-driver(s), you would need :
        an un-installer app like AppCleaner or follow the instructions at the bottom of Mattias Ellert’s FAQ
        to ‘repair’ any minor problems left in OSX after installing & un-installing, you should do a “Repair Disk Permissions” (using Disk Utility) and preferably also re-install the latest (combo) update to your version of OSX

        if you encounter problems with the SANE-driver, you’re probably best off contacting Mattias Ellert directly :
        The latest version is 3.2 and is available for Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and 10.9 (Mavericks). If you need the TWAIN SANE Interface for older Mac OS X releases, older versions ar availabe for older Mac OS X releases. Version 3.2 was compiled using libusb version 1.x instead of the old and deprecated version 0.x. Let me know if this change is causing you problems.

        Mattias Ellert

        Read more on this here :
        TWAIN SANE interface for OSX

        Hope this helps
        Good Luck !

    • @Elói :

      You’re welcome !

      Good to hear it works for you !

      All donations to will go through PayPal,
      just go here and select your preferred currency of your donation :

      Thanks !

      …and thank you for letting me know that it’s isn’t obvious that PayPal-donations are welcome too…

    • @René :

      to deinstall the scanner, just delete it from the list in the Print & Scan preference pane in the System Preferences

      to deinstall the SANE driver and all supporting files, use an Uninstaller app like the FREE AppCleaner by FreeMacSoft :

      first install AppCleaner (or an app with similar capabilities), and run it
      then, in Spotlight search for “SANE” (or “libusb”) and drag that to the AppCleaner window
      AppCleaner will then find all supporting files
      (make sure this includes TWAIN SANE interface, SANE preference pane, SANE backends, libusb & gettext)
      then select and delete

      …that should be it 😉

      Good Luck !

      • Hi MacManus,

        I would like to uninstall SANE but I don’t understand your instruction “in Spotlight search for “SANE”… and drag that to the AppCleaner window”. Drag *what* to the AppCleaner window?

        If I use Spotlight to search for SANE, the only relevant thing that comes up is the SANE preference pane (the rest are web hits etc.). If I drag this into AppCleaner, nothing happens.

        If I search for libusb in Spotlight, all it returns is the installer package. Dragging this into AppCleaner does nothing.

        Please could you tell me exactly what I should be dragging into the AppCleaner window? I’m using Yosemite btw.

        I’ve looked at the website FAQs, and his instructions for uninstalling SANE’s components in usr/local manually via Terminal are incomprehensible. Running ls on the packages produces a massive array of files – am I supposed to uninstall these individually? I assume not, but how would I know if the contents of a directory are only SANE-related files? It seems very dangerous to just delete any folder with SANE files in it.

        Many thanks,


      • @Matt :

        Sorry to hear uninstalling doesn’t work for you.

        If you don’t mind using the Terminal-app to uninstall SANE, you can follow the instructions outlined by SANE for OSX programmer Mattias Ellert as outlined in the FAQ on his website :


        Is there an uninstaller for the packages?

        The major disadvantage of the Apple Installer is that there at the moment is no unistall option implemented in it. However, there is nothing that prevents you from removing the installed files manually.

        To get the list of files and directories installed by a package do the following (in the Terminal):

        lsbom /private/var/db/receipts/〈id of the package〉.bom

        The id of the packages are the long identifiers for the installed components: se.ellert.twain-sane, se.ellert.preference.sane, org.sane-project.sane-backends, net.sourceforge.libusbx. List the contents of the receipts directory for a complete list of installed packages.

        The TWAIN SANE Interface and the SANE Preference Pane are installed in the Mac OS X part of the file system and can be uninstalled by simply dragging them from their install locations to the Trash. The install locations are /Library/Image Capture/TWAIN Data Sources/SANE.ds and /Library/PreferencePanes/SANE.prefPane.

        The other packages are installed in the Unix part of the file system (in this case in /usr/local) and are therefore not visible from the Mac OS X desktop. So to remove these packages you need to remove the installed files and directories manually from the Terminal. Simply remove the files in the list obtained from lsbom as described above, and the directories in the list if they are empty. Do not forcefully remove any directories if they are not empty, since then you will remove files installed by other packages. (If the directory contains only a file named “.DS_Store” it can be safely removed.)

