fixed : setting up WiFi-printing for the Samsung CLP-365W

Question :

I just bought a Samsung CLP-365W color laser printer and I am very happy with it. Setting it up for use over USB and Ethernet was easy. But since it is a wireless network-printer, I would like to use is as such. Even with the enclosed “Wireless Network Quick Guide” I have still no success in setting it up after several tries…

Do you have any idea how to set the CLP-365W up for wireless networking from my Mac ?

Answer :

Yes !

…and you are completely right : all instructions provided by Samsung are incomplete…

…and the setup-process is not always smooth and hassle-free…

So… here’s how to do it :

1- download the Wireless Setting app for OSX from the Samsung website :

on that page, go to “Manuals & Downloads”, then to “Software” and click on the “ZIP”-button of the Easy Wireless Setup (Software) for Mac OS

2- install the Wireless Setting app on your Mac (it’s a drag&drop-installation)

Note : since the app’s name is just very generically “Wireless Setting” and doesn’t include any reference to Samsung, I suggest you put it in a folder labelled “Samsung” (you might already have one, if so put it there) inside the Applications folder

3- now, first make sure there is no connection from your Mac to the CLP-365W, so pull out the ethernet-cable to disconnect from your network, choose “Turn Wi-Fi Off” from the AirPort-menu in the top Menu-bar of your Desktop (the pie-shaped radiation icon) and pull out the USB-cable that might connect your CLP-365W to your Mac

4- open the Wireless Setting app

5- click “Next >” in the window that opens

6- turn the printer on, and when the printer is ready, click “Next >”

7- select “Using a USB cable”, and click “Next >”

Note : even though there is an option named “Using a direct wireless connection”, that will NOT work… too bad… neither manually connecting to the “Portthru” WiFi-network, nor pressing the “WPS” button on the CLP-365W will help…

8- connect the CLP-365W to your Mac using a USB-printer cable

9- now turn on AirPort/WiFi on your Mac, and make sure your Mac is connected to the AirPort/WiFi-network that you want the CLP-365W to connect to also (to do so go to the pie-shaped icon in the top-Menu bar of your desktop)

10- then click “Next >” and you will first see a screen indicating the search for a connection between the Mac and the CLP-365W, and after that a new screen called “Wireless Network Search”

Note : if this doesn’t work, disconnect all cables from the CLP-365W, and also take out the power cable for at least 30 seconds, then put the power cable back in and redo from step 3

11- the name of your wireless AirPort/WiFi-network will now appear in the list of SSIDs, select it and click “Next >” (if it is not listed, try clicking “Refresh”, if that doesn’t help, redo from step 3)

12- in the next screen type your AiPort/WiFi-password and click “Next >” (if you get an error, just retry)

13- in the next screen you can enable Wi-Fi Direct, which enables your iPhones, iPads and Android-devices to easily connect to your CLP-365W

the iOS app needed can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store :

14- in the next screen click “Add printer” and the “Print & Scan” System Preferences panel will open ; in the “Add” window, select the one with the “Bonjour” indication (so NOT the “USB” one), adjust the “Name:” if you like and click “Add”

15- click “OK” in the pulldown window regarding additional settings, and your CLP-365W will now appear in your list of printers

Note : if you get an error that your System does not have the drivers needed installed, first do a “Repair Disk Permissions” of your OSX-partition in the “Disk Utilities”-app and make sure you have all updates of OSX installed and just try again… only if that doesn’t work you’ll need to reinstall the printer-driver

16- do not forget to close the Wireless Settings app by clicking “Finish” and disconnect your

…and that’s it !

you can now use your CLP-365W from your Mac wirelessly

Enjoy !

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17 thoughts on “fixed : setting up WiFi-printing for the Samsung CLP-365W

    • @andreea :

      from all efforts I’ve made using Samsung’s directions and suggestions by others (online and offline), to my best knowledge the answer to your question is :

      “sorry, you can’t (if you have a Mac)”

      I would therefore suggest you to not waist time and just pay a few cents to buy one.
      You can get such a USB-printer cable almost anywhere, even a cheap one will do.
      So you could go to your local Electronics shop to get one, but you will probably be able to get it even cheaper at your local supermarket, do-it-yourself store, or non-food discounter.

