fixed : new iPhone can’t connect to Polar heart band

Question :

On my previous iPhone I had several heart function registration apps that work with my Polar H10 band. Now I have replaced my iPhone for a newer one, these same apps on my new iPhone can’t connect to the Polar band. They don’t even list it as an available Bluetooth device.

What can I do to fix this ?


Answer :

To reconnect your Polar band to your new iPhone, in case the Polar band is not detected, do this :

  • attach the Polar band on your body (after moistening sensor strips)
  • open the app that couldn’t pair with your Polar band because it couldn’t find it
  • try to pair again
  • if the app can find your Polar band, let them pair
  • if the app can’t detect your Polar band, continue with the following
  • open the Polar Beat app (if you need to download it first, you can do that here)
  • if you don’t have an account yet, you can click “Continue” instead of “Sign in”
  • then click “Settings”
  • then click “HR sensor”
  • then choose ‘new device’
  • see the Polar band appear
  • click on it’s icon
  • save this new setting
  • open the other app that couldn’t find your Polar band
  • let it search for new devices
  • now see your Polar band appear in the list
  • then pair them

that’s it !

enjoy 😉


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