fixed : Canon scanner error -21345 on M1 Mac

Question :

I have have just upgraded to a new MacBook Air M1 2020 (with an Apple M1 processor) running macOS 11.0 Big_Sur. Now, I am trying to get my Canon PIXMA MG3250 All-in-one printer-scanner to work with it… but even though I can get the printer function to work, when I want it to scan I get an error…

Installing the Canon MG3250 through System Preferecens > Printers & Scanners > Add Printer was really simple as it was immediately seen through Bonjour. After installing, the MG3250’s icon is listed on the left, and when I click it, the window opens where I can choose either the “Print” or the “Scan” tab. After choosing the later, I get the “Open scanner”-button, and when I click that, the built-in macOS scanner-app opens the “Scanner” window… which gives this error : “Failed to open a connection to the device (-121345)” each time I try. I just can’t get it to work.

What is wrong ?

Answer :

When you get this error in this setup, you will probably have gotten an error saying “IJScanner3” also. Do this to fix it :

  • goto the Canon UK website :
  • there, browse to the PIXMA MG3250’s Driver Support-page or go there directly using this link :
    • Yes, that’s right, even though you are running macOS 11.0 Big_Sur and Canon tells you there is no driver for such an advanced OS, the macOS 10.15 Catalina driver still works
  • when you see the ICA Driver Ver. 4.0.0a (Mac) version listed, click the blue download button to download
  • in your downloads folder, you will now find a file called miss-mac-ijscanner3-4_0_0-ea19_2.dmg
  • click that file and it will mount an installer called Canon IJScanner3_040000.pkg
  • click that file and the 2020-version of the scanner driver will be installed
  • when done, make sure the System Preferences are closed
  • then open System Preferences > Printers & Scanners > MG3250 again and click the “Open Scanner”-button
  • now, the built-in scanner-app will open the Scanner-window again, but hits time without the error… so you are good to go !

That’s it !

enjoy 😉


4 thoughts on “fixed : Canon scanner error -21345 on M1 Mac

  1. Hmmm… I still cannot scan. I have a 24 inch Mac 2021 with the M1 chip and running BigSur 11.5.2. I have followed the instructions and can now see the scanner – but cannot scan any documents. The SCAN button is greyed out

    • @Tim Tribe :

      Thanks for the feedback !
      Sorry to hear you are still running into problems…
      Judging from the fact that the SCAN button is greyed out,it seems as no scanning area is selected in the preview…
      The solution for that is to click&drag your mouse over the entire preview from one of the top corners to the opposite bottom corner…
      Or you can select a scanning area preset like A4 from the list…

      Hope this helps 😉
      enjoy !

    • I had that when I selected the printer with the description canon rather than the description bonjour – where the Bonjour option allowed for both printing and scanning. Also, I’m in Canada so I needed to find my drive at the Canadian Canon site: because my printer model wasn’t listed in the uk site.

      • @Naomi Rae :

        Thanks for the feedback !
        Great to hear you’ve found a solution to your problems !

        Thanks for the welcome addition to the post – it might just be exactly what people need when they still run into problems when reading this post.
        Bonjour works great if the printer/scanner is recognised.

        By-the-way :
        Can you also scan wirelessly now ? that would be new to macOS…

        enjoy 😉

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