4 thoughts on “fixed : can’t accept iCloud terms & conditions since iOS 7 upgrade

  1. What if the find my friends app is already logged on and doesn’t offer the option to log in or out. I have no way to trigger the terms and conditions window.
    In using 9.2.1

    Please help. It drives me crazy…

    • @Juergen :

      Thanks for the feedback !

      As I can’t recreate your problem here, I only have a solution based on an ‘educated guess’ :
      – on your Mac (or PC) go online to http://www.icloud.com
      – login using your iCloud ID (your Apple ID) and password
      – on the next page, click on the “Find My Friends” icon
      – on the page that opens, click on “Me” in the bottom left corner
      – in the popup-window that opens, uncheck the checkmark at “Share My Location” and click “Done”
      – then exit iCloud.com
      – now restart your iPhone
      – then redo the procedure as pointed out in the original post

      …now you should be okay (I guess)
      hope this helps !
      Good Luck !

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