Old School Mac [2] : solution to sync iCal to a Nokia 3650


[special thanks to Stewa / Andy on MacOSX Hints for the basic solution]

note : this is tested for the Nokia3650 only, but it should work on any mobile phone with SymbianOS

problem : if you set up a Nokia3650 mobile phone to iSync with your Mac’s Address Book and iCal over Bluetooth, iSync will still only be available for Address Book

(you can check this : if you properly setup your Nokia3650 for Bluetooth syncing using the Bluetooth Setup Assistant, the Nokia3650 tab in iSync will still ‘grey out’ all settings regarding iCal)

…and only the Address Book wil be iSynced

question : how can I make iCal-syncing available ??

step-by-step solution :

STEP 1 : make sure your Bluetooth connection is properly setup (if the Address Book syncs, your okay)

STEP 2 : find the file [harddisk] / Library / Application Support / SyncService / 501 / SymbianConduitDefaults.plist

STEP 3 : duplicate this file and move the duplicate to a different location (i.e. a backup location)

STEP 4 : open the original SymbianConduitDefaults.plist with the TextEdit application

STEP 5 : edit the line

<key>kNSSyncDeviceUSeCalendars</key> <false/>


<key>kNSSyncDeviceUSeCalendars</key> <true/>

STEP 6 : save the edited file

STEP 7 : open iSync and click on the Nokia3650 icon to open the stettings tab for the Nokia3650

STEP 8 : UNcheck the option “Contacts” ; now “Calendars” will still stay ‘grayed out’, but the option to select “All” or “Selected” will be available

STEP 9 : set the “Calendars” stettings the way you want them to sync

STEP 10 : (re)check the option “Contacts”

STEP 11 : start syncing by clicking the “Sync Now” icon in the iSync panel

…that’s it. just wait for your calendars to appear on your Nokia3650 now…


maybe the following is also important to get things working properly (without duplicates) :

STEP 1 – go to iCal and make a new (extra) calendar, name it “input [name of mobile phone]”

STEP 2 – go to iSync and set the Calendar syncing settings to “Selcted” and select ONLY these :

  • the orignal (main) calendars you maintain in iCal ; normally called “Work” and “Home”
  • the extra calendar named “input [name of mobile phone]”

STEP 3 – now, for “Put events created on [mobile phone] into” select “input [name of mobile phone]”

STEP 4 – repeat these 3 steps for your Palm and for any other device you want to sync with iSync (do NOT forget to UNcheck “All” and check ONLY the appropriate calendars in “Selected”) so finally every device should have it’s own ‘input calendar’ in iCal

STEP 5 – now start syncing using the “Sync Now” button in iSync (or if you’re including a Palm into your syncing, sync from the “HotSync” option on your Palm)

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