fixed : get the WMA-recordings from an Olympus voice recorder into iTunes

Question :

I have an Olympus VN-88500PC voice memo recorder and I can get the WMA-recordings onto my Mac, but not into iTunes – what can I do ?

Answer :

iTunes for Mac doesn’t import WMA audio files (even though it seems like for some reason iTunes for PC does…).

So you will have to convert the WMA into a file format that iTunes does understand like MP3 or AAC, before you can import the recordings into iTunes.

There are a lot of audio converters available on the Mac, but a lot of them won’t allow you to convert WMA-files. Others might suggest Switch or Tunesify,  but I would recommend Smart Converter, as it’s FREE, it has a simple user interface and it creates small MP3s.


my source was a 30MB WMA-file,

Switch (FREE version) turned it into a 225MB MP3-file, even though I was using the “small file” option

Tunesify (the €3 version) turned it into a 180MB MP3-file,

and Smart Converter (FREE version) turned in into an MP3-file of only 45MB (using the “Music” conversion option)

Smart Converter is available in the Mac App Store :

…and after the WMA-to-MP3-conversion is done, you can just drag & drop the MP3-file onto the iTunes window to import.