5 thoughts on “fixed : “Your iCloud Account Settings Are Out Of Date” error in Windows 10 Mail app

  1. I too am using a Windows 10 PC and I get the same message”Icloud account settings out of date
    I can go online and use the 2 factor verification and then there’s no problem. However the message come down on my notifications every day

    • @Ralph Herz :
      Thanks for your feedback.
      Sorry for taking quite some time to reply – I do not always have a PC to test to my disposal.
      On the other hand : Time seems to have been the main remedy for similar problems…
      …since there seems to have been a temporary problem with iCloud-mail within Windows.

      So the fix seems to be to just update your settings this way :
      – on your PC, in Windows go to :
      – Start –> Apple Software Update
      – wait for the software to check for updates and if any are found, install those
      – else, click OK
      – then, go to :
      – Start –> iCloud –> iCloud
      – in the iCloud window that opens, uncheck “Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks” (the checkmark was blue probably) and click Apply
      – then (re)check “Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks” and click Apply
      – now the checkmark should be black
      – then click Close
      – then, go to :
      – Start –> Mail
      – then check your iCloud mailbox, and you will (should ?) see that there are no error messages

      Hope this helps ! enjoy 😉

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