fixed : block senders of incoming spam eMails

Question :

I keep getting a lot of spam-eMail lately, most of the time from the same eMail-address.

Is there anything I can do to stop this ?


Answer :

The extend to which you can fix this, depends on the options given by your eMail-host, but bottom line it all comes down to configuring a filter.

– open Safari (or any other browser of your choice)

– go to your eMail-host’s internet page and login using your name/eMail and password

– go to the Preferences-menu and configure a filter there that checks all incoming eMails on the criteria you configure (e.g. the sender’s eMail-address) and sends all filtered-out eMails to the trash straight away (there might be a “block sender” option, but that’s not always the case)

If you manage to set a filter as outlined above, you will not get those annoying eMails on your Mac, nor on your iPad, neither on your iPhone.

Just make sure your filter doesn’t filter too broadly, as that would even ‘desired’ eMails will get placed in the trash without ever getting into your mailbox…

If it’s not possible to set the filter in your eMail-host’s server, you will have to set a filter on any eMail-app you use on every device (so on your Mac, your iPad, your iPhone, etc.).

Setting an eMail-filter on your Mac should be done like this :

– open Apple and select the spam eMail in your inbox

– open Mail Preferences, click on the tab “Rules”, and click “New Rule”

– that will set a new filtering-rule, which has the spammer’s eMail address already in it

– additionally configure the action that all eMail of that sender should go straight to the trash [you can include multiple spammers or senders directly or at a later time, and sometimes it is even more effective to filter based on a specific (partial) sentence from the ‘Subject Line’ or ‘Body Text’]

If you think configuring filters is too complicated, you can also decide to keep on tagging unwanted (spam) eMails as ‘Junk’. Since the Junk-mailfilter teaches itself progressively, in due time all similar eMails will be automatically filtered out and placed in the ‘Junk’-mailbox.

Good Luck !

Enjoy !


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