fixed : iPad randomly activates auto-sleep

Question :

I have an iPad running iOS6 and for protection I have a sleeve with a cover. To extend battery-life I’ve activated the magnet-triggered ‘auto-sleep’. This used to work great, but now, for some reason, the iPad turns into auto-sleep mode while I’m in the middle of using it…

so, suddenly I hear ‘CLICK’ and then the screen is black…

…what can i do ?

Answer :

This turns out to be a software-bug (probably only in iOS6).

There are 3 ways of coping with this bug :

1- upgrade to iOS7 (the easiest option)

2- shut-off ‘auto-sleep-on-cover-close’ (effective, but also killing the entire enjoyment of the feature…) ; to do so : in the “Settings”-app, go to “General”, then in the chapter that includes Auto-Lock, Passcode Lock and Restrictions, switch the slider at “Lock/Unlock”

3- to a completely fresh install of iOS6 on your iPad (complicated, and unnecessary if you are ever going to upgrade to iOS7) ; to do so you should first backup your iPad (make sure to make an extra copy of all documents and photo’s to a Mac/PC, iCloud or DropBox) and then erase and re-install your iPad. Normally the procedure would be like this :

– connect your iPad to your Mac/PC using a USB-cable and start-up iTunes

– in iTunes, click the button with the name of your iPad on it

– in the window that opens, make sure the “Summary”-tab/page is selected, and in the “Backups” chapter, choose “This computer” and click the “Back Up Now”-button

– when the backup is complete, look at that same window/page, and click on the “Check for Update”-button

– when that check is complete, click on the “Restore iPad”-button and follow the on-screen instructions

– when done, first set up your iPad as a new one

– then, when the setup is complete, (re-)connect your iPad to your Mac/PC and in the “Backups”-chapter, click on the “Restore Backup”-button and follow the on-screen instructions

…now, your problem/bug should be resolved.

Enjoy !

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