        After removing the files you might also want to remove the “receipt” for the installation. This can be done using pkgutil:

        pkgutil –forget 〈id of the package〉


        Hope this helps, Good Luck !

      • @Chris :

        Good question… I’m not 100% sure about the answer…

        In general, I would advise against removing any driver that is installed by Apple…
        If with ‘native’ you mean ‘released by & downloaded from’ Canon, I would suggest trying to remove the Canon-driver that does’t work properly…
        If you’ve already installed the SANE-driver, and it doesn’t work for you (or your scanner is not supported), I could understand that you have an urge to remove the SANE-driver… in that case, I do not see a reason to remove the SANE-driver (as it might come in handy for another scanner somewhere in the future), and my suggestion would be “let it be”…
        …if you insist on removing the SANE-driver, I would recommend using a removal-app like AppClaener (as mentioned)

        Good Luck !

      • I myself have the OS X 10.8.5 with SANE and the Canon Lide 30 working almost perfectly. The only thing one has to keep in mind is to set the dimensions in inch rather than cm because – it seems to me that – at least for me, setting values in cm often results in distorted scans (pdf). What’s always working is scanning into jpeg and with the “details” not shown mode.

        I asked because I saw the response to René and wondered what he wanted to deinstall. I could very well imagine that having the software from canon installed alongside with the SANE drivers might interfere and leading to not working solutions for both softwares.


      • @Chris :

        Thanks for the suggestions !

        Your settings may just help René (and a lot of others) to get their old scanner running smoothly with SANE


  15. Thanks HUGE!

    Found this thread and it turned a useless old LIDE 20 into a usable piece of equipment again under OS 10.7.5! I barely ever need to scan, so I was hoping to not have to spend another 40 or 50 bucks, and your walk-through did the trick perfectly.

    Great work, sir. Many thx.

  16. I’m allmost there!!! I’ve done my first scan on MacOS 10.8.5 with an Agfa Snapscan e50!
    But the problem is I can output an image file only within the Terminal application (using the “scan image” command).

    Now I would like to be able to do it with Image Capture or Photoshop.

    SANE shows up in scan&print of the System Prefs and if I use the application Image Capture I can do a preview with the scanner but cannot select the format and if I select a zone to scan, when I click the scan button nothing happens, only the dotted borderlines of the zone flashes up.
    I tried Photoshop also, installed the TWAIN plug-in which gives a similar window to Image Capture. And if I click the scan button, a message by PS is displayed:

    *** -[NSPathStore2 stringByAppendingPathExtension:]: nil argument

    It’s clear to me that it is merely a software problem because I can do a scan with Terminal.
    Some ideas?? Great work and support for the old scanners and I’m thrilled to get it working again (thanks to you and others)

    Bye an many thx.

    • @igor :

      Good to hear you can scan from the Terminal now !

      As I’m not able to recreate your problem, I’m not 100% sure about the solution…

      what I do know :
      in some cases SANE might have problems with Image Capture in ‘normal’ mode, in that case the solution is to use the ‘advanced’ mode…

      If that doesn’t solve things in your case, I would suggest to ask (the guy who created the OSX-version of SANE, so the guy from the website where you downloaded the SANE parts)

      Good Luck !

    • I have exactly the same problem under OS X 10.9 with an old Mustek 1200UB. I can preview but cannot select the format and scan. Did anybody solve it? Interesting enough I can scan with terminal.

      • @Robert :

        Since you are using OSX 10.9, you should look at this post :

        Sometimes, installing next to SANE might enable you to use your Mustek.
        Look here for more info :

        Furthermore, have a look through all comments as others have also informed about Mustek scanners but I can’t remember the exact outcome…

        Hope this helps 😉

  17. Well, here we are at OS X 10.9, with no support to the Canon LiDE 20 once again. Any chance for a solution here?


    • @Ron :

      I’m not sure if I have already answered to you directly, if not, I’m sorry it might have taken some time…

      Did your SANE-driver survive the upgrade to OSX 10.9 Mavericks ?

