fixed : iCloud Photo Stream from business iPhone to family Mac

Question :

My iPhone is a business device, so I want to sync my ‘business life’ including Contacts, Calendars, Mail, Documents & Data, etc to my MacBook Pro… but I want my upload/sync the photo’s I’ve made with this ‘business’ iPhone to our shared ‘family’ Mac which holds our family’s entire iPhoto-database. iCloud doesn’t seem to enable me to do so… what can I do ?

Answer :

Even though you can setup a secondary iCloud account on your iPhone, you cannot do what you would like to do, because :

1- Photostream is only supported for your primary iCloud account (*)

(*) UPDATE d.d. September 20th 2012: only when running iPhoto 9.4 or newer on OSX 10.8.2 or newer, you have the option to subscribe to a ‘Shared’ Photo Stream besides your primary iCloud account’s Photo Stream

If you want to this ‘Shared Photo Stream’ feature on an older, officially unsupported Intel-Mac, you could consider installing a patched version of OSX 10.8 – for more info, look here :

fixed : install OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion on unsupported Macs


2- Documents & Data syncing is only supported for your primary iCloud account

…so using iCloud you will never be able to make the logical split between Documents & Data sync (which is strictly ‘business’) and Photostream (which is mainly ‘family’)…

The only solution at this moment is to find an alternative to Photostream… and I’ve found (only) one : Eye-Fi does the trick !

And… Eye-Fi is free (free account, free iOS-app & free Mac-app ; by SanDisk)

download it here for OSX :

and download the iOS-app here :

the only thing you need to beware of is that the Eye-Fi App needs to be running/open on your iPhone/iPad and on your Mac both Eye-Fi Center and iPhoto need to be running/open…

…so it still feels a little more ‘manual’ than iCloud Photostream, since you need not forget to open the Eye-Fi App…

…but that’s a small price to pay, since you get 3 things that iCloud doesn’t give you :

– auto-transfer of your video recordings into iPhoto

– a free online gallery (like the one we lost when ‘upgrading’ from MobileMe to iCloud)

– separation of your ‘photostream’ from your primary iCloud-account

Note :

even though using DropBox might seem to be a valid alternative to iCloud’s Photostream also, since it does auto-upload of iPad/iPhone pictures to ‘the cloud’… it is not really useful in the end, as it does not provide auto-import into iPhoto…


4 thoughts on “fixed : iCloud Photo Stream from business iPhone to family Mac

  1. Since the update to iPhoto 9.4 and iOS 6 it is possible to subscribe to a so-called ‘shared’ Photo Stream (besides your active iCloud’s Photo Stream)…
    …it is however only supported on OSX 10.8 “Mountain Lion” (OSX 10.8.2 and later) and not in iPhoto 9.4 on MacOSX 10.7.5 “Lion” for some reason…

    If anyone has any solution to still subscribe to a shared Photo Stream on OSX “Lion”, please let me know !
    Thanks !

    (Note : upgrading to “Mountain Lion” can’t be considered as a valid option…)

    • I donwloaded Eye-fi, but can’t set up an account, seems like I need a physical card for that. What am I missing?

      • @Erasmus :

        sorry to hear it doesn’t work for you…
        it is possible that the Eye-Fi policy has changed and you now need a physical Eye-Fi card to setup an account…

        if so, I would suggest you to try Microsoft SkyDrive
        …which is a free service for accounts (previously
        setting up a account is free

        SkyDrive comes very close to the iDisk and Gallery services that Apple used to have in MobileMe

        enjoy !

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