      You might even have one laying around without knowing it :
      – most ADSL-modems come in a box that has a USB-printer cable included (so look in that old box you might have somewhere)
      – a lot of external 3.5″ hard drives use a USB-printer cable to connect to your computer (so you could disable that drive for a moment and borrow it’s USB-cable)

      FYI : a picture showing what a USB-printer cable looks like can be found here

      Good Luck !

      • I don.t have a MAC but i think i have an old USB cable. thank you, i hope it will work 🙂

  1. thanks for posting such a great help file! I’m a newbie Mac user, I have configured the wireless printer from 2 windows laptops, I followed your directions however version 10.8.5 will not allow me to run the app, I’m using the file that was released on October 20th, and get an error message: that I downloaded this from the internet and If I am sure I want to open. I have also tried clicking on the installer apps by holding the control button so Ic an override security, but nothing seems to be working… any suggestions here people? Please point me in the right direction!

    • @subhan :

      Thanks for your feedback !

      It appears you are doing everything right, the only thing is you mistakenly interpreted the “Are You Sure You Want To Open This”-‘warning message’ for an ‘error message’…

      when you get that, just proceed and tell OSX to open the file (or ‘run the app’ in this case) anyway…

      You should be fine after that.

      Good Luck !

      • Hello MacManus Team, tomorrow I will try to download from iTunes. as the program would not run when I would click open, as per your direction above, if that doesn’t work. I still need to do it on a Mac as well as an Airbook… I’m gonna need a whole lot more luck, thanks for the positive vibes!

      • @Subhan :

        Mh… I’m not exactly sure what the problem is in your case…

        Did you go to System Preferences –> Security & Privacy –> General –> padlock icon/button (bottom left corner) –> type computer password –> at “Allow apps downloaded from:” choose “Mac App Store and identified developers” (and if that won’t work, temporarily choose “Anywhere” ; so you’ll have to manually set it back to “Mac App Store and identified developers” after you’ve opened the new app for the first time)

        Does that help ?

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  3. Dosnt work for me, I get to 10. But the Wireless Settings never detects the printer. Dosnt matter how many times I pull the power out and try again. Wireless Settings never detects my printer. I’m on OSX 10.8.5, using USB to connect (I can print via USB no problem).

    • @Dave :

      Sorry to hear it doesn’t work for you yet…

      My first suggestion would be to just wait a little longer (up to 120 seconds instead of just 30) before plugging the power cable back in, that just might help…

      You using OSX 10.8.5 shouldn’t cause any problems, I’ve set up some CLP-365W’s while running OSX 10.8.x and I did never run into any serious problems…

      My second suggestion would be very basic : restart your Mac, then immediately run the Disk Utility app to do a “Repair Disk Permissions” and when that’s finished, try the setup as outlined again.

      My third suggestion would be to try and see what happens if you shut of AirPort (your wireless connection) and then switch it back on and try to connect to the PortThru wireless network you should see… it might give you an indication of malfunction in either your Airport-card or the WiFi-card in the CLP-365W…

      …for now that’s all I can think of…

      Good Luck !

  4. Alles aan de praat, super bedankt voor het heldere stappenplan

    translated from Dutch into English :
    Got everything running, huge thanks for the clear directions

  5. Thank you very much for posting these step-by-step instructions! I’ve tried to set up the wifi for this printer for 2 years-!!!!! Was contacting Samsung who didn’t give me these instructions at all….

    • @SM :

      Thanks for the compliment !
      Great to hear you have your printer setup properly now.

      You’re right : Samsung’s own manual for this printer is rubbish, so it’s not surprising that even their own helpdesk can’t help you…
      …it is a very good printer though, that’s why I figured it out myself and share my solution with you
      enjoy !

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