      If not, you might want to try and uninstall the SANE-driver and its supporting files completely (please see other comments on this for more detail), and then reinstall the OSX 10.8 SANE-driver installers again… I have not heard of anyone having tried that, but it might just work…

      …otherwise, we will have to wait for (or anyone else willing to do so) to update the SANE-installers to an OSX 10.9 Mavericks version
      [ I’m not a programmer myself, so I can’t help on that, I’m sorry… ]

      Good Luck !

    • @Joe Joreston :

      as I am not a programmer, I do not make apps myself
      what I did was just (re)posting the SANE-drivers that I had found on the Internet, so I will keep an eye out for OSX 10.9 Mavericks-compatible scanner-drivers

      since I do not have an unsupported scanner at hand here, I haven’t been able to try, so I’m not sure…
      did you already try to use the OSX 10.8 SANE drivers from anyway in OSX 10.9 ?
      you might have to reinstall them, but it might even work just like that…

      FYI : I have also contacted, hoping he could give any info regarding when and how a Mavericks-comatible version will be released has not jet answered my request

  18. Hi,

    I have been reading and trying lots of different possible solutions to get my hp scanjet 5550c working again 10.8 but no luck so far. I tried installing and following the twain/sane installations but I can’t seem to be able to succesfully install these applications (I think). At least your suggestion or scaneimage command on the shell don’t work. The installation says it’s successfully installed but when I use spotlight to look for any of the installed packages such as libusb, twain or sane I only find the pkg files used for installations. There are no other files anywhere. There is still a SANE printer installed in printers/scanners from the account migration from my previous macbook though. Perhaps this is somehow related?

    I would like to uninstall everything again cleanly and reinstall again, but it looks like it wasn’t installed to begin with. Any clue or suggestions would be much appreciated!

    Kind Regards,

    • @Kenzo :

      sorry to hear it doesn’t work for you (yet)…

      to uninstall the SANE-driver as completely as possible, do these :

      1- disconnect the USB-cables from all scanners that are connected to your Mac using USB

      2- in Printers & Scanners (from the System Preferences), delete all scanners that are using the SANE-driver (using the MINUS-button)

      3- use an “application deleting”-application (like AppCleaner, which can be found here) to delete all remains of the SANE-driver and it’s supporting files (just let AppCleaner search for all SANE-installers you’ve previously used, and delete them one-by-one)

      4- restart your Mac

      5- run “Repair Disk Permissions” (from the Disk Utility application)

      …after that, the SANE-driver should be completely removed from your Mac (…and you can start with a clean sheet if you want to install an unsupported scanner once again)

      Good Luck !

  19. This tutorial and the links to the drivers is excellent. Thank you. I have an issue with my Mac running 10.8. I can only get undistorted scans at the highest resolution of 1200 dpi with my Canoscan LiDE 20 using Image Capture. All lower resolutions are distorted as though the scanned image was shifted to the side as it went. I have not used rotation settings.

    Any idea as to what I might need to do to correct this? I am happy to have the full resolution, and the resulting images are impressive. It just isn’t always needed.


    • @Colin :

      Thanks for the compliment !
      You’re welcome !

      I’m not completely sure about the solution in your case.
      This kind of behavior seems to appear when using the SANE-driver sometimes…

      I would suggest trying to toggle any available setting in Image Capture to pin-point exactly which combinations work and which don’t… things just might be okay if you toggle from ‘scan entire page’ to ‘scan selection’ or the other way around, or just toggling some seemingly unrelated setting…

      If all of that won’t work, just be prepared to always scan in hi-res and then resize in a different app…

      Good Luck !
      Enjoy !

  20. thanks! you saved me $150! and i don’t have to throw out a perfectly ok (yet old) scanner.

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    • @Yohane Rockett :

      Sorry to hear it doesn’t work for you (yet).

