fixed : turn of night mode lock on iPhone

Question :

I recently got a question from iOS if I wanted to setup sleep time mode or night mode or something and I did, because I thought it could be handy. But now, every evening my iPhone locks up displaying a icon/picture of a bed, and I have to do multiple clicking actions just to do something really simple like check my agenda or turn off my Philips Hue lights…

I have searched all over my iPhone looking for a Sleep Time or Night Mode setting that I can turn off, but I can’t find the proper switch to turn this really annoying feature off.

What should I do ?

Answer :

This feature, introduced in iOS 14 is called Sleep Mode and is intended to help you get a good night sleep… the flip side of this is that it will automatically lock your iPhone when you are not yet ready doing everything you want to do before you go to bed…

To disable (or enable) automatic Sleep Mode, do this :

  • open the Health app
  • in the window that opens, scroll down to “Sleep” and click on the “>” on the right of it
  • in the window that opens, scroll down completely to “Options” and click on the “>” on the right of it
  • in the window that opens, at SLEEP MODE, set the Turn On Automatically slider to OFF
  • then exit the Health app

That’s it !

enjoy 😉

fixed : prevent auto-capitalisation of a sentence in on iOS

Question :

Every time I typ a note in on my iPad, the first letter of the sentence automatically turns into a capital. Sometimes that’s no problem, but most of the time I would prefer an undercast letter if I’m not writing a sentence that ends in an endpoint.

Is there any way to prevent these auto-capitals ?


Answer :

Yes, you can prevent the auto-capitalisation of the first word of every sentence doing this :

  • Press [SHIFT] key and release it, before typing the first word of the sentence

That’s it.

note : This trick only works in on iPhone (iOS) and iPad (iPadOS), it doesn’t work in on macOS.

Enjoy 😉