fixed : move opened Preview-document from outer corner of Desktop

Question :

I somehow managed to move an open Preview document to the outer corner of the Desktop in such a way that there’s no part of Preview’s document window in sight that can be clicked and dragged. So, there’s no way to drag the open document onto the center of the Desktop…

And closing the document and opening it isn’t an option either, since nove of the red/yellow/green window buttons are in sight either…

How can I fix this ?


Answer :

Here’s what to do :

– click and hold the Preview app icon in the Dock

– in the pop-up menu that opens, click on “Show All Wondows”

– in the view that opens, select the troublesome document

…now the document will open in the centre of the Desktop, and you can drag it or close it.

That’s it !

Enjoy !

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