      Judging from the info on the Canon website, the Canon N676U scanner seems to be a pretty old one…
      …the official originally supplied Canon ScanGear CS-U software was only compatible with MacOS 8, MacOS 9 and MacOS 9 “Classic”-mode running within MacOSX 10.0 to MacOSX 10.4…
      …so as far as Canon is concerned, the Canon N676U scanner is only compatible with Apple PowerPC (PPC) Macs, there is no support for any Intel-based Mac…

      …what was the Mac/PC that you had the Canon N676U scanner successfully running with previously ?
      And on which version of MacOSX (or Windows) was that Mac (or PC) running ?

      …MacOSX 10.5 “Leopard” was introduced end of October 2007 (so about 6 years ago), so I expect the Canon N676U scanner to have been at least 2 or 3 years older, if Canon did never officially update it to MacOSX 10.5 compatibility…
      …you are now at OSX 10.9 “Mavericks” which is at least 8 years onward and 4 versions of unsupported MacOSX in-between…
      if you can’t get it scanning by installing the SANE drivers as suggested,
      you’re probably best off not trying to get the Canon N676U scanner running on your Mac any longer…

      I hope you have enjoyed about 8 years of happy scanning with the Canon N676U,
      but it’s probably time to get a new one…

      • Hello,

        thank you for your answer and Help.

        I use my Canon N676U on an intel iMac with Snow Leopard with Twain Sane and it works fine. Now I install Twain Sane for Mavericks on my new iMac from 2013 and I can’t use my old Canon N676U anymore. Hm…. Why? I am afraid I do something wrong in the installation of Twain Sane 😦

        Did I miss something?

      • @Yohane Rockett :

        Your problem probably has something to do with OSX 10.9 Mavericks having no support for OSX-software that was originally designed for PowerPC-based Macs (Even though MacOSX 10.6 Snow Leopard was an Intel-only version of MacOSX, it still had support for PowerPC-software though the so-called Rosetta feature)

        Could it be you are using additional software for scanning that is not Intel-compatible, but needs the Rosetta-feature ?

        The upgrade form MacOSX 10.6 Snow Leopard to OSX 10.9 Mavericks is a huge leap, so pinpointing what exactly caused the problem might be very difficult… it might be something seemingly trivial like a left-over preference file from your Snow-Leopard set-up…

        It might be you need to uninstall all scanner-related software, before you (re)install SANE.

        It might also be you erratically downloaded the OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion version of SANE (you are posting in the 10.8 Mountain Lion post, not the 10.9 Mavericks one), but you need the drivers from the OSX 10.9 Mavericks version of SANE

        Or, maybe you are using scanning software that isn’t compatible with intel-only Macs, and you should first try your scanner with SANE and OSX’s Image Capture-app only…

        Or it’s just some quirky system software misbehavior that can be fixed by just doing a Disk Permission-repair on your hard drive…

        Sorry, I haven’t found the ‘one and only’ solution for you (yet)…

  22. Hi! I’m trying to use an Canon LIDE 50 on a MB pro running OS X Lion 10.7.5. I’ve followed all your specifications to the letter–and have even included some of the tips you requested for scanning through Photoshop CS5 via the TWAIN plug-in–but my computer still won’t recognize my scanner. I’ve tried plugging it in and out a couple times, and have restarted both PS and my computer to no avail. Any other advice?

    • @Remy O’Quinn :

      Sorry to hear it doesn’t work for you (yet).

      Here’s some tips that might help you :

      1- see if your MacBook Pro detects the scanner in “System Report” (a.k.a. “System Information”) :
      go to Apple-icon (desktop menu upper left) -> About This Mac -> More info -> System Report
      there, see if your scanner (or an unknown device that might be your scanner) is listed under Hardware -> USB
      if it’s not listed there, there’s no USB-connection between the scanner and your MacBook Pro
      if so, use another USB-cable and/or another USB-port and check again
      (to refresh the System Report info, you’ll need to quit System Report and open it again)
      if you can’t get your scanner listed in System Report, you will not get things to work, so go out an buy a new one…

      2- make sure you have downloaded an installed the SANE-drivers and tools for MacOSX 10.7 Lion, and not the ones for OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion or OSX 10.9 Mavericks ; if you’re not sure, uninstall SANE and re-download and re-install

      3- scanning from Photoshop might be more problematic than scanning from Image Capture, so if you can’t get the scanner to scan using Image Capture (included free in MacOSX) don’t even bother trying to get is running in Photoshop (yet)

      4- if you can scan in Image Capture and not in Photoshop CS5, there might be a bug in the combination of SANE and Photoshop CS5, you cloud ask SANE-for-OSX-developper Ellert to fix the bug, but you’re probably best off just scanning from Image Capture and importing into Photoshop later

      5- if you’ve done all that, and you still can’t get it to work, you will have to make an ‘economic decision’ : isn’t buying a new scanner saving you more time, money ad frustration than you’re spare time is worth ?
      if so, consider buying a OSX 10.9 Mavericks compatible scanner (which are also MacOSX 10.7 Lion compatible), like the ones listed here :

      Hope this helps…
      Good Luck !

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  24. Hi MacManus, I would like to thank you for helping all of us in bringing our scanners back to life!
    I have a Lide 20 that I’ve used for years on my old Macbook Pro, running on Leopard, and now I’ve bought a new Mac mini running on Mountain Lion. Frustrating and sad to imagine that Canon (and other manufactures) don’t update their drivers, forcing us to throw away a perfectly functional machine in the trash so that we can keep their companies and “the economy” running!
    Thanks to you, many machines are still up and running – away from the city’s trash and helping to make this world a bit greener…and honest.
    Thank you very much,
    Roberto. (São Paulo)

  25. I m able to scan using the command line: scanimage –format=tiff –batch=’Documents/2014/01/%d.tiff’ –resolution=300 –mode=Gray –source=’ADF Duplex’
    but I m not able to [ + ] Add using Printers & Scanners in System Preferences.

    Any tips how to make this available in the GUI?

    • @4lpha Mal3 :

      Thanks for the feedback !
      Thank you for the ‘general idea’ for the command line instructions (even though it’s not clear why you would want to scan in TIFF-format and in Grey-scale only…)

      To be able to give helping you a try, please supply the following info :
      – what version of OSX are you running ?
      – what scanner drivers and/or software do have installed already ? (SANE drivers ? TWAINbridge app ?)
      – what is de brand and the model name of your scanner ? which brand is your “ADF Duplex” ?
      – what is the way in which your scanner is connected to your Mac ? (note : wireless scanning is not supported in OSX)

      Looking forward to hearing from you,
      Good Luck !

      • Mavericks
        Sane canon_dr scanimage –version
        scanimage (sane-backends) 1.0.24; backend version 1.0.24
        imageformula DR-9050C
        brand ADF?

      • General idea? I was giving you an example that works and I’m asking for advice on how I can not add the scanner to the Printers & Scanners in System Preferences.

      • @4lpha Mal3 :

        Thanks for the info.
        As far as I’ve found (you probably know already) Canon itself has never released any other drivers for the DR-9050C than the Windows ones available on the Canon website. Furthermore, the brandname is CANON, the indication ADF just seems to mean “Automatic Document Feeder”.

        Since you are using OSX 10.9 Mavericks and a CANON scanner that seems to be TWAIN compatible, my first suggestion would be to try installing the (old) TWAINbridge application available on Jan Egil’s website, and see if that is any solution.

        The fact that you can scan from the command line, suggests that System Info (Apple > About This Mac > More Info > System Report > Hardware > USB) should be able to detect the scanner also. If that’s the case, did you try scanning directly from Image Capture, GraphicConverter or Photoshop ?

        As I am not into programming or using anything but the GUI, I can’t really help you on working in the command line or on analyzing your log-files. If you want feedback on that level, I would suggest to contact the maker of SANE for MacOSX : Mattias Ellert.

        Good Luck !

      • I only tried in Image Capture, should the scanner show as a device?

      • This from USB section of System Information:

        CANON DR-9050C:
        Product ID: 0x1622
        Vendor ID: 0x1083 (CANON ELECTRONICS INC.)
        Version: 1.02
        Speed: Up to 480 Mb/sec
        Manufacturer: CANON
        Location ID: 0x26200000 / 3
        Current Available (mA): 500
        Current Required (mA): 98

      • These TWAIN SANE scanners should show up under the Default-icon?

      • @4lpha Mal3 :

        If SANE is installed to connect to a TWAIN scanner that isn’t supported out-of-the-box, the scanner will show up as a SANE-icon in the ‘Printers & Scanners’ control panel (in System Preferences) ; so NOT with a default scanner icon, nor with a customized, scanner-specific icon.

        If that’s your question…

      • Import from scanner… is greyed out in Preview

        and I see no device in Image Capture

        Yet this shows on both my computers in the USB section of System Information:
        CANON DR-9050C:
        Product ID: 0×1622
        Vendor ID: 0×1083 (CANON ELECTRONICS INC.)
        Version: 1.02
        Speed: Up to 480 Mb/sec
        Manufacturer: CANON
        Location ID: 0×26200000 / 3
        Current Available (mA): 500
        Current Required (mA): 98

  26. Hello!
    I have a scanner, a Canon: CanoScan LIDE35 and I need to install the software in order to use it in my new MacBook Pro which has a OS X 10.8.5.
    Any idea of how can I do it?

    Thank you very much!


  27. Hi, and thanks for hosting this discussion. It’s been useful reading.

    I was wondering you you, or anyone else, might be able to throw some advice in my direction regarding my own situation.

    I’ve an HP 5590 flatbed scanner (USB) connected to a BT Homehub 2 that has been ref lashed with OpenWRT. This is running saned via xinetd, and seems to work ok.

    On my Mac pro (Mavericks 10.9.5) I’ve installed the Twain Sane interface as per Mattias’ website.

    Via Sane preferences panel, I’ve configured the ‘net’ interface to point to the BT Homehub, and I’ve disabled all of the scanner drivers except the HP5590 driver.

    Now, from the Terminal app on the Mac I can enter

    scanimage –format=tiff > scantestthis1.tiff

    and the scanner will scan and deposit the scan image file on the Mac’s hard drive well enough, so I think this means that the backends and drivers are all properly installed, and the networks settings are correct.

    But I cannot seem to identify the scanner in either ‘Printers and Scanner’ preferences pane and trying to add a device, nor does it show as a device in image capture. Nor does Veuscan find a scanner.

    So, does anyone have experience with setting Twain Sane up for network scanning?

    Can’t find any info that I can follow.



  28. Im not sure if anyone figured this out, but I had the same problem with my LIDE 35.
    All I did was re-install the 10.6 drivers from Canon’s site and it worked just fine.

  29. Dear MacManus,

    I am really desperate – just got an Avision FB2280 scanner, and *nothing* will find it! It doesn’t show up in the System Profiler (I am on 10.8.4, and that’s a hackintosh, too), it doesn’t show up in the System Preferences, VueScan doesn’t see it, ExactScan seems to need VueScan (and won’t work because of that?), and all that even after I have installed the four packages you were so kind to provide us with. I also repaired the disk permissions. And I waited, but Image Capture didn’t find the scanner neither…

    Any idea what I still could try?

    Thanks a bunch!


  30. Dear MacManus,

    I powered down the Mac, and after the restart and after opening ExactScan again, it asked me if I wanted to install a “Twain Bridge”, and I happily clicked on “YES!” – and now the Avision scanner is recognized and it just has performed its first scan! Yieppie!

    This is what your software packages did, right?

    Well, if so, then THANK YOU so much!



    • @FredCouples :

      That’s great news !
      Good to hear it works with the Avision FB2280E scanner also !

      Thanks for the compliments – I have to admit though that I’m not the one who programmed these drivers,
      I’m just the one who made this ‘manual’ on how to use them.

      So again, special thanks to Matias Ellert for making SANE compatible with the latest versions of OSX.

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  32. Thanks very much, this is needed in 2020~my canonscan 30 and Mtlion osx thanks you as well

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